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  1. First of all, I want to say I really want to love most of the game. 90% of it feels like a major step up from the first game. The characters, the story, the places we get to explore... most of it is fantastic. The combat is more fast paced, and I love that. Exploring a dungeon or two feels great, and I love stuff like shooting an explosive barrel, have a pirate come to investigate why the barrel is on fire, and have the barrel blow up in his face. Literally. So as I said, most of it is fantastic. Most of it. And yet... there's the ship. Ugh, the ship... Not even sure what the point in this p
  2. I get that people are used to level 99 or higher. I'm playing Hyrule Warriors on Switch, and those characters go all the way up to level 255. Which isn't much compared to Disgaea, where you can get an insane level 9999, then "reboot" the character from level 1 and start over. So yeah, the level cap here is kinda low in comparison. But that said, I actually prefer a low level cap. In Hyrule Warriors, i went from level 1 to level 25 in just a few hours. Then I spent some rupees to level up a few other characters to level 15 or so. It makes them stronger, but it also makes the levels meaningl
  3. To be honest, I've never understood the mentality of threads like this. No offense to anyone, of course. It's just that if you really want the stash to be restricted to camps, taverns etc, why not... restrict it to those areas? Just because the game allow you to access the stash from anywhere, it doesn't mean you have to access it anywhere. All you have to do is tell yourself you can only access it in camps, then ignore it when you're adventuring outside the camp. Simple as that. Take weapons, for instance. In most games like this, if you don't specialize in a weapon, you get a big penalty
  4. I think a little more goes into making DLC, extra game, than just art assets. I personally don't care when this idea was announced, it doesn't make it any better. Was it also announced that the game wouldn't be finished properly on release - all the bugs, difficulties not even being balanced yet, multiclass imbalances, as well as other issues, while taking this into account? No offense, but I think you don't understand quite how making games work. First of all, the "bugs, difficult balancing and other issues" are highly exaggerated, as usual. Sure, some people have had game-bre
  5. I played the first game on both PC and PS4, and to be honest, I was very surprised how well it works on PS4. Sure the game is "made for PC", but that's not entirely correct. The UI on the console version are made specifically for consoles, streamlining things and making things a lot easier to do with a gamepad. Even the controls are different, as you control your MC directly with the analog stick, rather than click on the ground where you want to go. (The others tag along in formation, as expected.) Overal... I'd say it's a matter of preference. This is a long game, and I would love to lay
  6. Dunno about any endless dungeons, but the second DLC is heavily focused on combat. Maybe we'll get an endless dungeon there?
  7. This, right here, is why I love "mature" games like this. On pretty much every other forum I've been to, people would see it as a personal challenge to tell TC how dumb walking is (and how much better their favorite game is, for that matter.) Here, though, we have a bunch of mature people who agree walking is awesome. It's a minor thing, perhaps, but it always makes me smile when I see people who are genuinely friendly on forums. Wasn't aware of the walking myself until now, but I'll be sure to use it a lot more. Always found it weird that my movement options are either charge ahead like
  8. This reminds me a lot about a dicussion I had with some guy on a forum about Fire Emblem Awakening. It was my first Fire Emblem ever, and I was having problems. People gave me some great tips and how to get better at it, explained some mechanics better, and so on. Very helpful people, and I learned a lot from them. Then some random douchebag showed up, and clearly had no idea what I was talking about. The game was super easy, bordering unplayable? He had played and beaten every single game in the series (including the Japan only ones, even if he doesn't speak Japanese?), and he always power-le
  9. i used to suffer from this as well. I create a character I really like. I find a weapon I can't use, and start over with a character who can use said weapon. Then I find a new weapon I can't use, so... new character it is. Sigh... (assuming it's not a random loot weapon.) It's gotten worse over the years, with more stuff to do. Ooooh, I can intimidate you? I mean... it would be an option, if I focused more on intimidation? Hm... *new character incoming* Fortunately, I've gotten better over the years too, and know a bit more what I like and don't like. So when I got PoT2 and knew I could
  10. I'm sneaking through a dark alley, hiding in shadow, slowly sneaking up behind a victim... with a glowing lighbulb of a cat following me? Hahaha, no. But on a serious note, thanks guys! Appreciate the nice response.
  11. Not sure how I feel about pets giving bonuses, but it's not something I can change either way, so I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. However, is it possible to hide the pet somehow, and still have it equipped? Having a seagull follow me is fine, I guess. Having a glowing space cat... not so much. I do want that +1 DEX bonus, though.
  12. Finally got my ship, so I'll throw in my first impressions, round 2. (Second impressions, I guess.) I'm using a custom party with a Swashbucker (rogue/fighter) (the MC), a Priest, Warlock (barbarian/wizard) and Paladin. I don't care for companions. On the plus side: - Pretty much finished up on the first island, and still haven't had a need to rest at all. This isn't all good, as it does tend to make things a bit too easy. But I think the good more than outnumbers the bad. Because I don't need to rest, the game flows much better in dungeons, as I don't have to go back to town to sleep
  13. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean, but I think Backstabbing works with pistols, but only if you are very close. No idea if Sneak attack is the same.
  14. Personally, I think it's too early, even if you run into bugs like this. The reason is that there will always be bugs in games like this, and some more severe than others. But if you look at the feedback and notice very few (if any) complain about these game breaking bugs, they will probably not be much of an issue with a new player. I would still mention it in a review, but it's not something I would focus on. However, if there are a lot of people complaining about a game breaking bug, it's worth mentioning in the review - but it's also very likely Obsidian is aware of the bug, and are workin
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