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Found 3 results

  1. For ours and the developers convinience, I decided to open this thread dedicated to first impressions, so they are gathered in one place. So here's mine: I played the game up to the first settlement, so it was two to three hours if you include character creation and restarting because it couldn't find my old saves I wanted to import so I had to do some improvization. Needless to say, I had a blast. The game is so much improved over the first one in literally all its aspects. Well, I haven't dived into combat a lot 'cause the first encounters were very easy so I'll have to recomment on this if I change my mind. The best thing up to now is the writting. It. Is. So. Way. Way. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Pillars 1 that I just want to find people to converse! Straight forward, smart, con-sis-tent. And of course the full voicing (which is itself great) boosts it up even more. The second best thing up to now is the relationship mechanic, although I haven't seen much of yet. But I like how it works. I have Eder and Xoti with me. Both like joyful people. So during a conversation with Xoti, she said something funny and the game notified me that Eder liked that and gain a "+1" towards Xoti. That wouldn't have happened if I hadn't spoke with Xoti AND brought that topic up. Cool, huh? Pacing is so much better too. At first I feared it'll start with a 2 hour walking and talking introduction but, thankfully this wasn't the case. The rest was even better. Exploring the land map was great with mini encounters here and there etc. It felt like travelling and I loved the openess and the non-linearity even for this first area. Graphics are great and the best part is the effects. I knew about the lighting effects which I loved but there are more. I went in a piratey cave dungeon and the water reflections were amazing. So, that's it for now. Just waiting for time to pass and get back home and continue the game. It looks super promising. Oh, one other thing. Although the devs said you don't have to finish Pillars 1 and the game lets you make up your history, it just isn't the same if you had played it. The history creator just doesn't and can't give you enough info of what you're chosing is about. So, yeah, strongly recommend playing Deadfire AFTER finishing Pillars 1.
  2. The question pretty much sums it up: what was the character (class) you decided to roll for your first play through? As I personally remembered it from Baldur's Gate, the first one is always special. Feel free to elaborate in the comments if you wish. (By the way only 10 options in the poll so I joined Barbarian and Fighter...) In BG my first character was a ranger which ended up as a tank / dual wielder. In PoE I wen't with a ranger as well, with a similar goal...
  3. What is the plan on the overall gameplay view? Will it be third person (Diablo?) or possibly be able to switch to first person? Any answer to this would be awesome, or if I can somehow assist with this thought I would be more than happy too.
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