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  1. I think this might be my very first post! (Edit: whoops, it's my seventh I see now). Unfortunately, the reason isn't that great: whilst rarely having trouble in the past, the last couple of weeks I'm getting more and more frequent crashes to desktop when transitioning between maps / areas. I've used Steam's 'verify integrity of game files' a couple of times now and initially that seemed to help but it's no longer the case. I've attached some crash folders to this topic. Hopefully you can look into this, especially if others are having similar problems. Keep up the good work, still love the game. Crash folders.zip
  2. The subject pretty much sums it up: when I equip Comtessa's Cage on one of my characters, the Solitary passive skill does not show up on the character sheet, nor does it show up as a status effect when I mouse-over the character portraits.
  3. Here's another "fool" that stumbled into the Dozens and is now allied...
  4. One of my characters (Eder) was blinded by some creature, I believe in the Lighthouse in DB, and the effect hasn't worn off, even after continued resting. I haven't found any spells or potions that might work. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  5. I tend to agree, it would be more convienient. But oh well, Stronghold is still very cool.
  6. The question pretty much sums it up: what was the character (class) you decided to roll for your first play through? As I personally remembered it from Baldur's Gate, the first one is always special. Feel free to elaborate in the comments if you wish. (By the way only 10 options in the poll so I joined Barbarian and Fighter...) In BG my first character was a ranger which ended up as a tank / dual wielder. In PoE I wen't with a ranger as well, with a similar goal...
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