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  1. True, it could have been handled better. Maybe ask each leader to help, and then get an option on when to summon them (like a communicator for each faction). So you could clear out easy spots yourself and only call backup as needed. Plus it could lead to you having everyone on hand to summon for the last fight.
  2. Oh, Tyranny pissed me off to no end when I first played (before the DLC that fixes some stuff). I was being a loyal minion, doing everything to give the Overlord power over everything, getting rid of traitors... and then... "Oh yeah, you turn traitor now." Um... what? Where's my "stay loyal" option? Why force the player down a specific path, especially as there were so many options to do the opposite all game.
  3. I'm actually going through the prison thing now myself. I had the Mardets from other ship show up, shoot a few troops and then get slaughtered (not really much help there). But I'm still sneaking around the place. You're not forced to help them fight. Though I was tempted to, but I don't want to lose rep (I've got everyone as Revered and would like to keep that going).
  4. Simply put, some of the characters look amazing, and have some great costume options... but most of that ends up being wasted because it's generally better to just toss them into a big suit of armor. Ellie for example. Her default outfit looks great, and really captures her style. But to keep her alive I ended up having to cover her in big bulky armor, which kind of ruined her look. It would be awesome if we had a cosmetic option for gear. So we could choose whether or not to display the armor a character's wearing, or have a cosmetic slot where we can put something in to make
  5. Yeah, Obsidian did a great job with the characters in this game. Especially the party members, who I thought were all very well done. They all had personality and depth to them. It's nice to see when most games of this type usually just have companions are pack mules and little else. Parvati in particular was extremely well done. It was a well written and handled storyline. Dealing with her preferences and how they affect a relationship without making it some huge song and dance (as opposed to setting up the date which was). lol
  6. Simply put, I think that the Foundation main quest (working with the Board to release the automechanicals) should have had more options. It's basically just go in, turn them on, town dead... or just ignore the quest. We should have had an option to try and reprogram them, so that the bots either just destroy each other (without hurting the town), or reprogram them to be proper guard units for the town (and thus make it more secure) or at the very least to just find the bots and blow them up without activating them (maybe having them all turn on once you attack one and have to fight a swar
  7. I do agree that there's a few places where you can choose to work for the board but turn things against them, and it's kind of annoying that you can't make it clear to your crew that you're just working against them and not being a lackey.
  8. I do agree that the whole crew thing does feel quite underused. They could have had a lot more interactions with the crew (and especially not just repeat the same ones constantly). There should have been more interactions between each pairing (or groups) of crew. Along with various opportunities for you to take part. Say two of them are talking about a show, you could give your opinion on it. When two are arguing, you could take a side, or try to mediate, or just let them hash it out. I am really enjoying the game, I just wish there was "more" to it.
  9. I'm playing through now and I'm having this bug as well. It's very disappointing that it's not fixed yet.
  10. The first game I used the baby dragon because it was awesome. I gathered all the pets, but I only stuck with the one. Now I'm going to be using the pet with the best bonus, because otherwise I'm knowingly be less efficient than I can. And that bugs me. With helmets in the first game, I was annoyed at all the non-magical helmets that I couldn't enchant or anything. There were a few that looked cool, but they didn't do anything, while I had lots of helmets with various bonuses (most of which I though looked stupid but I wore them because they were good buffs for the character). Perso
  11. I don't care that there's DLC coming. My only problem is when the DLC is mid-game stuff. I much prefer post-game content DLC. That way I can just load up my last save and go do the new stuff. When you know there's mid-game stuff coming, you might not want to play through the game yet, to avoid having to do it all over just to see the DLC. I played through PoE1 again with all the DLC stuff, because I wanted to get my perfect save set up. Honestly if not for that, I wouldn't have bothered playing through again because I'd seen the story, and enjoyed it the first time. Going through again
  12. Currently the game's too buggy for me to play. I pre-ordered and everything, but I'm not going to actually try a proper playthrough until all the major bugs are officially fixed. They've gotten some of the big ones (like Eder and Vera). But some things like the respec bug are still there. Along with some apparently glitchy companion conversations and ship features.
  13. Yeah, they kind of ruined mages with the new system. Now you have to pick your spells as you level, and that's basically what you're stuck with. You can switch grimoires, but it's nowhere near as useful as in the first game (where you could set up a couple of grims with different spell setups and switch as needed).
  14. As far as I know the beta patch is only available on Steam. As I understand it the official patch is being delayed until the end of the week (if not later). And it looks like the respec bug wasn't fixed (which I suppose is okay if you never mess up).
  15. Buying stuff bugged the crap out of me in the original as well. I'd buy things, and they'd go into a player's inventory. Why the hell not just put it straight into the stash? That's where I'm going to need to manually move it anyway. It was so horribly implemented.
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