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  1. td;dr. I don't like this game because of dialogues. Example, - imagine you char is speaking with a Race-supremacist (take your pick which one race, it doesn't matter) and your options: 1. Yeah lets kill all those people. 2. Lets kill all those people but spare the X-race. 3. Well, if we going to kill all those people, how can we do that? There is so many of them. And options 3 is considered by the author to be a "disagreement" option. In this example you can't falsely agree/lie to the NPC (to move past NPC), or you can't loudly disagree with the NPC opinion.. That is DE dialogues in a nutshell, and for a game about dialogues, - its the game biggest detriment. At lest for me.
  2. I haven't played AoD much, but from what i saw, - you char, being "specialist", doesn't cut you from critical content. I mean, you can be a fat merchant with no combat skills, and still be able to dealt with "non-merchant-ish" situations, because every situation have multiple "angles" from which you can approach it. Also, in AoD, you usually know what are you doing and why. In DE, you have no idea, - would this skill check about glaring at empty wall open new route, new "perk" research, new "voices" dialogue, or new dialogue option with npc which can lead to something else, entirely. So in contrast to AoD, this game is consistently slam you on face with failed skills fails, which is "not for you", and you usually have no idea to what it can leads. Not to mention, that even if you have the skill, you still can lose the roll...what a brilliant idea. Not encouraging save-loading at all.
  3. Nice stat system and ok-ish dialogues (later about them), but this game plays and feels like fanmade "expansion" on new vegas. Some nice things mixed together with the bad ones (over 9999 skills checks to scratch ass or blow nose, and your char dies if he fails them), and some just really stupid thing. Like 97% chance-to-successes skill checks, could fail 2-3 times in a row, which with so much dialogues text makes existence of skills questionable. Because it seems the only ways to play without save-loading is to go full-on some skill or not invest in the skill at all. So the dev could just made binary system of skills, - you have them or you don't, and that is it. But as it now, - you play the game you spend 5 minutes on reading all possible branches of the dialogues....and then you fail 67% skill check, so back to square one. And when you play for first time, you pretty much forced to do so, because game sucks at explaining the rules and its mechanics. Not to mention consequences of your fails. One skill fail can lead to nothing, but another one can cut you off some quest routes or possible reward/"perk", and you have no idea which skill check is important or which will produce some bull**** death. Not to mention dialogues options is offten on fanfiction level. For example sake, - you can try VTMB with the clan mod installed, end even if you will play it for your fist time, you can immediately detect "fanmade" parts of the game, by drastically reduced quality of dialogue options. Only in case of DA, whole game is like that. I seriously disappointed by dialogue options in this game. For example when you meet your "previous self" in the dream for first time, you can't just say to it to go fu-k itself and say that you are different man now, the only options - is shades of your char pissing his pants. It's weird how game journos, the ones which usually big on sucking off COD 23, or Battlefield 55, and taking a dump on, or ignore on old-school rpgs like under-rail or pillars, age of decadence, is suddenly flushed with overwhelming praises for this game. For me, personally, i will solider-on forward, maybe 4-5 hours in the game, and if it not gets better i will drop it.
  4. 1. Git gut. 2. The only thing which really should be changed is ability to save, because with autosave on leaving location (which is essentially your quicksave), "no-save" is just stupid gimmick. Designed to waste your time for sitting on loading screen every time you are "quicksaving" before difficult dialog or fight, by leaving/entering location. 3. Also not as important, but companions is actually immortal on all difficulties, you just need levelup end-game perks on companions for them to revive themselves once in 15 min if they "die". And also you char have perk to revive your chpas every 15 min, by using healing item. Which makes those "mortal companions", thing, is pretty much dumb gimmick. They really should change it into something which makes more sense.
  5. Ha! Sorry if this is old news for someone, But i finally, tested this "Don't go dying on me" perk, and it is works on Supernova! You can revive your chaps in supernova with this perk. Which, in combination with same perk on your companions, - makes all those perma-death businesses is worthless gimmick just the same as "no quick save". You probably can even revive "long death" companions with this perk.
  6. What is considered to be a "drug" in OW? All consumables in the game is giving you some sorts of buffs. So, how can you tell which consumable is a "drug"?
  7. I dunno about other weapons, but in my current playthrough, science hammer (with 100 science and two perks, lvl 15), the very first "science" weapon you get, - is doing considerable more damage with it "charging up" attack than any other currently available weapon. And you also can keep on upgrading it, up to level 35. Because with 80 science price for upgrade is capped for "sicence" weapons. So it's not totally useless. Even so, if you consider time/money spend on modding and tinkering regular weapon, only to discard it later, when better version of the same weapon becomes available. On which you can then again waste even more money and time to mod it and tinker with it.
  8. Seek therapy then. Because this sentence makes no sense. Both of the things you talking about, ins't mutually exclusive to each others.
  9. You can turn them off in config file. This is an unreal engine game, so you can pretty much change a lot of things just by editing ini files.
  10. Well, keep in mind, that this game is very MMO-ish in terms of combat. Meaning, - levels of your companions, comparing to the levels of enemies which they are fighting, is what is influencing outcome of the fight, most heavily. Not to mention the higher your level, the better the armor you can buy for companions. So if level of companions >= level of the enemy, add better armor, and better weapon (both of which, comes with leveling up), and suddenly the game becomes much easier. Which leads to optimal way of playing - stuff your pals far away for a time being, till at least level 15, then buy one of those 50-83 armor sets, respec, level up leadership, give them level 20 (via tinkering, you can level up items up to 5 levels above your own) weapons with plasma or corrosive mags - now you can finally play this game with companions. Or play sniper+sneaker char, as i played, with companions standing as far away as possible. This way you usually can kill 1-3 of weakest enemies in the pack, even before the rest of them become alert to your presence, - kill some more enemies from the pack while they running towards you, then run away and let them reset, - repeat procedure until you kill everybody. This way is much more sub-optional if compare it to lone wolf, and IMHO so much less fun when it comes to world PvE, but i if you reaaaally want to, you surely can solder on through it. And once your party's level becomes >= level of enemies, game becomes much easier. Why to even bother, you ask? Well, one of the reasons fro keeping them around, alongside other things, is that they provide significant boost to your skills. For example my char has 0 charisma, sorta to speak, but just because he had Parvati, and Felix in his party, his persuade skill was around 30-50 even early on. Which helped a lot with nailing those pesky social skill checks, and as bonus allowed to crack a lot of closed doors and containers. Those bonuses would become even bigger later on, you can have like +40 to 3 skills, just by having the right companion with you.
  11. What will happen if you install plasma mags on plasma weapon?
  12. I guess it depends on what weapon you using and how you play. The only hard part in my game on Supernova was first levels on Emerald Vale, when you have no armor or weapon, and first encounters on Monarch. And only because i was trying to keep companions alive. Once i ditch them away - game became manageable, and later - easy-peasy. To describe the "difficulty" of the game...well i beat entire Monarch with a Ultra Assault Rifle. with a plasma mod, and only THEN i read about plasma being weak against one of two types of enemies on the planet. I had NEVER, not ever once, had to buy healing items from the vendors. At the end of the game, my char had 70+ medpacks, 4000+ energy/heavy ammo(i stop buying them after a while) and something around 10000+ light bullets which i has never used. There was only one fight in which i relayed on buffs (under the bridge in Cascadia). So on scale from 1 to 10, OW is solid 5 on Supernova. But then again - what if you want to play with companions on Supernova, without leadership AND in melee? I dunno, but i guess it would be x100 times more harder than long guns+sneak playthrough. Ah, also my char had minimal social attributes and minimal strength, so very low on HP, no HP regen from food whatsoever, and minimal carry weight. But it case no big troubles and in late game my char still had 60+ leadership despite having low social attributes. So yeah, this game is a bit forgiving, even on supernova.
  13. Well duh, as i said in other thread, on Supernova this game has only two builds, for any purpose, not just if you like to use companions - 1. Build with high leadership 2. Everything else And that is sucks hard. Cause forcing you to play lonewolf for a couple of first level. And don't even mention Monarch... those acid AoE splashes would melt your palls even with perks on bonus HP, and armor and leadership 60. And even then if you don't careful even just for a moment, your pals could die pretty quick from acid+raming combo, or being stunlocked by swarm explosion. They really should make companions immortal on Supernova, and just, let say add 15-30 min CD on them, if they fall down.
  14. On last mission. I sneak past long row of guards, hided in a room to wait for last guard to move away, and then decided to move my companions in the room, just in case - pressed Z - and those bastards just RUN (instead of chucking down which makes them invisible for npcs, as it seems) to the room, almost alerting half of the compound. I played on Supernova, so if the guard had saw just a little bit more of them, it would meant to redo this entire section all over again. On Monarch, just outside of abandoned Cascadia town (the part of the town with a land pad). i encounter two Mega Mantiqueens, just camping at a choke point leading to the rest of the game. My sniper rifle had barely scratched their hide, and there was two of them. So after many death, i just jump on the building near by and sniped them away. It took long, but i had killed them. Later i discovered, that i probably landed on a "hard part" of the map, and instead i supposed to come here from Stellar Bay...
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