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  1. Yeah, I know all this. I think I outlined earlier they were like non-combat pets, with their passives. Think of Pillars of Eternity 2 where they give you passive buffs, some are definitly better than others like Parvati, etc. for passives for sure. I had parvati in over 120 armor rating, the UDL armor, and she was still getting nuked, by mantis, etc. There are some enemies that they can just never fight.
  2. Lmao! So true! Like you find so much ammo it doesn't matter, and actually I ran through emerald vale with just 4 armor rating. Once you find a sniper/assualt rifle (not light) enemies are a joke. Emerald vale you can also just use a plasma rifle or whatever and kill the primals like nothing, plus the mechanicals. It's hilarious how the game tries to nudge you into using the electricity weapon type when plasma gets the job done faster. It's ridiculous the balance of this game. The actual gameplay is probably the worst aspect of this entire game. In my opinion, they utterly failed at making it d
  3. I'd be willing to bet the lone wolf build is still superior in anyway than a high leadership build. Especially if having 60 leadership means they still die to packs. It's just too hard to micro them, and too annoying. So much simpler to just solo everything on your own, safer too. Getting hit is a joke with the amount of adreno you find, so even if you don't have high regen it doesn't matter at all, plus you can just kite packs and reset them. So, I'd argue there is only one viable build in Supernova, and that is lone wolf.
  4. Yeah, SAM is a really good companion. A primal behemoth will kill him still, but I found that he could fight most other enemies fine, like he could charge into a marauder group, or the like, and kill them plus tank them. Probably the best companion in the game, I talked about him in an earlier post I think. From what I have gathered from what you are saying, it looks like the companions being such trash has to be completely on purpose. The only way to make leadership an effective build would be to make companions trash, because otherwise why would you invest any points in them? I don't th
  5. The saving isn't as bad as you think. You can just save in one of the many instances in each zone. It autosaves as you enter or leave one. So for example, in emerald vale, you can just walk into the community center for a save at the center of the map. You don't even have to sleep very often either, just drink caffeinated drinks which will sate your thirst, and keep you going. I'm not saying they are weak, their damage is fine. They just end up dying so quickly. I am curious how you actually got through the beginning of the game if you played like that. The weaker enemies my companion
  6. No way! Really?! It's like this is the first time they have ever implemented companions into a game like this then. I mean, at least they don't die permanently. If that is the case, I honestly don't know what they were going for with trash companions then. Like, yeah there are several perks you can take to make it better. I haven't tested a full leadership build (+perks), but I suspect that they balanced them around the bonuses provided in doing so, maybe to try and make leadership more viable?
  7. Update: They are so useless that when I was doing the platforming to get the 'mind control ray' science weapon. One of my companions fell to their death, and then "left the party". I have to redo the entire dungeon now. Great work! I am at the point where I am just gonna say screw the story and interactions. I'll just go lonewolf. I have had to reload against mantis, because when they (my companions) follow me around like headless chickens they get hit by aoe and DIE. I have Parvati with over 120 armor rating and she still can't survive ANYTHING. It is so, SO dumb. Keep in mind I do NOT have
  8. Yeah, tell me about it. When I first started, I got the first companion, she died to 2 outlaws when I had her on aggressive. At first I was like, "She's just going to get back up right?" thinking like maybe they had an injury system like in Pillars or something. Nope, she just laid their and then died. Tried again... and she died again. It was so stupid. Like I said, even when I put them in heavy armor AND took the defensive perks for them, they still die. I have literally gimped my build not taking lone wolf perk, because I am soloing every single encounter anyway. I put my leadership to 20
  9. Playing in Supernova difficulty companions are completely, and utterly WORTHLESS. There is no point using them unless you invest HEAVILY into companion perks (leadership). Other than SAM even with the best possible HEAVY armor I can find, they die in just a couple hits. SAM can last in average fights, but might as well put him on passive fighting anything strong, he's dead otherwise. God forbid you try to have a melee companion. Supernova difficulty seems to be exclusively for Lone Wolf, or a pure leadership build. Otherwise, your entire crew will be in the grave. Currently, I hav
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