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  1. I generally agree with the OP. There are too many Supernova restrictions that have nothing to do with making the game more challenging and have everything to do with making it more tedious and annoying. At the very least, respect the player's time and allow us to save on quit.
  2. At the very least, can we PLEASE have save on quit patched into Supernova. if I have to stop a game because my kids or family need something, I don’t have time to locate the nearest transition where the game will auto save. I need to save and quit now! Respect the player’s time.
  3. I am putting the game down for now because the hard difficulty setting is too easy and the Supernova setting is ruined by terrible companion AI and no save on quit. I love everything else about the game - the look, the quests, the setting, the companions. Those things are fun. But when I lowered the difficulty setting from Supernova to hard (because the companion AI is terrible and they always got killed),I could just plow through every combat encounter without any thought or strategy or tactics. The combat was just mind-numbingly boring and rote. Far, far too easy. I am hopi
  4. Couldn't agree more with OP! Please patch Supernova so you can save on quit! It is a matter of respecting the players time.
  5. Is there an ETA for the next patch? Will it be the patch that re-balances Veteran and POTD? I played 3 hours and stopped. Had a lot of fun but want to wait for better balancing, predominantly. And companion relationships completely fixed.
  6. Any chance they release the game manual to these forums or Steam prior to release?
  7. Any chance you guys will post a pdf version of the manual here before release? It would give everybody a chance to get up to speed on new IP's rules and should be spoiler free. Please?
  8. Is there any chance the game manual will be released early? It would help us all prep for actually playing the game and I assume it would be relatively spoiler-free story-wise. It would be nice to get familiar with all the new systems associated with a brand new IP.
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