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  1. Hello, so i already finished the game in november 2019.. ran into some bugs here and there... but nothing out of ordinary... i decided yesterday to start a new run through... i noticed the following... the starting pistol has base damage of 20. If i equip the weapon: i see 20. if i equip it to parvati after i recruit her: i see that she does 9 damage ? thats like half of its base damage .... am i missing something.... its like companions weapons damage is getting nerfed.... same goes to armor... whats is shown under details ( comp
  2. Hello, Great Game. 20hours for now and i am enjoying every minute of it. Playing on PC (EGS). 1) One bug is annoying. The Helmet Armour Rating of my Companion is wrongly shown under details. I equiped Parvati with a helmet armor rating 9. The details page of parvati is showing something like 8.889 always a float number. The Helmet has 100% condition. When i equip the same helmet i see the 9 under my details. 2) Not a bug, more of a suggestion: under the UI settings i unchecked the "show base stats " for equipment. It would be awesome if the base values are shown in p
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