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  1. I seriously don't understand why we even have Personal Inventories now since everything can be accessed directly from the Stash and there's no option to restrict it's use.
  2. I prefer 5 instead of 6. Not only does it increase replayability by a ton but it makes party building an actual thing now. With 6 in PoE1 it was waaaay to easy to create a party with all roles filled and no weak points. With 5 you have to make actual decisions about how your party is going to work in a battle. Each character that you take with you has more "weight".
  3. Can anyone tell me what is the point in puting any item in the "Personal Inventory" of the characters instead of in the Stash since it's unlimited and can be organized by category? You can use situaltional items like Hook and Rope straight from your Stash so you don't need to put even them in your designated character inventories. In PoE1 there was an extra option to restrict Stash use to only during resting or in a town, but there's no such option here. Did the developers ever stated why was it removed?
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