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  1. I tried to drop difficulty down to easy, still got instantly wiped. After a dozen tries I just forfeited and bumped my MC to 99 attributes and had him kill them. Even then, it was far closer than you would assume it would be.
  2. What's with the RPG trope that everything the main character doesn't touch or fix personally, tends to go to ****? I did a playthrough as a stoic death godlike, who had little concern for the affairs of others and while the end doesn't upset me, it feels kind of boring that all companions end up being sad the rest of their lives, and every town and village which you do not personally save will end in ruin. Does the main character always have to be a Messiah for the world to have any hope? Also, the story itself emphasizes often that time is short. Does anything change if you go spend 3 mon
  3. Hi, playing on hard + expert and my party is at lvl 8. I've mostly followed the critical path and haven't had problems so far, but now I'm at the Thaos fight and the difficulty jumped up like crazy; my entire party gets wiped in a matter of seconds by the AoE. I can't rush Thaos since he has 150+ deflection, and I can't kill one of the giants fast enough; I can barely get them to injured before I get absolutely rekt. Am I missing a gimmick or something? Or is the last fight just completely different from everything before it?
  4. I've just sticked to mostly the critical path on hard+ expert (havent gone out of my way to pick up new quests) and I'd been getting through just fine. Maybe your frontline is lacking, or you are not positioning properly.
  5. Are you saying that's what you do in Pillars of Eternity? Because that isn't what you do in Pillars of Eternity. I'm sorry, I forget that not everyone on the internet is well versed in english. I edited the post for you.
  6. When did the term "RPG", as in "Roleplaying Game", change it's meaning to "Single Player World Of Warcraft"? You don't need to have a bull**** crafting system where you create minor health potions you never use, nor do you need to swap from your cow leather armor to space cow leather armor every 5 minutes for incremental upgrades. You don't need to go on search for le epic loot and kill a big spider for a sword of cutting +1 that magically cuts through flesh somehow better than a regular ass sword. Simple version: Why do people whine for these things and associate them with the term "RPG"
  7. Lot of different people sell some crafting ingredients and they don't have many of them in stock, but so far I have not encountered a dedicated vendor for them. And they don't have many of them in stock.
  8. The AI does select a new target if the previous one dies while they were attacking it, but they do not select a new target if the enemy dies while a character is trying to cast a targeted spell or ability on the target. Also, the combat system is fine. Even on hard, you get by well enough even with a roleplay build. Only thing that changes is the amount of resting needed, since minmax builds kill things faster and therefore accumulate less health damage for the party.
  9. Would not mind if someone made a mod that removes kickstarter stuff from the game.
  10. It doesn't take a ****ing genius to reload a crossbow The talent makes you more accurate with it, describing proficiency with it.
  11. You got talents for different weapon groups. Other than that, there are no weapon skills.
  12. Well... it depends on the execution. Sex is an inherent part of relationships, but in videogames the sex itself is not important but what it means for the characters. The problem is that handling sex tastefully in videogames is hard, and we haven't had many writers yet that would have tackled the subject matter in a proper way.
  13. Cropped the head for portraits for my horned Death Godlike, since the game provides you only a single portrait. It somewhat matches my character, but had I known that the game doesn't recognize my characters race at all I woulda probably picked something less fancy. Just wanted to go with the theme of being alien. Lol. Edit: Big image is big
  14. Death Godlike Cipher here too. Yeah, the class doesnt seem to be the most balanced one. Damage done: Cipher MC, 26k Total damage dealt by 7 companions, 22k It's just absurdly strong to spam mind blades lvl 4 onwards. Starting 30 focus every fight, you mind blades twice and the entire enemy mob is at the brink of death. Cipher spells don't have the same restrictions than all other caster classes, and they are stronger overall. A lot of them have a low cast time too. They have approx 10-20% lower base damage than comparable mage spells, but you get to use as many spells per fig
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