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  1. Hey guys, thanks a lot for the useful tips and ISC for that mega-post, read it all and I think I will definitely go to the city first (haven't been there yet!) and maybe get a rogue or cipher, too. Thanks!
  2. So I have this party of 6 with fighter, monk, mage, priest, ranger and chanter (fighter and ranger self-made from tavern, rest story companions. (yeah I know story c's aren't good but what am I to do?) Playing on Normal because yes, I *want* some tactics and not a action-oriented approach like Easy. So please dont 'advise' Easy mode, first read to the end. Thanks! I think I use an intelligent approach to battles with a self-made formation, a true tank (fighter), 2 high-defense (monk and ranger's bear), 1 mid-ground (chanter) and 2 backrow caster/supporters. I use Space and Slow tim
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