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  1. Well at the moment I am so frustrated that I prefer playing The Elder Scrolls online and The Secret World because the fights there are much more clearly... Sometimes the view on my group in PoE is so inappropriate that it makes the fights of this suicid squad (because of the AI lack) extremly chaotical. I guess I am going to wait for the next PoE-Patches perhaps there are some bugs which makes the combat harder than planned or I have to start cheating...
  2. Well I am not trolling, I have no reason to do so. I use Eder as a tank all the time but in some fights the whole group is paralyzed until they're all dead or the attacks from the opponents are so fast, that I don't have the time to react properly. I really can not remember that I had such issues in BG, Planescape, Icewind Dale or Arcanum. All games I really appreciate. Well one advantage in the older games was that there was an AI for the group and not so many problems of sticking instead of moving. The whole group in PoE has no instinct of self preservation at all.
  3. Yeah, I allready thought about cheating. But isn't it a pity, that the easy mode is such uneasy...?
  4. I like to play Games like the BG Trilogy, Planescape: Torment etc because I like the stories and characters. I like to play always the easy way, because gaming relaxes me very much after a hard days work. I tried to play PoE on the easy mode because of that, but my group dies all the time, it's really frustrating. In the easy mode ist should almost be impossible to die during the fights... If I would look for challenges I would choose an other mode... Please let the easy mode be an easy mode....!
  5. I am a huge fan of the BG trilogy, Planescape and Arcanum and I really appreciate all the efforts of Obsidian to give these old game qualities a new start. That's why I was a backer on Kickstarter. So far so well, but I am so agitated by this combat system from hell... I play the easy mode because I like the easy way and prefer to be concentrated on the storyline and the characters more than on the combat. But even in the easy mode my party dies very often and not because of the gear or the bad player behind the keyboard, no. The characters stuck very often or stop fighting in the middle
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