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  1. Cool beans! Thanks for taking the time to answer, Tim. Fallout is still my favourite game of all time so I've always wondered about that. Interesting to know.
  2. The terrorists. Congratulations Obsidian you're now on equal footing with Isis. What's next? Maybe some book burnings like the Nazis used to do. Free speech doesn't mean freedom from being ofended. Our troops and people around the world are dying everyday for that principle. You may as well be spitting on their graves. And why did you do this? For a few perpetually outraged social justice warriors who take umbrage with everything for its own sake and don't even game. The ringleader of which uses the hashtag "#KillAllMen" This is who you capitualted to? And what about the rights of the righ
  3. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from being offended. Learn to cope already. You know who else hates freedom? The terrorists. You're not a terrorist are you?
  4. I can only explore a little bit at a time before I have to go sit in the corner and cry like a little girl! Eeek!
  5. That's right, they are my opinions and the further I get into the game the more I stand by them. Maybe it comes from being to set in my ways of playing D&D for 30 years, but I *really* don't like the system they've designed for all the aformentioned issues and more. However, like I said, the art and the wriring are exellent so I'll push through and finish it. I actually applaud Obsidian for at least tryng to shake things up. They just failed miserably at it IN MY OPINION. Disagree? Cool. I wasn't asking for feedback, just letting Obsidian know what I think. If you love it, then tell them,
  6. OP a lot of people are having this problem myself included. They tried to reinvent the wheel and failed miserably. The result is you need to create gimmick builds to survive. It's nothing like D&D. It's a deeply flawed and poorly designed CRPG system and game on so many levels. It's a shame because the art and writing are nice otherwise.
  7. Sawyer says that you can easily ruing a character in D&D by not specing it properly. Well how is this any different? I can't make a basic class worth a damn with this stupid system you guys devised, just gimmick builds. How does this game not force you into play styles? You basically always have to sneak into battle. You pretty much have to crawl around sneaking everywhere, which is a PITA. Your non-tanks are beyond squishy. Monks have to get hit in order to use their skills/powers? That's ****ing stupid beyond belief! Almost every fight my rogue/monk/wizard get dropped. The tanks
  8. For example the Shadow DR shows.... DR:8 Burn 4: Freeze 12: Shock 12 That means it's general DR is 8 and the other are DR specific to those types of damage? So my caster would want to burn them and not bother shocking or freezing them?
  9. Like Durance is wearing a robe when classic D&D usually has a priest kitted out in chainmail if not plate.
  10. Das Gamer? Der Clickfest? Trollen Schadenfreude Monthly? Uber l33t?
  11. Sir, It is neither useless, nor crap. It has purpose. And that is all the validity one needs in this world. One man's trash is a another man's treasure. “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” - Atticus Finch
  12. One of my favourite shows as a kid.
  13. So are we talking about a party or a par-tay? There's a very important difference.
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