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  1. so as promised, I finished writing entries for all items in Trygil's Curriery Heading to Hendyna's Apothecary now and will take inventory there too, ok just finished writing all the pages for Hendyna's Apothecary some of the items i'm not completely sure what they are used for, feel free to add details and stuff
  2. so as promised, I finished writing entries for all items in Trygil's Curriery Heading to Hendyna's Apothecary now and will take inventory there too,
  3. UPDATE: just finished cataloguing all the merchandise from Winfrith's Arms and Armory Will be paying a visit to Trygil's Curriery and Hendyna's Apothecary for an inventory check there next
  4. Is thar Medreth in the male Armors?? yea, nice catch haha I "borrowed" Medreth using a console command to model some of the armor. I hope he didnt mind
  5. UPDATE: I finished cataloguing all the merchandise from Heodan's Supplies! Will probably work on Winfrith's Arms and Armory next
  6. Just a small suggestion, when you get to the armor/clothing, maybe take a screenshot with both a male char and a female char so we know how it looks on both Followed your advice, took screenshots with the armor on both male and female character, as well as from the front or from the back Here is the first page I did for armor which I will use as a template for future pages: Pillars of Eternity: Leather Armor
  7. Apparently someone from Orcz has managed to fight all the monsters enough times to unlock the Bestiary from them and he has shared the screenshots: (SPOILERS including all monster names and stats!) Pillars of Eternity: Bestiary You can use this info to learn about monsters stats, strengths, vulnerabilities, weaknesses and more and gain an edge in battle
  8. Awesome, planning on rolling a Barbarian in my next playthrough and will definetly use the info there and add some more info from playing as one
  9. ok just finished documenting the first weapon: Crossbow Sorry it took so long but there actually was no other weapon in the wiki so this was the first so I had to create the template It includes the following: Description Stats Tips Screenshots Feel free to use the template by editing the page and copy/pasting into your own (just change weapon name, name of images, stats, etc obviously) Also if anyone has stuff to add feel free to edit the page, am sure it can be enhanced with some more useful info from people who have actually used the weapon haha Anyway I'm moving on to working on the next item
  10. Hey I just started a new game because I changed my mind about the which character to play Am shopping right now at Heodan's Supplies so will take this opportunity to make an entry for each of the items he is selling. So noone else work on that please because I got it
  11. Added the following features from the encampent, categorizing under "Environment" and "Interactive Objects" Glass-green pillars - they are located just above where you start Narrow Canyon Path - Not really an "Object" per se, but couldnt think of a better category. Both have been documented in wiki now Will scout the camp for more of these interactable objects
  12. Heodan sells lockpicks that you can use to unlock the nearby Crate if you don't have enough mechanics Added it as a Tip for new players on Heodan's entry
  13. Encountered first enemy in the game, a Young Wolf I think it was west of Sparfel Added entry to Bestiary I fought it but killed it too fast. I know it has a melee piercing attack, but not sure if it also has knockdown like it's bigger counterparts. Maybe someone else can test and see what attacks it has. I'm moving onwards
  14. Zone is a bigger area that has a whole map For example, Encampment and Dyrford Village are zones Think of zones as "Big Areas" So Area, as you guessed, is a smaller location inside the zone. Kind of like a "Subzone". But "Area" is a better name than "Subzone". For example the Temple of Berath and the Dracogen Inn are Areas Note that all zones are also areas, but areas are not zones. Sounds confusing at first but like I said just think of Zones as Big Areas and youll get the jist of it! Ok thanks for clarifying, so I understand buildings (such as shops) are "Areas"? What about a specific room in a building? Also are dungeons "Zones"? Yes buildings are areas. Unless we discover some huge building like a tower with tons of floors which we than might decide to upgrade to "Zone" Rooms in buildings, if you give them an individual entry, would also be area. Dungeons should generally be classified as Zones unless its a tiny dungeon or something
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