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  1. I'm surprised/mildly disappointed I haven't gotten mine yet....I live like 15 minutes from the Obsidian offices, someone should just drop it off at my house after work... ha!
  2. I'm sure all of these have been brought up, especially a debate on respeccing. I have to say that making Beloved Spirits worthless is one thing, but now having my Main character on my main play through stuck with two bad talents with no way of changing them is pretty irritating. I know people have their reasons for being against being able to change your build mid game, but if patches are going to change a lot, I would definitely be in favor of a very costly option or patch day respecs. Also it would help me not dread leveling up because it results in me spend two hours trying to figu
  3. Same... First real bug I've encountered except mine was from the druids in Cad Nua lv 3
  4. Wow I clicked on this thread to make a silly comment about hotcakes...all you all beat me to it. All the reviews are saying "buy this game" plus a loyal fanbase of old school gamers, it seems like it should sell well.
  5. I ended up going! Glad I did, the place had a good happy vibe. Plus snacks and beer being on the house was an unexpected bonus! I talked to Adam Brennecke for a bit which was cool. I personally thanked him for making sure the "You must gather your party" line was in the game and voiced. He said he's rolling Barbarian! He was super nice. I also talked to a tester and Carter who worked on some area maps but I didn't get a chance to ask him which ones he did specifically so I can look out for them. I also didn't want to be "that guy" trying to force conversations with people. I s
  6. Ehhhh I think I would have gotten the game on GOG if I knew about this.....oh well. Now i can't go into work sleep deprived. Edit: Or maybe it's the same for GoG too. In any case... this is probably better for my health.
  7. This could be a problem because my house is very low on sustenance. I can't be bothered leaving the house for such trivial things like eating. I guess I could try and convince my girlfriend that she has to come by with food or else I will starve... but that's risking having to take time away from saving the world. Troubling.....
  8. Considering that it says that 200+ people are going on Facebook, they aren't being very secretive. I don't even think the club in question is that big. Since it wasn't mentioned anywhere here I figured I should withhold the exact location. Yeah hopefully someone can clarify.... I'm not up for being turned away at the door. Oh so it's 9:00 am and not midnight? I guess I missed that..... So no staying up all night and going into work sleep deprived? Dang.
  9. Sounds like you want "rational" not "clever". Which seems right to me -- "clever" is almost never an unmixed compliment, as it often implies shallowness and being overly elaborate for its own sake. It's because in RL I've worked on being clever and smart in conversation without seeming rude or snotty because when I was younger people just thought I was a complete smart ass. Rational is described as being practical, standoffish, or cold. So not as much that. Clever is what I would want, but not this iteration of it. Maybe if it was "humorous" instead of irreverent. I guess I'll hav
  10. I don't know if this is some secret but I saw on Facebook that some of the developers are going to club in So cal tonight to celebrate the release at midnight with whatever backers that wanted to come. I was surprised because I live a few minutes away! Sounds interesting but now I've got a dilemma.... Should I go stand around awkwardly at a nightclub or actually be at home and play the game as soon as I can?
  11. I share you pain. I'm going to play a non-tanky Paladin, and I wanted him to be Perception/Resolve, hahaha, yeah right. I'm going to fix the Attributes via modding myself, though, provided that Obsidian actually fixes the assets issue in the first patch (... ). But damn if it's not annoying having to do so. What's the difference between "fixing" the attributes... and "cheating"? Sounds.....clever!?
  12. To quote another of my favorite games: "There ain't no getting offa this train we're on!"
  13. It has to be separate from the Digital version. This is what it says for my Retail Pack: Box Version of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux, with DVD and printed manual. Digital Downloadable Copy of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Two different versions... right?
  14. From my understanding, yes. The backer copy is a DRM free copy of the game that is separate from the Steam or GoG key you will get from the backer portal. Thanks, that was my understanding for the last 2+ years. Got nervous when it asked me to commit to Steam.
  15. Just to be sure. I just generated a Steam Code. The Retail Pack will come with a box that has a different copy of the game, yes? One that can be DRM free.
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