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  1. I would enjoy Fallout New Vegas style DLC or witcher 3 expansions but if we have to wait for Outer Worlds 2 I would be fine with that to. I have a feeling I will be playing this for many moons.
  2. Glad you are enjoying it! I had to stop myself from playing all night last night to, was hard to go to bed thinking about this wonderful game haha. Good luck on the rest of your adventures!
  3. running well here so far, do you have the latest nvidia driver that came out yesterday?
  4. Feel free to share screenshots of adventures you have been having in The Outer Worlds! I will share some screenshots first and I hope others join it, been enjoying the game so far! ***PLEASE PUT ALL SCREENSHOTS WITH SPOILER COMMAND/TAG! (It has the shape of an eye) So people have to click on them to see them! Also let people know if its got dialogue in the screenshot and if its a late game or story related thing. This helps make no spoilers! Thanks!***
  5. Long time fan of Obsidian and even before that with Black Isle I got Fallout 1 the week it came out and just loved it. Loved KOTOR2, New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, NWN2, Mask of The Betrayer, Pillars 1/2, Tyranny and Stick Of Truth. DS3 was probably my least favorite but I still ended up enjoying some aspects of it I have enjoyed all the Obsidian charm and love that they have brought to the industry over the years, thank you for doing what you do! I deal with alot of chronic pain for the last 16 years do to spine issues and I am not able to do many of the things I enjoy but one thing I can c
  6. Hell no, I love the ship stuff. I think many people who dislike it just need to learn it properly. At first I wasn't huge on it but now I love it. I love winning a battle when you are the underdog, such a good feeling.
  7. Amazing game so far, much improved over the first POE, which I enjoyed but still had a good amount of issues.
  8. The first 5-6 hours have been more enjoyable for me when compared to the first 5-6 hours of POE1. Nearly every aspect has been improved, which I wasn't expecting.
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