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  1. I'm not surprised by the game's success. Obsidian really knows how to deliver RPGs. I just hope that if there's a next installment for TOW, the devs produce a lengthier game with more content.
  2. A fulfilling play through is usually 30-40+ hours. Not to mention, the game is designed to be played over again multiple times. That said, the amount of content available is rather lacking. The content we did get is quite good, but I understand why people are disappointed. I would like to have seen more than what was released, but look on the bright side: This game has high replay value and there's still room for dlc and mods.
  3. Sounds good. I'm sure the console players will be very pleased with the text size changes.
  4. Science weapons are actually very strong. Keep in mind that you can level them up five levels higher than your own character level. Which means you can level them up into the 30s. Also, you can give them to your companions. When I beat the last mission, I did so with the mind control ray without leveling it up. All my enemies killed each other so there wasn't much effort on my end. I also used the shrink ray to clear out the sulfur pits on Monarch. And if I remember correctly, FudgeMuppet did a video where he showed how the hammer weapon is one of the highest damage dealing weapons in the game. Meaning, you could just smash all your enemies with relative ease. So yeah, the science weapons are definitely fun and helpful. Although, you might argue that they are overpowered when utilized to their full potential.
  5. Huh, that's interesting. Kinda sucks that it's a tier 3 perk though. Would be especially helpful during the early levels. I'm playing on supernova right now and so far I have chosen to leave my companions behind for the most part. It's just easier that way I think. But I may pick up this perk later on depending on if I get some extra perk slots through flaws. Do you know if this perk has limitations? Because I fell like there's a catch to this.
  6. This topic boils down to what many players have already been saying. This game could use more content (not just for enemy types).
  7. This is hard for me to understand since I play on PC. But if the text size issue is as bad as I've been hearing, Obsidian really needs to release a hot fix soon.
  8. The game is good no doubt. I just wish there was more content. Although, having high replay value is not so bad. I'm on my second play through right now (supernova difficulty) and I can already see myself doing another play through.
  9. I'm sure some of it will become available at some point.
  10. More customization for housing is always nice. Definitely a possibility in the future.
  11. This doesn't really seem like an issue to me. Yes, sometimes things are easy and straight forward. And sometimes they're not.
  12. Stealth builds tend to be the safest way to play in most RPGs. I set out to create a super soldier/tank character who is proficient in heavy and long range weapons. Early on, my build was working out pretty well. When I got to monarch I started encountering some issues. I had to beef up my weapons to take out the tougher enemies. The sulfur pits was the first really hard place I encountered. It was absolutely crawling with boss monsters. Eventually, I cleared it out with the use of my shrink ray. That weapon allowed me to shrink the tough enemies while my companions finished them off. I couldn't rely on my normal weapons because those creatures would absolutely murder you if they got close enough. Keep in mind, my approach to combat was to go in guns blazing. The best weapon I ever got was the mind control ray/rifle. I had both science weapon perks, so the weapon was extra effective. Basically, you can make enemies fight each other and if there are no more hostiles around, your target simply will not attack.
  13. TOW is on the short side, but it's still a good game. I'm already planning my next character.
  14. Yeah, stealth seems like the safe way to play. Anyway, I couldn't find a way to talk Sophia down (even though Rockwell was on my side). I guess I was so hated by the board that the only way to save Phineas was to kill everyone. Perhaps I chose the wrong dialogue options, who knows? All I know is those soldiers hit like a truck. I was wearing level 26 heavy armor with all the armor perks and they still melted me. My normal weapons couldn't kill them quick enough, so I had to rely on my mind control rifle to cheese them. That weapon is overpowered by the way. These guards were obviously a lot stronger than me but I beat them by making them fight each other. Pretty funny actually. I did however find a high level flamethrower which was strong enough to melt the guards faster than they could melt me. When I fought the final boss, I just used the mind control rifle to slowly whittle his health down. As long as you hold the trigger on the mind control ray, the targeted enemy will not attack you. And when ever the drones came after me, I just used the mind control gun on them. Eventually, I won after a few minutes. I was level 25 I think when I beat the game.
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