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  1. Question : I'm sure everyone is dying to know; could you tell us whether you are working on Avowed, and if so, in what capacity? Josh Sawyer :
  2. Looks cool and fun but definitely not for me. I hope it's just a little game to keep the teams busy while larger projects (RPGs) are in development.
  3. The jokes are easy and you're right. On the other hand I allowed myself this remark because I love Obsidian and their games. It's the same for TOW! So I'm a little disappointed when I see the repetition of this kind of staging... (not just the crate stairs, but also the holes in the fences next to a closed door, etc etc). For me, it tends to get me out of the game these details. It precisely looks so like a video game . That's all.
  4. I have 12 hours of play for now, I enjoy every moment, but seriously Obsidian ... I'm not 6 years old! I do not want to see a hole in a fence just after a closed gate, a code on the table next to the locked PC etc etc ... And what about that: Hmmm I hesitate ... is it a staircase or boxes? I doubt... Honestly, the game is great and I love the work done, but sometimes I feel like you think I'm an idiot ... and it's a shame.
  5. Black character is a bug from AMD drivers. I solved this with a come back on 19.9.3 (and not the 19.10.2).
  6. I would have done if there had been a box version. Without ... it will be in the Xbox Game Pass for me ... and I'm disgusted!
  7. It's pretty bad that nothing comes out on PC ... not even a "fake collector" with 3 useless crap in to spin fans like me ... I do not understand.
  8. Thank you for these posts. It's sad ... it looks like the hype is gone (EPIC will have really hurt the promo of the game I think).
  9. No collector edition and no physical for PC. Sad. So... it will be with my Microsoft Game pass...
  10. Hi, Since the last update (5.0) i can't play cause of this : I tried to reload, remove the AA, change the resolution, switch from full screen to window mode ... but still that. Note that in motion the image blinks and I have these blackbars sometimes much more pronounced. UI and 3D Characters > no problem Before the patch, no problem. PC: I7 6700K - 16GB - AMD Vega 64 - All drivers up to date. TY.
  11. Presentation with controller, a ridiculous fov and 10fps... they do not want to sell it? There is still a lot of work to do. It's dated ... remains the artistic direction that is nice. Fortunately it's about the atmosphere and writing that I expect!
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