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  1. I have another question.. The digital code I receive from Gamestop, am I to use the code on a platform to play the game?? for example how origin is to EA and Battlenet is to blizzard. Do i take the code and play it on Epic platform?
  2. Hello, I have a few questions. 1). Will Gamestop provide predownloading before launch? (digital purchases of course) 1.a.) if not, why didnt O.W. website clarify which retailers would be providing pre downloads. (Im a massive fan of obsidian, wanted to play as fast as i can. Thus, would have chose the best retailer for me) 3) If gamestop isnt doing predownload when is their official launch? is it your own timezone midnight of the 25th (12:01 am) OR can customers of gamestop start downloading at their respective time zones tomorrow per the OW news release in regards to star
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