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  1. Yet I've been able to do that in most RPGs I've played. This is just flat out a mediocre RPG. Full stop. No clauses. Cry about that if you want but it's true and being reflected by many users that aren't blinded by the hopes and dreams that obsidian will make some kind of come back.
  2. It was over before I even knew it. I wasn't looking to beat the game, just going with the natural progression of the story. I do that on first playthroughs as it's nonsensical to run off and do a bunch of random side quests that have nothing to do with the main quest when there's a sense of urgency. Wasn't that a main complaint people made of Fallout 4? Why am I doing all this side **** when looking for my son? Well, why am I doing all this side **** while trying to save the colony? Some of you guys will make literally any excuse to cover the fact that it's a short story.
  3. Okay that's actually pretty hilarious though lol quite obviously not done to purposely change the score like the one I posted. I agree that it all needs to be taken with a grain of salt but many people do take that as a gauge. Hell, obsidian themselves were offered a bonus based on how NV would do. But I'm sure you knew that
  4. GotY is going to Sekiro, Death Stranding, or even Resident Evil 2 remake before it would go to TOW. The game is getting mangled in user reviews and didn't even fair that well in critic reviews.
  5. It's getting castrated on metacritic for length and it's other flaws. It's now dropped to 7.7 user rating for PC. Even with people trying to pad the score lol
  6. Once again, you try to paint people in some portrayal based on nothing. GTA V wasn't even shorter than SA lol and how on Earth could you say it didn't have any character development?? New Vegas isn't a deep RPG and neither is TOW. You're full of **** lol but I'm sure you'll have some cop out statement saying I like multiplayer games instead right? You're a clown
  7. I know how it works and my example was just that, an example. I picked my attributes fine to dump the stuff I didn't want, but even then the stuff I did want was not exactly how I would have liked the numbers. And like I said, even if you don't want a skill at all, you'll have to level it with the one you do want until that hits 50. Dodge and Block for example. I like Dodge but have no use for Block.
  8. An NPC I killed earlier in the game just showed back up alive and well. Makes their statements about killing anyone pretty meaningless if they just go and do that
  9. Nope, not missing anything. Just like New Vegas you'll have to load an earlier save before the point of no return
  10. Completely disagree. Nothing about the enemy or companion AI is smart. Plenty of times where they've positioned themselves behind cover but did so incorrectly and were wide out in the open. *Loud automatic gunfire happens while killing marauders* *Marauders twenty feet away are completely unalerted and casual* Just makes you feel like you're playing a platformer and going room by room killing them and they had no idea you were in the previous room. It's embarrassingly bad
  11. Enemy and companion AI is very poor. My companions always said "area clear" while enemies are 10 feet from them. Most enemies have a hearing radius of about 10 feet it seems. They don't see/hear their buddies getting turned to ash right near them. I haven't played a game with ai this poor in a while
  12. Not sure if you just aren't looking hard enough or really want this game to be perfect. There's plenty of wonky physics and graphical errors. Go into TTD while someone is sitting, minding their business and shoot them. You'll watch them instantly twitch to a standing position to start shooting you. I've got a screenshot of someone that bounced up into the sky hundreds of feet while I shot him with a light assault rifle. This site won't allow over 1mb upload (lmao) so I can't post it
  13. Well you're "sure" I'm a fan of Skyrim and being a badass at everything huh? Incredibly wrong there lol I want a flawed and imperfect character. My problem with TOW is that all my characters have felt mediocre at everything and not really flawed at anything, besides the couple dump skill groups. Nothing about the skill groups is realistic. It's a lazy and poorly thought out system that's getting absolutely mangled in reviews.
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