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  1. I finished 2 days ago and was surprised I couldn't free roam and wrap up the side missions I had left. Am a missing something? When I hit "continue" it just takes me to the last boss ( last save before it ended) Thanks
  2. Great article and so damn true. I really don't know what they're going to do to overcome this dumpster fire x100. I've been scratching my head for a few years now wondering how can Bethesda publish some gorgeous games (Doom, Wolf/Colossus, Dishonored, etc.) and still push out garbage. I thought for sure 76 would of been a huge graphic improvement but it's seriously copied-and-pasted from FO4 and FO4 is PS3 looking. I own the games mentioned above and they don't crash my PS4 every hour (without mods) at all. The worst part of Bethesda Game Studios is Bethesda Game Studios.
  3. I forget the name but the very wealthy planet, you talk to a woman with a streak of red paint across her eyes. I found our conversation a little funny because these people are super rich snobs. She asks you to check out a retirement facility that is located underground. Now I killed everything in sight including the poor maintenance and cleaning robots that are harmless. Upon returning to the surface, the entire city was after me and I died. I went back and tried this again without killing the the poor maintenance and cleaning robots and it worked and I got to talk to the woman who offered me
  4. Hello folk, I'm new here. I never played any Fallouts until 4 and loved it. 76 is another story for another forum. When I first started playing this, I was getting a tad bored. However, once you're able to start flying to other planets, that really got my interest going and I must say, I love this game. The galaxy (colonies) seem just the right size. I haven't finished yet so I can't say if the game is too short like I've seen in other postings. I have a ton of side missions to do but I did complete a lot of main quests. It's a gorgeous game, no question and to be 100% honest, I haven't
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