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  1. Imagine being a gamer and accepting a broken product and believe it is your own duty to fix it instead of the company. Smh. I didn’t provide a complete breakdown of everything because there is nothing to diagnose and solve. The issue lies with the game. I’ve been doing this as a long time dudes. I have an 8800k, 1080, 64GB RAM, 2x1TB Samsung evo SSD in raid, did get the latest NVIDIA driving yesterday, and am running things at 1440p with all ultra except screen effects to remove CA and Vaseline. What else would you like to know to help diagnose ya problem? I run a 165hz monitor so im willing t
  2. I would also love this. I hate holding it down on a mouse.
  3. dude I also experienced this and I went back and made another character and replayed like an hour of stuff because of it. Wtf gives?
  4. Ya lots of people have been experiencing crashes. I think it’s anyone with an OC on a cars either custom or from the factory.
  5. This game is very poorly optimized and will run with low FPS, horrible stuttering and hitching, and will crash frequently for anyone with An OC. I run at 1440p on all ultra using a 1080 and an 8800k and get can 70-110 FPS in a few areas but in the towns it goes to 45 easily. Couple with the jarring hitching and frame pacing issues that other forums are blowing up about it makes it unenjoyable. I’m even willing to cut them slack on not including a toggle ADS. For now I would advise people to wait to play until they release a patch for optimization, stutters, and crashes.
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