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  1. I can verify. Trying to jump on that box gets you infinite-bounding between the box and the tree collision. Crouching and every other trick I could try didn't help - you can't move, and nothing seems to bounce you out.
  2. I've encountered this too. It seems that when alt-tabbing, the code to restore what 'mode' the keyboard should be in can get confused - so, I've been stuck in menus where ESC wouldn't let me exit out of repairing items, and things like that. I was able to 'fix' it in those cases by hitting random keys to bring up other menus - which then resets which keys do what - but I could definitely see cases where that wouldn't work. They need to add code to remember what mode the keyboard is in better when restoring after an alt-tab.
  3. Oh, and just realized something else. I'm guessing your nation uses commas for decimal points (designating the split between whole numbers and fractional parts of numbers), and periods for thousands separators. I don't think they coded detection for windows number formatting for that scenario. So, for you, the number should be 23,758 rather than 23.758.
  4. First place I got a crash is when approaching a bed at a random house in the starting area, not in the main starting city. This crash happens consistently - almost as if the game is trying to load some tutorial about beds and crashing on a missing resource or something. So, I avoided that spot, and reached the Botanical Gardens area, and entered another house. Again, random crash inside this house. I'm verifying files now. My game copy is on Epic Game Store. I'll follow up if that fixes it or not.
  5. That's the weapons tab. It only lists weapons. The rest of your inventory is in other screens. That's where all your weight is. Also, your equipped weapons have weight too.
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