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  1. I didn't see any bug report section of the game or forum so I'll post this here just in case the devs read this. At the very start of the game, right after you exit the ship for the first time, there is a bandit camp on the left side of your objective. It is the camp with the first lookout the player sees. At this camp, there is a large tree with boxes next to it. If you jump between the boxes and the tree you are permanently stuck there, bouncing around unable to move or get out. Jumping while stuck makes the noise but no movement. Saving manually is not possible while stuck in this position, saving automatically and loading is. The screen jitters up and down constantly. The crosshairs flicker rapidly between moving and non-moving giving the impression of double crosshairs on the player's screen. I have replicated this issue with ease 4 times in a row, so it should not be hard to find for anyone trying. Attached are pictures of the location described.
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