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  1. Yea I didn't take any flaws. The needing to babysit the companions is a huge problem though. It is sucking alot of the fun out of the game on supernova.
  2. I think the developers WANT it to be difficult to know if you're hidden. It makes stealing, stealthing an actual real skill. A human player at the keyboard skill. Not like SKyrim where you know EXACTLY how much you're hidden and whether or not stealing that item will be noticed. I particularly like this, tired of all the hand holding in games. As for mobs knowing exactly where you are, not sure if that's intended, but despite what I just said, would be nice if mobs were not psychic either. It seems the devs don't have an -Alert- setting on the mobs, it's either "we don't know you'r
  3. Note: I am playing on the hardest difficulty. Note 2: I may be missing options or choices, if so please let me know. ----------------- Playing around with the companions on the hardest difficulty is.. well.. nearly impossible not to get them killed. I'm going to use the first area you start in in the game for various reasons, mostly to avoid spoilers, and I'll try to explain things in ways that won't give too much away. Basically though you start with those ape creatures EVERYWHERE.. This is a perfect mob to explain the problems with the companions in general. There are is
  4. I disagree. The perks seem fine, even OP in some cases. They go along the way of older school RPGs where the perks are additional benefits ontop of your main build, to either fill in a few gaps or reinforce your strong points. That's exactly what these do. Unlike most games, these perks are actually very well done imo.
  5. I am wondering how easy the game is to mod. I'm hoping it is, as it has great potential. That being said.. I hope great "expansions" are considered for the future too.. Like full on expansions, or large dlcs. Even ones similar to the skyrim housing dlc. Would love a dlc where I can customize, or get other ships, and customize the interiors a bit. Would go a long way to furthering my role playing in the hardest difficulty. Especially since you can only sleep in your ship and it's your mobile command center basically.
  6. I agree. It shows extremes on both sides sometimes too. I like the fact the game doesn't have an outright "agenda". It just puts situations together, and lets you deal with them how you want. You are you, put into a deep and interesting world.
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