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  1. Password 2 is located in the cargo yard level, main floor, in a small room on the east side, about halfway through.
  2. Yep same issue on my Xbox One. All dialog options now have a bulleted number visible in front of them. A bit odd but doesn't seem to have an effect on game play. This is my second run through so as long as I can finish Parvati's quest line this time I'll be happy with the patch. At low levels it's difficult keeping her from getting knocked down in combat, and I cannot send her to the ship until I clear the power plant.
  3. Yes I think you hit it Ubi. I was talking with Parvati on my ship after clearing Monarch. She talked about having a date on the ship and getting cleaned up. Quest flagged as failed before I could even buy the soap. Looked into the journal and "Parvati was killed." Considering she was standing right next to me and talking, it's probably a variable flag. I know she was knocked down in a couple fights where I survived. In Supernova mode she would have died but I am playing normal. To the developers, just add in a logic line to your follower code that checks difficulty. If not Supernova, always leave the follower dead flags at zero (or one however you indicate they are alive/dead). Easy fix once you find where you are checking that. My quest let's me buy her soap and give it to her but won't allow me to do the next steps, probably because they are not unlocked since the game thinks she's dead.
  4. I figured out the stealth thing a while back. The corners, edges of the screen shade/darken. It's very subtle but there if you know what to look for. I've adjusted now though. Shoot them in the head from distance. Then I don't need to worry about detection up close.
  5. I've been playing now for several hours, died a few times, and am enjoying the game, learning the skills/perks/etc. Only two issues I noticed both deal with stealth. 1. Not sure when I am hidden. Am I missing an indicator or something on the HUD? When I'm in tall grass it fades so I can see through it. But it's also tough to know when I reach or PASS the edge of that grass and am now visible. 2. I kill a mob. The noise aggros a mob on the other side of a solid building/wall/etc. I run into tall grass and hide, or around another corner and hide. The aggro'd mob somehow knows right where I am eventhough they never saw me. I got killed off by a guy with a light machine gun because I though I was crouched hiding the grass after blowing the head of his buddy. He (and a third mob) come around the corner and mow me and the grass down. If that's an intended mechanic I'll adapt, just was surprised they knew exactly where I was without ever seeing me in the first place. Anyway, breaks over. Back to hunting marauders.
  6. Pulled in the 17GB "update" on Xbox last night. I expect another one just prior to release, but cleared next weekend for Outer Worlds exploration. I went through New Vegas several times, so hoping this space themed version goes really well.
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