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  1. I've run through the game 6 times now. First four, trying all difficulties and various choices, had no issues (Xbox One version). The fifth and sixth run-throughs (normal difficulty) I have encountered the exact same issue when I enter the pit. If I either try to manually save the game, or run long enough so auto-save attempts, the game crashes out. The situation seems pretty unique to hit and could be related to Nyoka somehow. Here's what I do: Kill everyone in Edgewater, let the deserters have it, then kill them. Do all Sub-light quests. Do all Groundbreaker quests. Kill ever
  2. I've found a few youtube videos with the same issue but could not find it posted here. I'm trying to get the Jack of All Trades achievement. My character has a 2-handed skill of 50 so TTD is available. I'm using the Prismatic Hammer. I've one-hit killed about a dozen guys while sneaking with "blind" showing. I've also killed a couple of canids. The achievement won't award. Comments online say that other people are encountering the same issue, so I wanted to make sure the developers know about it. Once I get a decent ranged weapon, I'll try with that. Has anyone gotten this achievement with a m
  3. Password 2 is located in the cargo yard level, main floor, in a small room on the east side, about halfway through.
  4. Yep same issue on my Xbox One. All dialog options now have a bulleted number visible in front of them. A bit odd but doesn't seem to have an effect on game play. This is my second run through so as long as I can finish Parvati's quest line this time I'll be happy with the patch. At low levels it's difficult keeping her from getting knocked down in combat, and I cannot send her to the ship until I clear the power plant.
  5. Yes I think you hit it Ubi. I was talking with Parvati on my ship after clearing Monarch. She talked about having a date on the ship and getting cleaned up. Quest flagged as failed before I could even buy the soap. Looked into the journal and "Parvati was killed." Considering she was standing right next to me and talking, it's probably a variable flag. I know she was knocked down in a couple fights where I survived. In Supernova mode she would have died but I am playing normal. To the developers, just add in a logic line to your follower code that checks difficulty. If not Supernova, alwa
  6. I figured out the stealth thing a while back. The corners, edges of the screen shade/darken. It's very subtle but there if you know what to look for. I've adjusted now though. Shoot them in the head from distance. Then I don't need to worry about detection up close.
  7. I've been playing now for several hours, died a few times, and am enjoying the game, learning the skills/perks/etc. Only two issues I noticed both deal with stealth. 1. Not sure when I am hidden. Am I missing an indicator or something on the HUD? When I'm in tall grass it fades so I can see through it. But it's also tough to know when I reach or PASS the edge of that grass and am now visible. 2. I kill a mob. The noise aggros a mob on the other side of a solid building/wall/etc. I run into tall grass and hide, or around another corner and hide. The aggro'd mob somehow knows right whe
  8. Pulled in the 17GB "update" on Xbox last night. I expect another one just prior to release, but cleared next weekend for Outer Worlds exploration. I went through New Vegas several times, so hoping this space themed version goes really well.
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