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Found 17 results

  1. The game grounded is Closing alone every 1 hour of gameplay on the xbox one s console, this is the 4th time this has happened to me, I downloaded the Fix patch 1.2.1 and still the game keeps closing on its own, hope it fixes soon I'm excited about the game and this bug is making me discouraged. :)
  2. I accidentally deleted the wrong save file on my Xbox One S. Any way to get it back? If I have re-do the whole save I might as well uninstall the game. I feel like such n knob.
  3. Organizing a chest for Xbox is a bit annoying having to constantly press the D-pad to get it to the correct spot. My current work around is to increase my overall storage and have a specific chest for every single item in order to use the quick move feature. If there was some sort of shadow ability (similar to the hot bar tool effect currently) to where it would be possible to quick move multiple items of the same category into a large chest and have it snap organize nicely, that would remove this tedious organizing time for counsel players. As a side effect, it may provide a goal for players to fill their storage up! Simply an OCD suggestion. Thanks!
  4. #1 can't attach anything to the wall or ceiling #2 can not place down anything from the decorations #3 bugs are spawning inside of my base and my base is fully built #4 spiral stairs are not available
  5. Updated to PTS 7.1, game now fails to load completely. Can not get to the menu at all. Xbox One Public Test Server
  6. I’m having a problem recycling and destroying log pallets while playing on Xbox One. Every time I’m about to finish recycling a log pallet or destroying It with a hammer, my game crashes. This has happened to me every time I have tried to do either of these things, to the point where I’m not going to try destroying this log pallet again. Contemplating just starting a new save altogether with this in mind. I saw this a couple of times on the forums but not on the known bug list so I’m putting it here. I hope this is an easy fix
  7. I thought it was a flaw at first. That the terminals would just forced me to back out and go back in, for every option I took. That was till I got to the Gloop Gun Terminal. It won't let me get passed the first answer to the question or hack it. At the "Password" screen, it's completely blank. The one option I have is to "Press B'" and back out. This wasn't the only Terminal I experienced this. Most of the Terminals that demands multiple steps to get through things have the same problem.
  8. So far i have enjoyed this game, as an avid survival player i feel there could be a few UI fixes. instead of pressing LB to open a radial menu for item use or "hot bar" at the bottom of the screen when playing, have the first four slots accessed by the dpad, makes switching weapons/items a lot smoother than the radial menu, the second set of four slots can be accessed by holding the LB and pressing, "y'x'a'b" buttons. the map is nice, and i like the use of trail markers, perhaps give the option in the map to add and delete custom waypoints. the drinking animation is too long, perhaps shorten it up by two seconds, kinda sucks being in the middle of a fight and then have to spend 5 seconds having to drink dirty water. water/food consumption is a lot less when just staying up through the hrs of 22:00 to 8:00 am instead of using the leanto, not a bad concept, so i guess its a "balance" of sleeping, i dont wake up hungry n stuff in the morning, but also mayhaps the dandilions, or the spores it produces could be used to slow the fall or decent from hopping off a cliff or a high spot kind of like a parachute. I do enjoiy the different ways of crafting, using the analyzer, and then finding the robot to get new things to build, im happy with the quests it gives since its refreshing instead of just grind towards a boss like ark. but in a bit of the same think like ark as far as UI goes, im happy without having to get exp for levels, and to unlock stuff. I think you all have a solid game going, plus im used to holding left trigger to aim and right trigger to fire, so thats something new, but for the devs, please make the hotbar better than having a radial menu to switch......please look into ark evolved and take some inspiration from there
  9. The biggest issues, so far with Xbox. This is from the perspective of two person multiplayer, wife hosting game, myself joining her. - Lag spike, resulting in occasional kick from game. - Noticed I'll have what appears to be rubberbanding, again probably due to lag spike. Pretty bad now. Just FYI pushing 200mbps, so my internet shouldn't be the issue. - Noticed when you dropped weed planks, they would disappear through the ground, but if you chucked them and then picked back up and drop seemed to work like normal. - wife dropped thistle out of her inventory on the ground and I couldn't see them to pick up, but she could.... - Spiders, Ants etc seem to get stuck inside rocks, especially around the pond area. - The juice coming out of juice boxes, seem to be glitching... - Where our base is setup, we don't have storage chests yet etc. Is there a way to maybe tone down the items being kicked across the map...also think that maybe having too many items in one area on the ground(as a storage area), contributes to the lag spikes or at least the rubber banding. - Also experienced the issue of being stuck in a spiderweb, despite harvesting it, resulting in no web left....had to die to fix it. Figure it was worth mentioning so you know its happening on Xbox as well. -Raw Science alert, noticed during one ply session, wasn't being alerted to the raw science nearby, but my wife was. I believe we both should be alerted if we are next to each other and the Raw Science is in proximity.
  10. I've run through the game 6 times now. First four, trying all difficulties and various choices, had no issues (Xbox One version). The fifth and sixth run-throughs (normal difficulty) I have encountered the exact same issue when I enter the pit. If I either try to manually save the game, or run long enough so auto-save attempts, the game crashes out. The situation seems pretty unique to hit and could be related to Nyoka somehow. Here's what I do: Kill everyone in Edgewater, let the deserters have it, then kill them. Do all Sub-light quests. Do all Groundbreaker quests. Kill everyone in Stellar bay. Do all Iconoclast quests, kill Graham, let Zora rule. Complete all follower quests. Send Felix with the pirate guy. Send Minister's message, take only 27% of the chemicals for Welles. Kill everyone in Byzanthium. Kill Ellie's parents, she's pissed and leaves. Kill everyone except Sublight on Groundbreaker. Parvati leaves because I killed Junlei Go back to Monarch and kill Hiram. Nyoka is pissed but doesn't leave. If she's in the party she keeps saying "Can we talk" but when I talk with her, she has nothing new to say. The game saves fine on Tartarus just prior to entering the pit. But once I'm in there, it will always crash out. I wanted to see how the game would handle killing almost everyone I met along the way. Having it lock up when I'm only about 20-30 minutes from the end is a bit frustrating.
  11. Hello there! I am very new around here. Just bought and downloaded Outer World for Xbox One. The download is complete, I created my character, but I cannot start the gameplay cause I cannot walk (LS). My controller works just fine, so I guess it must be some kind of bug. I cleared my console cache already, restarted the game, loaded a new game etc. Searched online for fixes, bt could not find anything related to the Xbox One game... I don't know what else could be done to fix this. Hope to get some help here! Thank you!
  12. I can't do the Slaughterhouse Clive quest because the game keeps freezing and/or crashing shortly after I enter the warehouse. I've tried going through the front entrance, the side entrance and through the sewers; I've tried using the holo-cloak, tried going in with guns blazing; I've tried walking and running. I've checked for updates and restarted my console, but it doesn't seem to matter. Anyone else having/had this issue? If so, is there anyway to complete this quest without the game glitching? Thanks
  13. Game constantly crashes at first elevator descent at Tartarus. I tried this three times and the game crashed at all three times at the same spot. P.S. Love this game!
  14. I’m on the Tartarus planet for the quest to save Phineas and I’m stuck on a part where I have to walk through a Rome with Chairman Rockwell and 2 Guardians but every time I try to walk into the room it will freeze then crashes, my companions can go through without a problem but I do believe there is a problem concerning the dialog because I’ve never gotten and it it will freeze before I get the chance to do so.
  15. Every time I enter the room with Chairman Rockwell on the final mission on Tartarus, my game crashes to the Xbox dashboard
  16. I'm really enjoying this game, but I've encountered: a bug where some of the music and sound effects do not play during the opening cutscene. a bug where at the very beginning of the game, when first being introduced to the player's character, the sound bytes are slightly delayed. I have game capture of the video, but it's ~5MB so I can't upload it to this forum. I've not experienced any other issues so far, sound or otherwise, but will report if I find more. Thanks!
  17. ***Okay so I must say that the only reason I made this thread is because I have seen far too many threads suggesting to make a Console Port etc.*** The fact of the matter is that I "invested" nearly two-hundred dollars into this project for a PC Exclusive game and nothing else. I do feel empathy for the console gamer's, but with a tight budget, Isometric CRPG origins/style/gameplay, and the fact that console licenses are skyrocketing through the roof right now due to the next generation being released means it would not only over burden these developers that are acting alone with no publisher, but would also give the industry another example of the death of true WRPG's. Those of you who promoting a console release need to realize that it would not be in Obsidian's best interest as a respected studio to do something of that regard. P.S Most of the fellow gamer's that are suggesting said course of action have not even played the vary Titles (BGI, BGII & TOB expansion, and/or even Planescape Torment) which their is no excuse as to why when I'm only fifteen and have played all of them (for hours).
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