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  1. Hell no, I love the ship stuff. I think many people who dislike it just need to learn it properly. At first I wasn't huge on it but now I love it. I love winning a battle when you are the underdog, such a good feeling.
  2. Amazing game so far, much improved over the first POE, which I enjoyed but still had a good amount of issues.
  3. The first 5-6 hours have been more enjoyable for me when compared to the first 5-6 hours of POE1. Nearly every aspect has been improved, which I wasn't expecting.
  4. I like it so far, could tell right away it was Ellie (spelling?) from The Last of Us. Not perfect but more good compared to bad
  5. About 5 hours in so far and wow, what a great game! Nearly everything is improved from the first game for me and I love the new stuff like the ship stuff and what not. Taking lots of screenshots, finding so many things improved, from the combat, to the writing (even early on in the first 4 or 5 hours), to the better performance and how I can really get in there and customize the ai of my party if I want to. Not to mention it looks gorgeous and the soundtrack is good so far, other than wanting more portraits (I downloaded a bunch extras so it isn't a huge deal) for my character during creation I am enjoying everything else the game brings to the table. About to eat some dinner and hop back on, thanks for the wonderful game, it really has been a joy to play and explore so far, keep up the good work Josh and Company! How is everyone's adventures going? What classes is everyone rocking? What has impressed you the most so far? Things you didn't like or want improved?
  6. KOTOR sequel (loved KOTOR 2) Bloodlines - One of my favs, would love to have Obsidian's take it on Pillars 2 - Enjoyed Pillars and the expansion packs a good deal, would like another Alpha Protocol style game with a different name if need be, very underrated game Fallout 4 Expansion packs, New Vegas >>>> Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 NWN sequel - On a newer engine, with a great creation/mod setup again I would be down for any of those to be honest, hell I would love a Wheel of Time game to that they had been rumored to be working on. I was also very sad to hear Obsidian was NOT working on the new south park rpg. And a game of thrones or Bastard Executioner style rpg would be amazing to I bet. With a tank game and a card game in the works from Obsidian (two genres I have not much interest in), I really hope they get an rpg or two in the works My bet? Pillars 2 and maybe something new down the road.
  7. 125 people disagree with you on the poll, while only 16 agree with you. Thread can be closed now, a small % agrees with him, many others don't.
  8. Nope, have loved my time with both Witcher 3 and Pillars, two amazing games I gave them both the same score. If you never made it past act 1 in pillars then how can you say all this? You have really only gone as far as the tutorial. Here is an idea.. how about try the game? Like please more than an hour? For me these are two of the best rpgs in awhile, as much as I liked Divinity Original Sin and Wasteland 2, for me Pillars and W3 are even better. Put in 100+ hours on both pillars and E3 and I honestly can't pick which one I liked more, both where a blast and extremely well made rpgs. And if we are talking bugs, I have had more in W3 than I did during my time with Pillars. From your post it seems like the game was to hard for you and you quit as you where frusterated, and went to go play the much worse and extremely easy Inquisition. Just because you find a game hard doesn't mean its bad.
  9. amen, good post. As a huge Baldurs Gate and Icewind dale fan, I found Pillars to be fantastic. Not perfect but very very good.
  10. oh boy here we go.... Not even trying the full game because of a beta? Hate to be rude but this is pretty ignorant imo. I can't remember how many times over the years I have tried a beta or alpha and it was average, only to try the full version and its fantastic.
  11. Nope, the game is fantastic and imo in even better shape than Divinity Original Sin and Wasteland 2 where on release (Liked them both alot to). Any big improvements that they want to make can be made for the expansion packs or updates to the game.
  12. As long as it is good, 20-30 hours or so would be great.
  13. Wonderful video! Just finished watching it! Well done Obsidian! Loved the game, can't wait for the expansion pack(s)!
  14. This might be the worst review I have ever seen lol. Many other reviewers disagree. - "This is literally the worst Obsidian game I’ve played to date. That’s right, I even had more fun with Dungeon Siege 3" - "Which brings us to what possibly surprised and disappointed me the most in PoE – the general writing quality is simply underwhelming." - "This bad encounter design, however, is not the sole stinker that makes the combat simply a chore" Couldn't disagree anymore if I tried with comments like that, glad most fans and reviewers love it. The game has its issues but the good far outweighs the bad. There is one or two things I agree with but the other 90% I don't agree with at all.
  15. 129 hours for me! Finished the Endless Dungeon, did 90%+ of the side quests and was reading most the books I found around the game work (Didn't skip any of the dialogue either as it was interesting).
  16. Paradox said at one month after Cities Skylines came out that it has sold 1 million. Maybe a number for Pillars comes from Paradox after one month aswell? Hope it sells well!
  17. I think its great when people give ideas to improve things but at the same time I think alot of people act like they are developers of classic games themselves and could do a better job. I personally think the game is great, not perfect but really well done. No matter what rpg it is, it seems there is always talk about balance issues. What games actually nail balance 100% on day one? Not many! I think it is a good idea to step back and really see what has been done wonderfully on top of the issues you might have with the game. The old IE games are my favorite but even those had a good amount of issues on release. If you really wanted to you could breakdown and find issues in every game ever released.
  18. I actually liked Twin Elms as much as Defiance Bay personally. Another area that size would have been nice but as is I loved those two areas.
  19. 90% of the books I found I checked out, I'd say maybe 70% of the soul people I was reading to. Explored all the areas, did nearly every Side Quest/Task/Bounty and and took my time when making decisions. 100% of the dialogue from other characters in the game I like listening to also. I just see no reason to rush a big wonderful game, like taking my time and soaking it all in if its worthwhile. Now something like Skyrim or Dark Souls I wouldn't care about doing all the side quests as I get bored and they are poorly written, but a game like this that pulls me in so well with its writing, I just have to find as close to everything as I can Hell, I Fallout 1/2 can be beat in an hour or two if you rush it, myself I took months on those games!
  20. I hunted down literally every side quest and I love to read all the dialogue the game has to offer and explore every area possible. Just the way it is for me in big rpgs that have good stories, I get hooked in and just want to experience everything it has to offer! I do also remember Obsidian or someone saying it could be beaten in anywhere from 40 to 150 hours depending on how much you do of the side stuff. 99% of my time on the game was just enjoying myself and soaking in what the game has to offer. Everyone finishes games at different times, I am a completist of some sorts when it comes to side quests in rpg's and don't like skipping any dialogue I remember being told New Vegas was a 10 hour game, yet I beat it in 60-70 hours my first time. I just like taking my time and soaking up things when an rpg is really well made.
  21. I played about 3/4 on Hard and a little on normal, mainly to see what the difference was,etc.. As far as replaying battles alot, not to much. During the game I think I reloaded from fights 5 or 6 times? Then on the last boss fight I think I died 2 or 3 times before I beat him.
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