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  1. I have never heard of any game developer doing their localization in-house, not in 1999, not in 2020. Every game I've worked on and every company I've ever talked to always outsources their localization. Localization companies specialize in it. There's no reason for even a mid-sized game dev studio to keep a loc staff on hand unless it's a single person doing coordination. And that single person is usually a production role, not a polyglot translator. Even localization companies often outsource one or more languages that their normal staff can't cover. Deadfire shipped in 10 language
  2. I think it is fair and reasonable to critique the work that I have done/continue to do, but I do want to clarify the work I (and others) have done and have not done. I did not have anything to do with the development of the story in NWN2. I came to Obsidian in July of 2005, long after the story had been established. In the capacity of a senior area designer, my only story contribution was to suggest and work through ideas about the background of the King of Shadows with George Ziets. John Gonzalez developed the story for F:NV. Eric Fenstermaker developed the story for PoE. George Z
  3. We are going to be re-tuning the late game difficulty to both reduce mobs and make the remaining combats more challenging for higher level characters.
  4. Story Time is sort of the flip side of Path of the Damned. Combat populations are what they are on Normal, but we modify the stats of critters as well as incoming/outgoing damage to heavily favor the player. Some players find even Easy difficulty to be too hard. The modifications are purely procedural and do not require designers to modify existing encounters. It did not take much time to implement.
  5. I read somewhere that the reason for you being unable to get this data into the UI had technical, not design roots. It's reassuring to know you've registered this problem. Oh, yes, it's absolutely a technical problem. My preference is always to allow players to have as much clarity with what's going on under the hood as possible (if they want it).
  6. BTW, I do totally understand that it's frustrating trying to calculate DPS in the game right now. It was an ongoing frustration during development that we couldn't report actual base and modified attack and recovery times. If we make a sequel, fixing that is a high priority.
  7. If we make a sequel, we will likely be hitting higher levels with commensurately more powerful items. PoE was targeting a power growth curve that's in between the original BG (capped out before L10) and IWD (about L15). Holy Avengers and Vorpal Swords are among the best of the best weapons and seem like they're more appropriate for the upper teens (which BG2 goes in to). That's why Pale Justice (from IWD) isn't really as powerful as a HA. I disagree with your assessment of the soulbound weapons. I think the Greenstone Staff and Grey Sleeper could be better, but I think Nightshroud, St.
  8. I adjusted Defender and Wary Defender down because they were contributing to close-to-unassailable Deflection values on fighters. Fighters should be exceptional tanks, but their Deflection values should still be approachable by enemies. I think the question is what the drawback for enabling Defender should be. Hold the Line will grant you one additional target to Engage with no drawback. Defender grants you two and previously added a Deflection bonus with an attack rate malus. Cautious Attack also adds a Deflection bonus with an attack rate malus, so there's overlap there, especially s
  9. I was just talking to Roby and Adam about a respec feature. It's a little complicated, but it's not something we're opposed to and we're going to look into the logistics of implementing it. I know that's vague but character creation and advancement are complicated and sometimes seemingly simple things are quite difficult. With some of the new scaling, I've been tuning down some of the other means of powering up base abilities (like Talents). Until now, Talents were one of the only mechanical ways that we could scale some abilities up.
  10. Yes, we're currently testing internally with Perception granting a bonus to Accuracy and no bonus to Deflection. Even during the final phases of development (pre-launch and after launch), there was still a fair amount of internal debate about the balance of Perception and Resolve. At +2/point, it did seem like a really obvious "max on everyone" stat. At +1/point, it still feels valuable, but not extraordinarily so (at least according to QA so far).
  11. Something not covered in the update/video because it's not a super high profile feature is that we can scale base abilities and weapons much more easily now, so things like Holy Radiance, Arcane Assault, and Spiritshift weapons/armor can become more powerful as the character gains levels. These updates will also be in the next patch.
  12. You are one rad dude, love the tattoos. B a d a s s

  13. Personally, I don't think 3 Knock Downs is overpowered, no.
  14. Yes, if all choices are the same, they don't matter, but the presence or absence of bad options does not change the similarity/dissimilarity of the options that remain. If you have three options, two that are good, one that is bad, removing the bad one does not mean that the two good choices have become more similar. I think the easiest place to see an example of a bifurcated progression system would be XCOM:EU or the iOS game Battleheart. Both force the player to choose between two exclusive options as they advance. The option that is left unselected cannot be selected in the future.
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