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  1. The answer is in the previous page of this thread, along with screenshots of all unique abilities that are already in the game for both classes (indeed, Priest of Woedica just might be the Priest subclass with the most unique spells, and they all have unique icons to go with them.) They need descriptions for their unique abilities, maybe an icon for the Garrote ability (would be nice to have but not strictly necessary), and in-game reactivity. Mechanics are all already there to the point that modders can already make both classes available (and they have.) Damn straight! I've e
  2. I have it on good authority that the Forgotten Sanctum DLC is going to have an insane set of robes. Don't want to spoil too much, but expect a full robe set of wand, off-hand, head, and robe. I think you will all be pleased.
  3. Just to be clear. None of these DLCs were cut storylines that we are adding back in. A small number of area assets were unused from the base game, but most are new to the DLCs. EDIT: Also, Deadfire is enormous. Like, seriously huge. You don't have to worry about the game feeling incomplete or underwhelming in that regard. I'll talk more about how the DLCs fit into the base game in the coming weeks after Deadfire ships.
  4. Hey, everyone. Glad to see you are all excited. Unfortunately, I can't answer your questions right now, but I'll be able to after Deadfire launches. So, keep 'em coming and I'm sure we'll put together a Q&A for everyone in a few weeks.
  5. It wouldn't happen automatically (I don't think), but we could probably do something about it if you contacted support.
  6. The official response is that we are still tracking down and fixing this. It is very likely this has to do with memory constraints. We are still digging into it. One thing we discussed this morning was restructuring how characters are loaded into memory in an attempt to load more assets dynamically. This is a memory vs. speed trade off, though. Once we lock in on what is causing this issue for some people we will have a better timeline for the fix. We haven't forgotten about you. This is a high priority issue for us.
  7. I am looking at suggestions for improving auto-salvaging. A couple of things I have discussed with the team: Increasing the cap for Legendary and Epic cards by one. I still want those to be rarer that other "lesser" rarity cards in terms of location deck construction, but the current limits may be too harsh. I am still discussing and taking feedback on this. Allow for a way for users to "tag" treasure cards as hidden (do not use). This would mean that a user could tag various treasure cards with this status and the game would ignore those cards when building location decks. If you really hat
  8. Hey, PenNPopper. This is by design. The naming was so you could differentiate your characters in party creation. In the game you are still controlling the Pathfinder iconics.
  9. No need to apologize. We (me, really) dropped the ball in talking to you guys about the change. We have a few people looking into the problem right now so I'm hoping that we can have an answer for you soonish.
  10. You should not have access to your B Deck treasure cards restricted. It sounds like something else is going on. I'll pass to programming and QA. As for your other questions, Mr. Bishop can answer those.
  11. Hey, Pediatron. You may have the same problem. You should contact support@obsidian.net to see if they can straighten this out for you.
  12. I just checked with Mr. Bishop. The game should not be removing cards from character decks. If you are seeing cards disappearing from your decks you are hitting some sort of issue. I'm asking support, QA, and programming to dig deeper into this, but it might be difficult depending on reproducability. At the very least we can look into your PlayFab account to see if there is anything noticeably wrong in there.
  13. I don't understand this. For example Lem had a full set of Favors of Shelyn and all but two were deleted from him when they were silently deleted from my collection. Are you telling me that if I find more Favors of Shelyn in chests I can add them to him and they won't be deleted? Is it somehow only if I find them in chests, or find them in-game on other characters? Or I can't have more than two on a character, but if I accidentally put Lem and a Merisiel with one together it won't delete hers? I explained they were missing and gave a list from the B deck blessings, which I think was q
  14. Hey, Malgamus. It sounds like you may have an issue with merging. Please contact support@obsidian.net and they can look into your account to see if there was a problem with the merging.
  15. Hi, dedyp79. It sounds like there might be a problem with Asmodee.net not auto-logging in. I'll let QA know to look into it, but you should contact support@obsidian.net with your problem. It may be that there was some issue merging your accounts and they might be able to look into it for you.
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