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  1. The 1.1 beta patch has a few goodies for casters. Grease has been added to the sorc/wizard spell list, and evocation now has a 9th level spell; not the fan-favorite meteor swarm but mass icy prison.
  2. It's not really the lack of unique robes. It's that, well, the basic robe model - the button-up chest and the open gap skirt - brings to mind a vicar or a Catholic monk, rather than a sorcerer. I mean, I can understand Humility and Effigy's Husk, but why does Mezzango, of all people, look like a proselytizing missionary instead of an ancient vampire wizard? The Mataru robes, for instance, look mystical, ornate and exotic, while even Superb robes look like the player's off to spread the word of Berath to the natives, holy book in one hand and plans for a monastery in the other.
  3. God, I hope there are nice robes in BoW. The Huana have such great looking robes; slap full sleeves on one and that's a ready-made wizard's robe right there.
  4. The Huana aristocracy's clothes blow robe armors out of the water. It becomes particularly egregious when you compare Arkemyr, a legendary archmage with an opulent mansion-fortress, to any two-bit Huana nobleman. Arkemyr's robe is plain and tan, making him look like a catholic monk, while the Huana clothes are actual robes with bright colours and bejeweled mantles. It becomes much, much worse with the unique robe armors. The open slit on the robe mesh's skirt looks weird especially when seen from the side, and the Skaen robe looks like someone stitched human skins together while Humility is literally a tattered, dirty old robe.
  5. Where are my robes Obsidian. Why does Arkemyr look like a monk Obsidian. Why does Huana clothing look so much nicer than my robes Obsidian.
  6. Yeah, that's a severe problem with romance pacing. Five minutes of Maia in my party and she's already asking if I'm banging anyone. There are times when I wonder if my watcher has Aloth, Eder and Pally rotating shifts outside his door to keep the horndogs away.
  7. Pretty much, this. My character looks like Rasputin, and it wasn't even deliberate. I'm hoping for more scholarly, Renaissance-ish robes. Every robe in the game looks like it was made in a medieval monastery.
  8. Pretty much. The base robe model - everything below the waist, actually - is pretty, well, bland. The rope belt and open robe skirt just look awkward. Sashes and belts would help break up the monotony, not to mention having actual robe skirts. It's rather odd, considering that the Huana nobility all have bejeweled mantles and decorated robes. Why should a legendary robe worn by Arkemyr/Concelhaut/Kalakoth/Ninagauth/<insert archmage here> that costs several hundred times more than noble clothing look objectively worse?
  9. Thanks, Dimitri. I know it sounds petty, but the robe thing has been bothering me for some time. Part of it is because gear progression also comes with appearance progression; in Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, NWN1 (with HotU) and NWN 2, there was a visible form of progression as your character equipped better robes. In the IE games, you went from a simple robe, to a caped robe, to a hooded and cloaked robe with amulets, etc; in NWN 1, there were a number of robe models; in NWN 2, the archmage robes all had one of the most beautiful robe models I've had the pleasure of seeing. Deadfire's three robe models are okay, but not the kind of robes I'd imagine archmages - including the watcher - would wear. The Huana robes (with full sleeves or the existing exceptional/superb robe sleeves) are more of what I'd imagine powerful wizards wearing.
  10. Well, you're wearing a skinned human turned into an avatar of the god of schemes and vengeance. I'd be surprised if this was something made for a fashion show. Though... "Flayed Human Collection 2829" does have a pleasant ring to it (at least, until I have my coffee). I'll have to check the files, but it seems the lack of robe variety is due to a bug in assigning models, since there's plenty of variety in icons and they usually correspond with what we get. USually. Humility's icon is a white tattered robe, the robe itself is black. Effigy's Husk's icon matches the robe. Spider Silk Robe's icon is a black-and-gold variant of the standard exceptional/superb/legendary robe icon. And then there's the Watershaper's robe, which is a kilt.
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