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  1. I really want a PoE 3 to finish the Watcher saga... (On Aedyr please!)
  2. Someone know if there is a list with all items that depend PoE 1 decisions? Like Sky Wurm pet, and Éder amulets?
  3. Man, it's a surprise to me than Obsiadian was sold to Microsoft... I didn't play the game, but Deadfire looked to be so good (I already bought and don't feel regret)! My hope is a PoE 3 to finish the Watcher's tale or if the possibility of a new game be so low, the upcoming dlc Forgotten Sanctum give us something like Thorne of Bhaal to finish the series.
  4. So, how do I know the decision of Duc Aevar on Animancer Hearings? The duc only say a phrase and my english (is not my native language) don't allow me to know if my choices is neutral or pro animancy... And yes, I made the maths and my credibility is >>>>>2 and my animancy support is exactly 2. But the fear it not be the pro-animancy decision is lingering in my mind =.=
  5. Thanks man! I'm playing the game for the first time (I already bought Deadfire), so I want the best ending possible before I play Deadfire.
  6. Hey guys, I was looking how to get the best ending of white marsh with tempering Abydon, but I have a doubt about the duc decision about Animancy. If I'm against the research of animancy on the last choice from Animancy Hearings, but the final result is the Duc allow the animancy or is neutral, it will be possible to use the argument of animancy being dangerous to abydon without he deny? Actualy I already have done all side and main quest of Act 2 and White Marsh I (Only need finish Winds of Steel and Animancy Hearings). I hafe fear I can't use Aloth argument becau in his quest I Gain
  7. It's only me or Cipher class was excluded from the spell shaping family? It would be very op?
  8. Spell shape is cool. And the Intellect increase the range of spells right? So with high INT you can shape more the spell right? With this, Int could turn even more useful to a mage than might, am I right?
  9. Limited Rest -> High difficult setting like PotD [similar to PoE1] Unlimited Rest -> All other Settings If someone want the story, try the other settings more easy to enjoy the story. Or, on the future we can get a God Challenge making you have limited rests.
  10. Thank you! Thank you... But I asked because I don't have the game installed (Actually I'm playing PoE 1) and I'm waiting all dlc to be released before play it.
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