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  1. At some point the Helm lost all the bonuses, like hit to miss convertion and 10 ACC bonus to affliction attacks. The item menu has no description of these bonuses, when you click on the helm with the right mouse button, just the story text .
  2. I have not seen any topic on that, so I'll post it hear. Ngati's Tusk, a pike from SSS dlc, might be a nice choice for a spellcaster, multiclassed probably The Tusk has an upgrade called Hunter of hunters, giving defence penalty to your enemies(all except deflection), scales with survival skill. The penalty is about 10 with survival 20+. If use a BM with fighter/paladin, and get the Tusk, you have +10 ACC for some nice spells like Ryngrim Face and Minoletta Piercing burst
  3. Perfect, can you tell me what the unique spells are in that Grim and whether they are any good? That's the one that the wiki doesn't have info on. The particular Grimoir has no unique spells actually, it has the best setup for wizard multiclassed with any martial class. Alacrity of motion+Llengrath's safeguard+Infuse with vital essence+Minoletta's Burst+Arcane Reflection. If you want Grimoires with unique spells specifically, the best are Nina's one, mentioned above, Concelhauts's Grimoire in Bekarna's Observatory with his Hammer-Spell (Don't remember exact name) and a unique Grimoir sold by Spindle Man in Delver's Row gives you the spell applying 15% fire damage bonus and chance to terrify on melee attacks. As well as a couple of Grimoirs in the FS dlc
  4. I'd say: Blood mage+any martial class with no self-damage (Helwalker, Barbarian, Assassin, possible, if micromanage)Wizard is a good combo on it's own. Blood mage+Furyshaper. Good CC, as you have multiple spells and abilities targeting different types of defences. Furyshaper+Cipher, CC, mainly Will-target. Steel Garrote+any Rogue to heal yourself in melee. Paladin+Arcane Archer. CC healer, FoD go without penalty. That's what I could think of.
  5. Your Grimoires setup will severely depend on your tactic and spells you want to use. Generally I use Llengrath's grimoire sold in the Dark Cupbord (red book) and learn a few spells I always want to have with me
  6. To fight mega boss you should use an appropriate specific tactic, party setup/solo build and gear. They may seem hard until you have all the mentioned above
  7. Thank you! Most info I needed There is also a good synergy between a Pale Elf and the Guardian's Plate. The GP has lower AR against fire and crush armor, the Pale one has fire armor bonus, so only crush damage AR is lower
  8. That's more a question of theory, just interesting to know, i f somebody uses Armor Rating. I don't solo, just want to know how high it should be
  9. The question is how much DR should you have to ensure, that most of the damage you receive is reduced? Let's say, I have a Battle Mage wearing Guardian's Plate, which gives you 13 DR if Legendary, plus 5 from Llengrath's Safeguard, 18 totally, is it worth someting?
  10. Hello. I have a bug/a question, this depends. From the game release the Fighter subclass Black Jacket had no Constant Recovery. One of the patches gave him the ability to recover, although less efficient then in usual fighter. When I tried to create chareacter-adventurer Black Jacket, the game said I can't take Rapid Recovery as I had no Constant Recovery. Is this a bug? Or is intended to be a part of the penalty?
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