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  1. That's nuts, Witcher games are full of direct references to each other and the books. You can pretty much grasp it- you're a monster slayer, slay monsters, go on a quest for the emperor- but the first time player is going to be saying "I wonder who Yennefer is, I wonder who Ciri is, I wonder what the Wild Hunt is" etc. Deadfire doesn't assume anywhere near that level of background knowledge
  2. Most of the abilities on unique items are nothing but positive. I can think of like half a dozen that have a negative effect associated with them
  3. Ooh I'm installing this one right away. I'm always happy to get more banter. Thanks!
  4. There's a mod for backgrounds: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/232 it makes all backgrounds available for all cultures during character creation Cultures, I'm not sure about. It looks like you should be able to search Characters for the ID# of the cultures you want, then add those cultures to "CharacterCreationValidCulturesIDs" in Global.
  5. I don't think there is a mod but it's easy to make one. Check out the modding subforum if you'd like advice on how to make a mod yourself!
  6. I started a new game and quite liked how it felt, though there is a little dialogue about the Wheel being artificial pretty much right away, which felt like it should have been saved for later in the main quest. It's vague enough that it doesn't give too much away, at least. I'm not sure how I feel about the implication that the gods' squabbles are basically play acting for the PC's benefit, but it's at least an interesting idea. Also interesting is the implication that Woedica has plans, and Eothas's misgivings about it at the very end. I wonder if that was just to add some shades of grey to the whole thing, or if there are plans for a sequel building off these ideas. I guess we'll see!
  7. Maia has dialogue suggesting he'd just shrug off cannon fire, for the benefit of anyone considering that after watching him shrug off a volcanic eruption. The Godhammer looks pretty unwieldy from the DLC flashback, and it isn't clear that'd even work
  8. It kind of makes sense- If someone did all the megabosses it must be because they like fighting megabosses, so give them a really tough final boss to test their mettle on. If someone skipped the megabosses then they'd probably appreciate the end boss not being so tough.
  9. I predict it'll feel a lot better as part of a new game- make a habit of checking the book at sea after doing a major quest and Woedica will make the gods feel that bit more present outside of the main quest
  10. Yeah, the original spell is wizard only so you'll need to mod that too- just copy the spell data into your mod folder and make any needed changes. Simplest way would probably be to just change the ClassID to 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, which would make it so any class can use it- changing the ClassID to Cipher class would make it so wizards can't use it otherwise. If that doesn't work, you can also give your copy a new ID, make it cipher-only, and add that to the progression table
  11. The ability The Last Megaboss seems to add these: +9 Accuracy +9 All Defenses +1 AR x1.25 Damage x1.25 Healing +1315 Max Health +1 Pen I haven't fought the boss yet, but it sounds like each of the above is multiplied by the number of megabosses you haven't beaten. Whew!
  12. Do you have any mods installed? The gears turning thing has happened to me usually when the game has had trouble with the text strings in a mod.
  13. Jobs suck and a president who creates more of them them is not worthy of my vote. Yang Gang.
  14. They said in January that the team was very small now, which is to be expected 8+ months after the release of a single player game. So yeah, I'd expect the team that's left is busy
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