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  1. Under AttackTargetFilter for the Relentless Torture statuseffect you'll see keyword ID 4cb9e779-269f-42e3-8855-feabb837d50c. Having that keyword in the attacktargetfilter means the statuseffect will only be applied when attacking targets who have statuseffects attached to them with that keyword; that particular ID means "mind affliction". The ID for resolve afflictions is: 1aa8802e-b5cf-4ac2-bd6a-dd619cde4e65. There are more keywords in the gui.gamedatabundle (I think) just search for KeywordGameData
  2. I've been thinking about changing the stats on various ship items, if only so there's more difference between them. The extra items they put in with a free DLC have the exact same stats as other items, eg Ymyran helm and Lurker helm. What's the point of that?! I experimented a bit with chance to be hit (or "hittability" as the code calls it) and if it's low enough the enemy doesn't even bother firing on you and just closes to board. That might be why it's not a visible stat and no equipment changes it? Sounds hard to balance
  3. The StatusEffectManager towards the end of the statuseffects.gamedatabundle might have some answers. The first statuseffect for Overbearing Shot is AttackEnemyOnEvent, and in the manager that effect type has this data: That first UUID points to this And in the gui.stringtable that 3037 is apparently So it manages to fill {0} with "attack targets on successful attack" (attackenemyonevent with eventvalue being OnScoringGraze etc) and {1} with "arbalest weapons".(associated keyword). The coding which tells it to do that isn't exposed, as far as I know.
  4. The global.gamedatabundle will let you tweak the numbers, open it up and search for GlobalGameSettingsGameData. There's entries in there such as AttributeHealthMultiplier, AttributeAccuracyAdjustment, etc. I don't think you can change what each stat does though, just alter the values of what they currently do
  5. That's the name given to all final saves, so far as I know. It's almost a complete game save; it saves right before the final dialogue where you choose what to do with the souls (you may remember the game seeming to freeze for several seconds when you interacted with the machine--that was it creating the save) so what you do with the souls won't carry over, but everything else will. Dialogue options implying you don't know/remember Eder are for new players who didn't play the first game. When you get to the beach and he joins your party, check his equipment. You'll see he has a medallion, and it's item description should match his ending slide from the first game.
  6. each DLC gives you a unique Neck item at the end; at some point after getting at least one you'll be ambushed by cultists in Neketaka, after which you can meet a new character at Marihi's Metalworks and get a crown
  7. So far as I know the crown and burned book don't have ending slides. Wiki looks complete now
  8. The TT2 mod adds items to a tavern, they do kind of stick out. They're powerful items but they cost a lot to balance it out. FG Soulbound Upgrade is a great mod; in the main game soulbound weapons can be upgraded to Superb quality, and FG makes them go up to Legendary. You can upgrade regular uniques to Legendary, and the soulbounds in the DLC go up to Legendary as well, so really it just brings them up to speed. I never play without it.
  9. Well, there are extra bosses on the world map since you last played- one in the northeast, one in the northwest, one in the southwest, and one between Dunnage and Fort Deadlight. They're designed to be a challenge above and beyond anything else in the game, so feel free to avoid them until level 20. The only other thing of note that occurs to me in terms of a continuing playthrough is: check in with The Burned Book after every faction-related or main quest you do; there's a surprising amount of dialogue.
  10. I want to do an ability that, whenever you kill an enemy, gives you a bonus for say ten seconds, and it stacks so if you kill two enemies you get double bonus, three enemies triple bonus etc. Problem is, when I tested this, all of the stacks wear off at once- after the first ten seconds is up. I was hoping to get them to wear off one at a time. Is it possible to do that with this game? The workaround I'm considering is, killing one enemy gives you StatusEffect1 for ten seconds- it does not stack at all. Killing an enemy with StatusEffect1 active gives you StatusEffect2, which is identical to StatusEffect1 except it has a different name and is only activated if StatusEffect1 is active. Killing a third enemy gives you StatusEffect 3, etc. Then when StatusEffect 1 wears off, you still have StatusEffect 2 and StatusEffect 3, which will wear off after their own ten-second timers run out. A bit convoluted, but possibly more versatile when it comes to eg upgrading the ability to add other status effects
  11. I'm making some soulbound items to get some use out of the unused sketches in the game files- a soulbound Greatsword that looks like Burden, a Large Shield that looks like Cadu Scalth, and a helmet that looks like the Mask Of The Weyc. I took notes on the classes available to the existing soulbounds and I'm balancing the class restrictions on these so that every class in the game ends up with the same number of soulbounds available to them. I kind of went a bit overboard and started each one at Fine, gaining a quality level at each soulbound level until they end up at Mythic, with a unique effect for every class at every upgrade level. Once my data bundle for the sword got corrupted when I was almost done so I lost 20 abilities. That was an unhappy day. I also took the Mind Grub icon from Pillars 1 and made a soulbound trinket, which binds with every class and gives you modals based on your class. I'm having trouble trying to decide what each modal should do. I've actually been looking at Grape's mods and seeing if any effects look good to steal, lol. I'm also having trouble writing lore, because I'm not much of a writer. I'm nearly done with the mod, which is the point where I typically run out of steam. Other mods, incomplete/abandoned: Have Party Members As Crew- have Eder and Aloth etc as sailors you can order around. I use it personally but wouldn't upload it because I can't figure out how to have the crew members die/not be visible when a party member dies or leaves. Also if the mod is uninstalled then any saves that had it installed can no longer be loaded. That isn't useful. I don't know how the game kills crew members! Quest Consolidator- put all quests under one heading. I don't like them being broken up into a load of little subheading. Just give me a list of quests like the Elder Scrolls. I sorted them all under "Unknown Location" and it seemed to work, but I wanna play properly with it to know for sure
  12. I was vaguely disappointed when I found out Helig was part of a quest. When I first played I went straight to the sewers as soon as I got to the city and stumbled on him, and his dialogue was basically "Yeah, I'm an evil necromancer. Go away." I enjoyed that he seemed to be just hanging out there doing his thing
  13. From the monster description, there's enough liches to be plural. Apparently also void seers are the remains of liches, and Concelhaut had a few of those floating around
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