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  1. If you're on updated version of Windows 10 there is also game bar (win key + g) built in that will record. Good luck!
  2. Didn't I read that Sawyer was working on a revamp of the ship combat? Is that not happening now or what happened there?
  3. This is terrific, thanks guys. Questions: So my lvl 2 Watcher could possibly recruit 4 lvl 20 (previously exported) characters as hired adventurers? What about importing at character creation, it doesn't mention anything about native level. Can I import a high level character to start the game with?
  4. Icewind Dale expansions too, Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster. Guess those don't count since they were under the Black Isle flag...
  5. Good to hear this is gone. I've been having the same trouble, party members were not far at all, but far enough apparently.
  6. I love the main theme, opening the game with the Obsidian and Versus Evil splashes... pumps me up to get in there! Enjoying what I hear throughout the entire game. Both PoEs have top notch sounds (tracks/effects/ambient), all of it. Well done Mr. Bell and thank you sir.
  7. I'd say it's the best stealth system I've ever played, but there are a lot of games out there I've never played. I remember thinking the game SEVEN: The Days Long Gone had an interesting looking stealth system, but haven't tried it.
  8. PoE II release!

  9. Exciting news. Only thing that bothers me is the fact that now I don't really want to play until all are released and it's a complete game. Hopefully we can continue from an end game save.
  10. Wow, another portrait from Jason, very nice! Hope he's not so busy that we won't be seeing anymore from him.
  11. Got my submission in as well, please let me know that you've received it Fluffle. If you don't get 50+ entries can those of us having fun with it get another 80 chars to either add to our first entry or do another one? I'd like that. Cheers,
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