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  1. Hi everyone! I played Deadfire on release and plan on playing again with Turn based probably and had a couple questions related to it. The big one is how is the balance in terms of combat? The game wasn't exactly made for Turn based so were there any big changes that account for it? Are there any weapons, classes or anything that are completely useless now, or maybe super broken to avoid using maybe? Or is the overall balance changes depending on the class? If that makes a difference, I'll probably play rogue, with wizard (one of the subclasses for buffing) possibly, haven't thought too
  2. Tried waiting a few secs and then back arrow, still nothing lmao I mean, maybe OB can fix it, idk.
  3. Have a separate "style" menu. The gear you wear has different skins, equipping it once would unlock that style and you can have the gear you're wearing look like that. A system that I've seen in a few MMO's, would love something like that in this game (or any rpg's really).
  4. Would sum it up like that as well in terms of companions. The banter between each other was cool, but like, nothing for the watcher him/herself? You're adventuring with me seeing all kinds of cool **** and you have nothing to add about it whatsoever? Aside from BG, I think Obsidian should take a look at how DA:O does companions, bc as you progress through the game, they change, evolve and there is actual character progression, and they have much more to add about what is happening.
  5. Yeah, I wasn't a fan of the faction endings. Why can't I get them to work together after doing so much and having like 4-5 Rep with both of em? Hell, I was disappointed with faction quests overall. Like it works once from a story perspective how they send u to the same place (Vallian and Deadfire) bc they are competing, but multiple times just didn't feel right to me, especially from a gameplay perspective, and how I only got like 2 choices at the end, do this to help one or this to help the other. Why couldn't I find a way to help both then? Or, even better, why can't I **** over both? F
  6. Did you side with Huana to blow up the gunpowder place? What I did was leave her before I even went to go talk to the queen, and I didn't bring her into my own party until that quest was done and I was ready to sail again. That way she stayed. Actually I didn't bring anyone with me when I was doing the powder thing, easier to stealth around myself then with 5 people.
  7. So it's a problem with Origin and GOG too then and not just steam? o.0
  8. That's the thing, it doesn't even show up there lol. It doesn't even say its there. Everytime I hit download it just launches game. I've tried hitting "add all dlc to cart" and still nothing. The person who has the game alrdy has them installed so its on their account as well. I'm reinstalling the game now to see what happens
  9. Well I've restarted multiple times and still didn't do it. (if thats what you mean by reload)
  10. Hi, I'm using steam for PoE 2, and everytime I go to the DLC store page and hit "download" it just launches the game. Happening with Rum Runner and also the "Critical Role pack" DLC. Under properties (in library) the 2 DLC's aren't even listed as an option. Any way to fix this? I'm also doing shared library with gf, if that helps. (She bought it, not me)
  11. It's a very cool item. Which item did you create in PoE if you don't mind me asking. Thank you! The item in PoE1 is called Jêna's lance. It's a pike. It can be found in a store in the first town you enter in the game, where you hook up with Aloth. Been so long now that I can't even remember the name of the town. :/ Guilded Vale I think? It's been a while. Do plan on doing a playthrough of it soon tho lol
  12. Is that the warbow that shoots 3 frost arrows or w/e?! If so, I love using that bow on my cipher, so ty! =D
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