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Hi everyone! I played Deadfire on release and plan on playing again with Turn based probably and had a couple questions related to it. 

The big one is how is the balance in terms of combat? The game wasn't exactly made for Turn based so were there any big changes that account for it? Are there any weapons, classes or anything that are completely useless now, or maybe super broken to avoid using maybe? Or is the overall balance changes depending on the class? If that makes a difference, I'll probably play rogue, with wizard (one of the subclasses for buffing) possibly, haven't thought too much through. Or are there other combinations better? 

How is the overall map balance in terms of encounter? did they tone down the amount of encounters on a map since now each combat encounter can take much longer since turn based or is it still the same? with same amount of enemies? 

Any good mods any would recommend that is updated for turn based? 

Thanks for any answers you guys might be able to answer! 

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