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Found 24 results

  1. Context: I've been using DALL-E mini since it's been popular this past week, and I noticed that the image resolutions(256x256) are surprisingly close to portrait resolution(210x330). I slopped together a quick test. AI Example (generated by DALL-E mini): Disregard the PoE1. That's just what I had installed at the moment. I didn't bother refining the portrait much. Only spent like 10 min on all this to prove how quick it can be. In the forums, custom portraits are something I see come up fairly often, so I'm wondering why no one here ever considered neural networks to do it for them. I haven't seen anyone ever suggest it, and I just searched for anyone too. Hell I made an account just to post this. I guess it is pretty recent tech though. I've been watching different AI/neural network stuff for the past couple years. There's been some pretty impressive leaps in general from the last year alone (And just wait until next year and the year after!). (To the mods--Wasn't sure if this'd get buried under the main portraits thread or whether the AI stuff is directly relevant to it, so new topic it is. I hope that's okay)
  2. Portrait-ception? Me playing as me, who is me playing as me in Eora. #Wedontplaygameswhenplayinggames Jokes aside - two topics: - For those of you who backed at a level where you have contributed to some form of content in-game, care to share what it is? Is it as you expected? - and/or for anyone, do you like to roleplay (non-sexual guyz), outside of games in real life? Who has Deadfire content outside of the actual game (wallpapers, soundtrack on the way to school/work etc).
  3. Jason Seow was one of the portrait artists for Pillars 1, and he made a number of additional character portraits that weren't officially included in the game. They're available for download here http://www.jasonseow.com/poeportraits/ , and I'd like to update them with watercolor counterparts so they can be properly used in Pillars 2. I've sifted through both of the other Portrait threads and gathered what ones have already been made. I'll maintain a list of what ones lack watercolor iterations so they can be downloaded piecemeal until people with the means and talent put the others together. Once they're all complete I'll make a cohesive .zip with the full color portraits for people to use. In the mean time, here's the list. COMPLETE Eothasian Paladin Female Death Godlike Female Moon Godlike Female Ocean Human Female Wild Orlan Male Savannah Human Male Coastal Aumaua Lord Sawyer Male Death Godlike INCOMPLETE Frog-Helm Knight Male Ocean Human Female Savannah Human Male Grove Human 01 Male Grove Human 02 Update #1. Lord Sawyer completed courtesy of illathid. Update #2. Male Death Godlike completed courtesy of myself.
  4. I've been playing the game for a couple of hours now (I had to rush to finish the first one) and I can't express just how much I hate the watercolor portraits, especially the female moon godlike ones. They give this weird feeling between cartoony and horror game uncanny valley creepy. The moon godlike one looks like it should be a dark souls boss the way it's trying to stare lasers into your soul. The normal portraits are great for the most part and a few are even fantastic. I love the moon godlike ones, the normal ones, and absolutely love all the normal companion ones and I simply don't understand why the game defaults to using the watercolor aberrations for those that it has both versions available for and why we don't have a choice to switch from one to the other. I'm not looking to get rid of them altogether because from what I gathered some people on the forums really really like them, and indeed a couple of them actually really capture a character well, instead of making them look like either emaciated laser zombies or over-emphasizes caricatures, but I would really love the option to choose and to see all characters have a normal portrait option. I am alright with the NPC ones since for the most part you're not going to see their portraits every single conversation. I really love the aesthetic of the game but it's so jarring to have them. Does anyone know if there is a plan for this to be changed/added or if someone is working on some portrait packs that look to normalize some of the npc portraits? Overall, enjoying the game so far ^_^
  5. I noticed that none of the default ones match the two new male Moon Godlike heads so I did some Photo manip on some existing portraits MOD LINK
  6. I humbly request for better support to improve UI for picking custom portraits during character creation. In current situation I imported 36 brand new custom portraits with specific names (order). And there are between vanilla portraits. And thats looking like mess. I hope for something like tab during character creation - under vanilla portraits - sth like "custom portraits" when we only want to pick from custom ones. Maybe another folder for custom portraits will be good too. (it could be like in attached filed)
  7. I desperately and seriously request that someone on here please kindly create and upload online these here attached portraits as various useable working in game "player character" portraits to be actually used in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire the upcoming PC RPG game please!:>>>...
  8. I have created a repository to hold as many as we can gather portraits for Deadfire. ⚠ I need your help! Could people upload the already done portraits as pull requests? Once we have those, I can generate a massive mosaic of them all as a preview. Could someone expend the section of how to install those portraits in game? Could someone explain how to create those portraits? Ideally, I would like to be able to have something working for the 3rd of April… Note that I cannot do this alone as I have neither the expertise for some of it nor the time to do it all myself. If no one helps, then it does not happen.
  9. So I started up the game with happiness in mind and ran into a snag in character creation. It took 20 seconds to load the portrait. It wasn't just one portrait, cycling through ANY portrait was met with a 20 second lag between every click. Eventually I picked a picture and figured it'd be no problem once character creation was done except this problem followed me into the game. Dialogue takes about 3-5 seconds to start in every little thing, every little input, character select, even movement is met with awkward pauses and dialogue confirmation seconds later and opening up the inventory takes 20+ SECONDS TO LOAD! Someone help! I'm dying here, my excitement for the game has suffered in the last 4 hours.
  10. Hey guys, so, I am really stoked to play POE2. I love POE 1 and everything in it and I am glad that I can help crowdfunding a sequel. Even with the decision to play with a party of 5 instead of 6 I am on board with now (was against it when I first read the announcement but I decided to trust Obsidian that it will be a better experience). So up until now there were only amazing bits and bytes to read about the sequel and really cool stretch goals....right until today.... I am really sad to say that I absolutly despise the watercolor-style portraits, if they stay the same which they are right now in update 4 (really strong word, I know). I dont know why, but I love the detailed and colorful portraits in BG1/2 and POE1. I never had a problem with the fact that only a fraction of the npcs had a individual portrait. I really try to like the waterstyle-portraits but they just doesnt work for me at all (assuming they are exactly looking like in update 4). So my questions: Are those the same portraits for the recruitable npcs? It would be strange to have two different types of portraits for npcs (and/or main char) but I really dont want those watercolor-style portraits for my party. I guess it would be okay for me if they are only for non-recruitable-characters (I just waiting for someone to throw the words "wait for a mod" at me). But if they use the POE1-style portraits for all recruitable-characters and the watercolor-style for every other, i am 100% onboard with the decision and the stretch goal! And how do you like the portraits? Like i said, I really wish I would like the Portraits but I am a sucker for those detailed POE1/BG/BG2 portraits.
  11. Edit: If you want to share/repost these: PLEASE, share them like they are (uncropped) and link back to me! (http://wespenfresser.deviantart.com for example) DO NOT POST THEM ONLINE WITHOUT MY NAME ON THEM! You may also link to or reblog them from tumblr or facebook. Thanks. Hey guys! No idea where to post this, because it doesn't really fit anywhere.. Anyways, I wanted to paint some portraits for some time now, and I finally “found” some time. I have also seen some people making* some things that might have been custom portraits too, so...if any of you have some stuff to show, bring it on! (* making as in painting, possibly manips , not “google&crop”..I'm not fond of that, since people rarely give credit and often crop signatures.) So, here we go! Little disclaimer: They are not the same style as the default ones, and might be a little dark/contrast-y. Also not cropped to proper size yet. I sometimes didn't know which cues in the default portraits where intentional, and I might have ignored some on purpose. ( I'm dependent on what people are posting, I don't have the BB.) Just fluffy messing around and twisting some things to my taste. Might still fix some wonkieness. Aumaua Intended as first character. Probably cipher, aiming to get a big gun. Might still mess around with the skin pattern, but I like her. Death Godlike (Aumaua Bodytype) Currently fighting with the blue one over my attention. Intended as a Bleak Walker. I have some spare heads for him, some like the ones I saw, and then ones that make him look more like one of my OCs. This is one of the latter. That's also why I rarely paint them though, black-on-black-on-black is just really hard for me to make readable. Wild Orlan The most fun one, just because. I like fluffy things. Made it a little more...you know, less hairy-person like, more.. cute? I still have a few unfinished ones, and I meant to try and make a little better poses for the one I play first. (I didn't mean to make any interesting poses anyways, but a little different wouldn't hurt.) Not sure If I'll find time, though. (I might have more time if I wasn*t taking hours to type this...DX DAAAR!)
  12. As per this post: I can't say one way or the other about this specifically, but I will say all of your concerns have been vigorously noted, and it is very helpful to hear here and in other threads what you all are finding lacking in the portrait selection. In fact, if someone were to set up a poll for responders to submit what they are seeking most, that would be even more helpful~ Surce: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75742-the-portrait-selection-is-beyond-awful-i-am-sure-someone-else-has-posted-this-already/?p=1637653 Sorry about the classes, but you can only create a limited number of choices, so I had to merge them per "similarity". Same for the races. Can't add all subraces, sadly.
  13. This is clearly a minor bug but should be fixed to allow to export the character into expansions and potentially other installments of the brand. Actually, to add a custom portrait you've to copy the file in "\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\player\" either the male of female subdirectory. I had a "serious" game in progress the will be my "to export" savegame in case there will be the option. My first playthrough was nice but something didn't go as I expected. Now in the middle of this second playthrough I choose to uninstall the game and re-download from Galaxy Client. The reason was the auto-update features that lack in the classic GoG Downloader. So, now if I launch my previous saved game I got a huge question mark instead of my PC custom portrait. I tought that copying over the same file would solve the problem but either I can't remember the filename (I tried several that could have been it but without success) or the path to the potrait is in absolute form. Trying another name fixed the problem, so at least the path to filename isn't absolute but relative. So: Question: Is there a way to find and eventually change the path to the portrait? Or any other way to fix this problem? Doubt: if it's planned to have an expansion and/or eventually a second chapter, shouldn't be better to have a "customPortrait" inside the savegame folder? Thanks for your time reading this and sorry for any errors, not my first language and really tired atm
  14. Hello all well i was wondering is there any good/OTHER godlike Portraits i know there are many "human/type" portraits but GodLike "race" or how they look ( specially death one ) seem kinda cool and new but not many portraits of them that i could find still thanks for all if anyone could help
  15. With the inconsistency of the beta portraits, it's really got me worried about the companion portraits. I can live with the different art styles of the chargen portraits as long as the companion portraits remain consistent. This thread is a request to OE to make the rest of the the companion portraits the same art style as these two amazing portraits. Do you guys agree or disagree? Discuss.
  16. Hey all, I don't have access to the beta. Would someone be awesome enough to post the new portraits and models? Thanks.
  17. Just a small thing - the variety of portraits is far too small for the number of races that are available. Something akin to Shadowrun Returns' system (race and gender-specific portraits, 3 or so base for each race/gender combo, and lots of variations on the base portraits) would fit very well for this game IMO.
  18. One thing I noticed in the newest Shadowrun Returns (another isometric game) update is that they've opted to make a plethora of different, individual character portraits to choose from, THEN went on to make variants of each of these. I just thought this was an excellent idea, and I implore Obsidian to consider this if they haven't/aren't already. Basically, instead of seeing that one portrait and going "Aw, man! That face is AWESOME! But, if he JUST didn't have the hood and arcane tattoos! I'm a Warrior, not a Mage!", you'll see that same face with 3-or-4 different variations. Maybe one has a helm on, or a topknot, or scars/piercings, etc. While it IS more work for the art team, it's less work than entirely new portraits, as you only have to create the foundation portrait once, then go from there in a few different directions. Anywho, this was basically just a suggestion to Team Obsidian, but I'm never against hearing others' thoughts on the matter.
  19. Hi Obsidian fans and other forum users, there are already some suggestions out there about hiring various artists for different purposes for Project Eternity and I would like to add another one to the list. I've read many fantasy books so far and I'm very interested in (fantasy) art so I thought I share my opinion with you. Some of the most visually amazing, brillantly performed and adequate artworks, illustrations and book covers in fantasy have been made by the legendary artist Michael Komarck. I would like to propose him for the creation of portraits and other artworks since his pieces are definitely among the best out there in the genre. But have a look for yourself. Enjoy the artworks and please share your thoughts with me. Thanks.
  20. It would be amazing if you could bring back these two awesome artists to do the character portraits and other graphics: Justin Sweet Vance Kovacs They did a fantastic job on the previous Black Isle games and their art contributed A LOT to the general mood and immersion of the setting. Eventually you can create a stretch goal to get these two guys involved in the project. Thank you! some examples of their artwork: Vance Kovacs: Justin Sweet:
  21. So what do you guys and gals think about allowing players to make custom portraits? I’ve always thought this was a brilliant feature in Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale etc., because no matter how good the art, it just makes for a much more personal hero and party if you can give them the exact faces you want. I’d love to see the return of this feature in Project Eternity. (In the same vein, it was great to be able to change the appearance/colours of your heroes at any time instead of being ‘stuck’ with a cosmetic choice from the very beginning.)
  22. I really wish the portrait of the npc you were talking to appeared next to the dialogue, but more than that, I wish there were more than one portrait; different ones according to npc disposition: one sad, one happy, one angry, etc. The idea for this came from Fallout, I loved the talking heads on that game and getting that feeling of "****! The dude's pissed!" before he even said anything. On the other hand regular npcs didn't have much to differentiate themselves. Limited resources, i know, which is why I think static portraits might be an affordable alternative. Of course I don't expect this for every npc, I sure rather have no portraits for random npcs if it might get me more portraits for companions. What is your stance on portraits, not only this, but in general?
  23. Hey, so.. I really, really liked the portraits in BG2, but only very important characters had them. Then I started installing mods for the game (some of you might've read my outdated guide), and I was blown away by the atmospheric difference triggered by a Portrait mod. And those portraits weren't even good - they rarely matched the characters because they weren't custom-made, but grabbed from random portrait sites and resized to fit the game. But if it were done professionally, with input from the writers and designers - the original creators - and with a uniform style, I think a brilliant thing could be achieved and immersion would profit greatly. How 'bout it?
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