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  1. This is clearly a minor bug but should be fixed to allow to export the character into expansions and potentially other installments of the brand. Actually, to add a custom portrait you've to copy the file in "\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\player\" either the male of female subdirectory. I had a "serious" game in progress the will be my "to export" savegame in case there will be the option. My first playthrough was nice but something didn't go as I expected. Now in the middle of this second playthrough I choose to uninstall the game and re-download from Galaxy Client. The reason was the auto-update features that lack in the classic GoG Downloader. So, now if I launch my previous saved game I got a huge question mark instead of my PC custom portrait. I tought that copying over the same file would solve the problem but either I can't remember the filename (I tried several that could have been it but without success) or the path to the potrait is in absolute form. Trying another name fixed the problem, so at least the path to filename isn't absolute but relative. So: Question: Is there a way to find and eventually change the path to the portrait? Or any other way to fix this problem? Doubt: if it's planned to have an expansion and/or eventually a second chapter, shouldn't be better to have a "customPortrait" inside the savegame folder? Thanks for your time reading this and sorry for any errors, not my first language and really tired atm
  2. About the aggro system, I partially agree with you. The system use an engament system in which if you are engaged in melee combat, you suffer a penalty attack with incresed damage, if you move. Now, the cons of this system is that even a minor adjustement cause a disengagemente attack instead of triggering it while you move to a certain distance. Again, shallowness. On the other side what you propose is either terrible. Grantind a "taunt" is viable in games in which you've to deal with other player who can be unaware of going to overaggro the tank. In game like this, things like taunt shouldn't exists. BUT Should exists an aggro table. In short: If a mage are causing enough damage to get the attention of an enemy, the enemy should go for him even if that means a disengagemente attack from our tank. And this is just "basic" AI for the combat. The actual state of the system is that seems that there isn't any logic behind the enemy attacking the tank or another melee around him. Most of the other things that I find lacking are summed in this post on RPGCodex (I'm not the author). My collected criticism on Pillars of Eternity (very minor spoilers) Before some non-sense about RPGCodex will start, I'll let you know that I'm not an usual user of that site. Actually I think that this is the first time which I read something up there. This is a good 7/10 game but a lot of things are very shallow, not badly implemented, just not enough developer imho.
  3. In the Keep management menĂ¹. When a companion is on mission you can see the text of the button being "Ricorda". I suppose it's a literal translation from "Recall" that should be translated into "Richiama" instead. I think the file is gui.stringtable and the line is the 3448. <Entry> <ID>677</ID> <DefaultText>Ricorda</DefaultText> <FemaleText /> </Entry> Thanks for the nearly perfect translation (Except the names translated too but I can live with that!) (don't know what's happening with the forum formatting the code)
  4. Nevermind. Turns out that the italian translation team have some some really terrible work with names.
  5. Sorry to bring back this topic but I've cleared the lvl 4 without seen this "gelatinous mass". Could you remember the location of it? Seems like i'm missing it.
  6. Update: I didn't noticed that the following door was opened. Speaking with the assistant of Azo, Riply, triggered the next step. Sorry for the false report.
  7. I'd opened the chest from the quest "A Voice from the Past" and . Now, I can't go ahead with the quest "The Man who waits" because I should have spoken with him firsts. I was at the step in which you need to ask to Animancer around the place. Considering that this quest is categorized between the main quests, it should be fixed asap. Is there any workaround to move to the next step of the quest via console?
  8. My Cypher 2 wielding are an exceptional trap scout and decent stealther. Definitely this separation between classes and skills is one of the best things of this new ruleset.
  9. You can definitely wear plate armor and cast spell. Still I hadn't figured out most of the statistics behind this system so I suppose that there is a con. Maybe someone with a little more time to explore the game had already figured it out? I've read the manual while waiting for the game to release but I didn't found nothing about penalties for wearing armor and casting. Maybe I've missed it?
  10. ITT: People forgot this is a cRPG built to be played with a group of six character in the player's hands.
  11. I can't see this website linked anywhere: http://drakonis.org/ You will need to work a little because the picture size are not fitting the PoE size of large and small portrait but it's not a real problem. Those are mine, probably a cypher but the avatar is generic enough to fit any class I would like to reroll later on.
  12. I you played enough Baldur's Gate you should have recognized what a Space Piglet is. Just sayin'
  13. I absolutely agree with you. One of the first things taught me when I was studying english was that the proper name never translates. Plus, in our case, it will make really much more difficult to discuss or find help in the community if the italian player will have completely different names.
  14. Even if I play a lot of games (the most) in English nowdays, games like this, with a huge component of texts should be translated when possibile. Thanks for this topic.
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