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  1. Who ever developer decided to make staves melee should have snapped their necks... GG on my Triple crown party. I just uninstalled the entire game...was getting boring anyway. bye forever forum. maybe in a few years.
  2. sooooooo when will we see this patch arrive those of us who arent beta players? Tomorrow?
  3. I just told you that my items are deleted then you argue that 1.0.5 fixes it but its NOT yet out yet and no i dont really care about wether in beta or alpha or any other state. ugh why are people so stupid. ITS NOT OUT YET AND MY ITEMS ARE GONE.
  4. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75278-bug103-items-disappear-when-dismissing-a-companion/ A MONTH has passed and you still havent fixed this bug... Think ill just uninstall and come back in a few months instead.
  5. Theres a *known* bug that deletes ALL items in the inventory and in the quick slots if he dies (rogues tend to do that in Trial of Iron) I just lost ALL my level 10 rogues awsome gear due to this bug and now Im nervous to even continuing playing at all ...this really really killed the entire playthrough for me. I even lost gear for like +50k and +1 level of XP since you can only recruit adventures on qual xp level or lower. Why should I continue playing? This im afraid make me dislike the game alot and Ive already played it on POTD and Hard......
  6. Young man how dare you interrupt?? Now back to your room and play some more NWN/BG
  7. The entire Dragon Age Franchise and lore is some of the worst writing in the last 10 years and Bioware's poor choice of world engine and outdated visuals made it even worse. The only good that came out of DA was Sandal.
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