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  1. I have recently begun working on a game for me to play with my friends during our hangout. It's DND-based but also kinda branches off the normal DND style. I am currently working on the lower yard and have a few things in the game. The crafting recipes in the game will stay the same. I am also trying to make small cards to represent bugs and robots. Not sure if the enemies are balanced but you do find a starter kit to help you defend yourself. Will update soon.
  2. Hi all, I am posting on behalf of my son, Pilotwig. He has enjoyed playing the past few months of Grounded with his grandpa. He enjoys the base building and the "longish", err "medium" story - he's laughing thinking of all the good times he's had: farming a ladybug with arrows and then dying to the ladybug by falling off the limb. He is fond of the catastrophic mess he's made of a base. He wants to continue his exploring in Grounded and wanted to see some of the responses he's had of his own ideas. He was encouraged to make these by his grandpa. Paint This can be found as a white paint in the south paint buckets and respawnable after 2 or 3 in game days. It would be like any other stackable liquid object. Different colored paints would require different bug or plant parts with the original paint; Yellow - Bee Parts, Blue - Flower Petals, Brown - Acorn stuffs, Etc… It would be able to dye plank and stem walls and floors, possibly the mushroom brick walls and floors. Multiple paint drops would be required per wall/floor/stairs,(Wall-2 or 3, floor-2 or 3,stairs 3-5) Requires the Paintbrush and Paint bucket Paintbrush and bucket Both used to apply paint to a wall, floor, or stairs - Brush in one hand, and the bucket in the other. The bucket would function similarly to the canteen, but would pick up paint in chests and the inventory. And the brush would dry out after using a certain amount of paint, so you would need to dip it in water/ a canteen instead of repairing it. lll Bur Armor - Headpiece It would look like you carved out the bottom of a bur to plop it on your head, and have a spot for eyes, or it would be carved out to fit your face. So the bur would only cover the hair, ears, and partial neck of the wearer - Chest and leg pieces - Would look like you were covered in spikes, except for part of the arms and hands. Sign Crude rope, mushroom bricks, and stems/splinters - The post holding the sign up off of the ground= Mushroom bricks, Actual sign; many designs, arrows, rectangle, triangle?= stems/splinters. And would be mounted on to the post by the crude rope_Wall mounted signs would be hung up by the bee stinger or repair glue instead of the bricks, like the wall mounted zipline To make words, you would need a Chisel. ll Chisel Splinter, crude rope, and 1 mushroom It would look like a stake, but used for making words on signs and possibly some pre-set symbols. Portable compact building bench Hence the name, more expensive, and can’t craft as much stuff as the bigger brother. Paint coated mushroom rounds Exactly as it sounds like, low damage, but there is a chance that it would make the targeted enemy by the turret ‘slip’, making them take more damage and slow them for 1-3 seconds, depending on the enemy. Sticky rounds High chance to stop enemies in their tracks for a small amount of time, doesn’t really do any damage, requires a medium or large amount of sap. l or ll Slingshot Crude rope and splinters Like a cross bow, but takes a different type of ammo Fires fastish and does low damage, but highly accurate, 90-95% l-lll Slingshot ammo Pebblets, would make 3 or less ammo Could have spicy, sour, fresh, Etc, effects like weapons and arrows. Hung lights Would be on one end of a singular wall to the other end, Firefly parts and lots of crude rope. Medicine If you don’t already have this in the game, it would cure you of poison or maybe the other bad effects and heal you a bit, Mediumly-hard to craft. Couch Similar to the berry chair thing, but can be combined to make a bigger version, could have corners if needed. Sundial A useless large waste of ground used to tell the time. Compass Used to navigate to somewhere(With the compass set to some Alluminum foil at a desired spot) without requiring the map Could maybe be named(Picnic Table, Base, Shed, Black Widow’s spawn…Etc) Alluminum foil Placed on a singular wall, and the compass can be set to track it, found at the picnic table, possibly respawnable, broken using a ll or lll axe, possibly roofing uses as well Autobuild Whenever you place down a blueprint for something, you can select ‘Autobuild.’ As the name suggests, whenever you are close enough to it, and have the right materials, it automatically takes those materials and builds it for you. Let me know what you think. Looking forward to your replies! Pilotwig (he really wish he could see the paint in the game)
  3. Hi All, I've decided that since I have a lot of ideas for the game and am a big fan I wanted to create a forum for all my ideas and thoughts. Critiques are always welcomed. Thanks,
  4. 1. Custom character creator for customizable looks and styles, animations, quotes, accents, languages, and more amazing features for happy players 2. Home boombox [For playing and setting music up for your home] 3. New boss [SPOILERS OF WHAT I WANT TO COME OUT, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED] Butterfly 4. A building fix to where it makes it easier to build in survival something like the handy gnat but more precise and less collided and fair 5. A fix for items glitching inside the ground since this happened to me multiple times [it will be replaced at the kid case and it will tell you the item has been repaired and repaired to the kid case]
  5. Now I was thinking about a fence made of spider silk or some reinforced silk and you can put rust in it so it can have barbed wire on it I think it would look cool personally and add more variety of walls, also I know you have probably already heard it but a sweet staff or sweet weapons would be cool and it could give weakness because after you eat suger you crash I thought it would be cool, even a knew mint weapon like a peper mint hammer or a candy cane rapier and make it look like a candy can that has been licked to a point even arrows like that it would be cool idk if these are good but I think it would be cool to see these implicated into the game I love it already I have been playing since the beginning of early access and I love everything you guys are amazing.
  6. Hey all, I've been playing Grounded for a long time. A long long time. Since the start of Early Access. And it's been quite a ride. Always loved this game, and loved every update. I'm a little sad, in fact, that if feels like my Grounded Journey has ended. While the last update has some nice quality of life improvements, it left little reason for me to return to the game, and continue building up my Mushroom Castle. So, as a veteran player, here are a few things I'd like to see added in the future. I've refrained from stuff as simple and obvious as new equipment, areas, and bugs as I know the realities of game design, and how long it took to craft each area. So these are mostly ideas I feel would perhaps be more minor updates that could add a lot of more end game gameplay and longevity to Grounded. New Game+ The ability to restart the game "fresh" on the same map, with the same equipment and milk molars. With a difficulty spike, with some random elements thrown in. The difficulty spike would be seperate from the one from changing difficulty between Mild, Normal, and Woah. As it takes the fact that you already have Milk Molars into account, and how many. Have more Milk Molars randomly sprinkled throughout the yard, and allow your character to increase their stats further. Have the Chips in New Game+ just give you extra Raw Science. Mutated Bugs Think how Diablo has random more powerful enemies. I think it would be interesting to randomly run into, say, an Orb Weaver that is infused with Spicy energy. Weak against Fresh Damage, and resistant to Spicy Damage. Perhaps does an Spicy AoE when it attacks like the Infected Wolf Spider does, or have a spicy aura around it. Or a Fresh Larva, that has a slow down effect around it, and of course does Fresh damage. A "Beefy" mutation could give a bug more HP. "Speedy" mutation makes a bug move faster. Etc Etc. These mutations could stack to make stronger bugs(Imagine having to fight a Beefy Speedy Spicy Black Widow!). Mutated bugs could show up more often on higher difficulties, with more and more mutations. And could show up more and more in New Game+(+, +, + etc). Players could be rewarded bonus Raw Science for defeating them. Or even new special materials. This would be a great way to add new bugs, without having to create whole new bugs. Just slap particle effects onto pre existing bugs. Maybe make them slightly bigger. Material/bug part store If you're like me, you've already bought everything in the Raw Science store. Thus making extra raw science as a reward feel kinda pointless. Thus I think added a store that sells various raw materials in exchange for raw Science would be great for extending the end game. These could even be sold in packs that allow you to carry more of said raw material, until you "open" them. Allowing for more ambitious building projects outside of creative mode. It would also be neat if players could sell excess materials for Raw Science. It would give the player more reason to harvest bug parts, even if they no longer need those parts. Could always go sell them for stuff you actually need/want. Upgradable Armor Pretty self explainatory, and stuff that's already been asked for. Honestly, as the game is now, it's not super necessary. But if higher tiers of difficulty is added, the ability to make armor more powerful would be great to go along with this. Also, the ability to upgrade armor(And perhaps weapons as well) with extra mutations might be nice too. If mutated bugs drop new materials, it would be a nice way to add an enchanting system seperate from the current upgrade system. Maybe seperate the elemental upgrade from the weapon upgrade system, and instead make those apart of an enchanting system instead. Better random quests Jeez the random quests you get are boring. Craft this item I've made a bunch of times already, or kill a few random bugs. The only interesting ones is the ones that make you put a flag somewhere, but those aren't random and are limited. So, what I propose is a random quest system that will send you back to dungeons/labs you already visited before, with some twists. Maybe the Hedge Lab is now overrun with Sour Larva. The Wood Pile is Frozen over, so you move slower while in it. The Red Ant hill is super spicy, and like the sandbox, requires you to wear heat protection. The Sandbox has been taken over by O.R.C. bugs. The Undershed is being fummagated, and is full of poison fog, and infected bugs. You have to go to these locations, and recover something, or defeat a random boss. Maybe activate something similiar to a Mix.r, and do a defense event. Random Dungeons/yards, Seperate from the main map. A way to introduce more content, without having to spend a year carefully constructing new areas, is to just seperate it from the main map. Instead players are teleported in some way to these seperate dungeons, that could even just be procedually generated. Perhaps these random dungeons could be secret Ominent labs that the players have to shut down. Or a random neighbors yard that could be accessed through a gap in the fence. These yards can be smaller than the main one, but populated with a random assortment of structures, and hazards. Similiar to the ideas above, these could be flavored and themed with various mutations to keep them interesting, and ramp up difficulty. Player made content And/or, player made yards could be introduced. This would be a lot more work for the development team, but it would be amazing if you could craft a yard in creative. Complete with adding various structures such as cans/juice boxes, toys, etc. As well as add quests, and goals for players to accomplish. Perhaps a player could construct a Castle, and place bug spawns inside of it, including a boss. Than challenge players to get to the end and fight the boss. Perhaps allow options for disabling building, and/or making the prebuilt structures indestructable to visiting players(To prevent cheesing). Maybe even multiple dungeons/bosses so players could create a whole game worth of content if they wanted.
  7. My Concepts/Ideas This is my list of various concepts and ideas that I have recently thought of, hopefully inspiring anyone reading to also come up with new concepts or even variations of these ones, which I would very much like to see. Hopefully seeing in the future one or some of these insects being considered by the Obsidian Team, though I do believe some insects that I will be adding onto the list are already in the Obsidian Teams list of bugs to implement. Overtime I will add additional concepts onto my list, each one with an image to go along with it. But for now I hope you enjoy what is currently here and perhaps use it to inspire yourself with new ideas for Grounded. (Also I realise that not all of the images are very accurate to being within the game, but they are just concepts and drawn by hand so I apologise for any errors I made in my pictures. (especially the ones with webs in them) The Devil's Coach Horse Beetle Names: Devil's Coach-Horse Beetle (Longer name) Rove Beetle (Shorter name) Night Terror (Nickname for Boss like 'Mother Demon') Type: Boss Tier: Level 4 and Above Attitude: Aggressive Location: Inside of Giant Log Underneath Stone Slab Within a Compost Heap Spawn Condition: Night Time Only boss spawn, would require boss item to initiate boss fight. Far away from staring area, all bosses should be located away from new or low-tier players. If not then very well hidden or unlocked after completing certain chips or in-game story events. Locations: Inside of Giant Log, the giant log could act as a spawn location for the new boss the 'Night Terror' it would be a largely expansive hollow log filled with resources and mainly various insects that prefer moist environments like larvae, grubs and even various spiders. It could also be home to some new insects yet to be made and various materials like moss and mushrooms. During the Night though, this area will act as the boss arena for the Night Terror aka the Devil's Coach-Horse. Underneath Stone Slab, the stone slab could be one of many slabs located on the stone wall side of the garden, having one particular slab contain a burrow which will lead to a expansive air pocket underneath the slab which would act as the Night Terror's den, being full of stone, quartz, various grub like insects and perhaps some new materials too. Within a Compost Heap, this compost heap could be a new location found in one of the corners of the garden, being full of high tier resources and insects purposefully placed far from new and low tier players to prevent them from encountering the tougher insects too soon. The Night Terror boss would be located at the deepest part of the compost. The compost would be full of all kinds of insects, many resources, mainly being rotting organic matter. The Boss Room of the Night Terror would be very large and upon entering its purpose is instantly recognised due to the graveyard of insect pieces. Although the boss itself will require a specific item to summon or lure out of hibernation. Abilities: The Devil's Coach-Horse itself is filled to the brim with weapons, other than being a complete beast and resembling the appearance of a black soldier ant who drank every smoothie in the game. It is also widely viewed as one of the most savage insects commonly found in most global gardens. Being about 20-32mm in size (real-life) and the adverage wolf spider being 10-35mm (real-life), helps provide the kind of size and strength this thing can handle. Its main diet revolves mainly around a range of invertebrates, including worms, slugs, moths, spiders and woodlice (rollypollys). During its attack you can also tell from its scorpion like posture that it is enraged, but I think the red glowing eyes is a bit of a give away. This insect was built to fight. First of all, its armour is pratically impenetrable. This could make for quite an interesting AI, forcing the player to either knock over the insect by perfect blocking one of its charged attacks to give the player a limited amount of time to inflict some damage before it flips back up the right way. Or any kind of punctering or stabbing weapon could also deal damage through its armour causing players to prepare for this boss fight ahead of time. Another way would be just an excuse to make this insect have an insane amount of health. It also has two massive pincer-like mandibles which considering can cause pain to normal sized human beings may cause quite a high amount of damage to someone the size they are in Grounded, but of course blocking will help prevent these powerful bites. I would also recommend wearing full tier 3 or above armour that has also been upgraded by quite a moderate amount, that way you can be sure that you wont die in the first 3 hits. The insect itself is also a close relative to bombardier and that similarity can be seen through the pair of white glands located at the end of its abdomen, these glands produce a foul-smelling odour or to someone about 14mm in size would be like breathing toxic gas. They are also equipped with a pair of wings, though very rarely used could allow the Night Terror to get to players too far away from it (though this should not occur if placed within a boss arena) or could play as a second stage to the boss fight itself. They are also incredibly fast and can catch up to the adverage player similar to how a wolf spider can, but they cannot jump and instead must use their surroundings to find another way up, this could be used in the boss arena itself making paths for players to run away temporarily as the Night Terror runs up the longer pathways to get to where you are going, but without allowing the players to cheese the insect in battle. Drops and Items: Its drops would be basic in nature, closely resembling a mixture of bombardier and ant parts. Night Terror Part Night Terror Mandibles Night Terror Glands The parts could be used in an assortment of different ways. Night Terror Armour - Could Include 'Night Terror Visor', allowing wearing to have slight night-vision on equip, this is due to the Night Terror's nocturnal characteristics and its night-vision-like sight. The rest of the pieces are optional but full sets are always better in my opinion and could be based souley around night time exploration or purely defensive, especially against toxins. New Weapon and Shield - Could include a Night Terror Sword (one-handed) and a Night Terror Shield, the shield being able to negate 50% of incoming damage and the sword being both one handed, fast and very damaging mixed with a new effect called Terror Toxin which acts like a more potent poison effect. Night Terror Glands could be used for various objects or even structures such as: New building piece for warding away faciton-reactivity attacks and allow players to protect their most important bases, of course wearing out after about 1-3 uses and also costing very expensive materials, this prevents attacks due to the foul odour it produces which most insects even spiders are disgusted of. A new grenade type weapon used to cause massive toxic gas, filled with Terror Toxin which deals increasing damage to all organic insects. (except weevils and infected insects) Could even be used a new type of upgrade which can be added to high tier weaponary adding the Terror Toxin effect to the weapon similar to that of the Night Terror Sword. This would require a fully upgraded weapon before hand. (which would most likely be required to defeat the Night Terror anyway) Additional Information: I'm aware that the Devil's Coach-Horse Beetle and Rove Beetle are not the same insect but in context of the game they would be very similar which is why I have listed them together as this one boss, personally it should be based mainly one the Devil's Coach-Horse Beetle as they are larger and more vicious in nature. But they are similar enough to be tweaked slightly and be almost the same in most other attributes except some minor appearance differences.
  8. Charm of Unending Gratitude "Given to the champions who escaped the yard's harsh environment." (Given to the player by Dr Wendell before the game ends.) +HP +DMG Black Ox Grappling Hook "Forged by the precursors of the yard, and revised by the present occupants of the yard." Crafted with two Black Ox horns, five lint rope, and two fire ant parts. (Recipe found in a hidden webbed tunnel in the Under Shed Widow’s Nest.) Sprig Glider "A Glider made from the weakest material, but good enough to hold a person." Crafted with three sprigs, five crude rope, and three clovers. Crow Glider "A Glider made from pristine materials. Forged from and inspired by our avian friends." Made with three crow feather pieces, four silk rope, and four sunken bones. Fire Ant Shurikens “Fire Ant pieces cut to resemble Shurikens, they have withstood the test of time.” Crafted with four Fire Ant parts, and two boiling glands.
  9. So there is Sour weapons in the game But what if there was upgrades beyond tough and mighty. What if there was oranges that barley spawn But you can use rinds or fresh bits to upgrade to citrius... citrus can be like a secret type of element tht does not show till you get a citrus weapon. And, you could do others like upgraded mints(like spearmint),Spicy upgrade[Hot cha cha's xtreme(diffrent color theme)] ect. Note: could not think of any spicy upgrade versions Note: another way these upgrades can be used as are combos of elements like spicy and sour or mint and sour or even spicy mint some way could way for these upgrades to work. I don't think this idea is good though and could be OP Or you can use citrus rinds as A defense tactic But... It actracts some bug and repel others. For instance, Lady bugs do not like the scent of citrus So you can us it to get lady bird (including larvaes) or ladybugs (also including larvae).
  10. Intro After having played Grounded only just 7 days (game time) since the 1.0 release I've loved every single minute of it. I played Solo on survival (Medium difficulty I think) and when watching some YouTube videos from other players (Mediocre Milton, JadeCraft, Sir Sim-slot etc) there have been a few things I think the game needs. I have completed the main campaign and currently collecting gold creature cards and building bases around the yard for when we get some new DLC. Now to the Juicy stuff... Ideas Bugs The variety of bugs in the game is awesome and after seeing some of the potential cut content there are a couple of bugs that I think would work really well. Stick Insects - They could be a nice addition to the lower or upper yard, since the size of them could be large in comparison to the player they could be menacing and could hide on the branches or plants and get agro when you're near. Wasps - This was something that looked like it was cut and understandably since they can be aggressive but could be cool as a hidden dungeon type area with a next being put on the tree or up on the blue tarpaulin. The issue would be the amount of them and them flying around but could be cool to have a nest. Frogs - Now these might not be creatures we can kill but similar to the Koi fish they could be leaping around the pond and potentially cause havoc on bases or get agro if you go near any of them. If we can kill them it would be cool to get some new armour that improves jumping height or swimming. Caterpillar - Again similar to the frog this could be something just around the garden to give it some extra. If we can kill it then again we could have some sort of mutation like the caterpillar does when turning into a butterfly. Butterflies - Just something else to be flying around the air that doesn't want to stab you like the mosquito Grasshoppers - These could be a cool addition and like the frogs when killing we could get some unique armour that lets us jump higher making the game have more verticality meaning the game doesn't have to stay in the one back yard but more on that later Beetles - I guess depending on where the garden is set you can have a whole range of beetles but something different to kill and with a whole range of unique colours. Quality of Life The game does a great job in guiding players through the garden but for those that are familiar with survival, games that have RPG elements where different builds offer different things we're used to seeing certain things and here are some suggestions. Mutation Phase Info - Right now when you unlock a mutation some have 3 phases, each phase obviously gives you a different value with that mutation but there is no indication on the percentage or dp it gives. Having a small bit of info at the bottom that says... Mutation Name Phase 1 - 10% buff Kill 20 more (bug name) for Phase 2 or something like that. Damage Numbers - In most RPGs you see the amount of damage you're doing to the enemy so we could have this as an option for players who actually want to see the damage being dealt like traditional RPGs. Map Markers - When you discover landmarks or key areas on the map the icon is shown on the map, for me this should be similar to Milk Molars, SCA.B's and Raw Science. Once you've found the location it can show up on the map until you collect it then it's gone. Reason for this is that there is no way to actually track which molars you've collected. Bug Attack Info - Currently and I could be wrong because I don't have access to the game when writing this but I don't think the creature cards tell you what types of damage the bugs do once you scan them. They tell you weaknesses and resistance but knowing what damage they deal will also allow those players who do go to certain areas with certain gear to better prepare Some New Things The game as mentioned has a lot of variety in what you can do with the game when it comes to base building parts, armour and weapons but I've got some other ideas. Weather - We already know that weather effects are going to be added at some point as it's been on the feature board but I want to go a little deeper with this. Snow 1. The pond could freeze over and we can break the ice to get through, once inside the water is colder so we also need to worry about temp as well as air. 2. The garden itself will be harder as ice will form on certain plants, the snow can cover a lot of it if it's a thick snow layer meaning traversal could be fun trying to work your way through the snow. You might not get as many bugs flying out in the snow or travelling but being out in it could allow other materials to be farmed like Frozen items Rain/Storms 1. The garden could have more flooded areas until the rain dries out, also if your base isn't elevated it could start taking damage from the mud and things moving in the garden through the rain. With this we could fashion little boats to travel to perhaps new areas that could be added. 2. If it's a storm you'd obviously have lightning that could strike your base or even you as a player. The field of view could also be reduced due to the storm being so bad which adds another dynamic to the game. Hail 1. hailstorms could just be another weather effect that can cause a lot of damage to not only you but bugs also considering the hail will be considerably bigger. Armour Customisation - We're in the back garden and it's super colourful, it would be cool to be able to perhaps go collect certain things that we can then make dye and recolour our armour. It's a simple thing and doesn't really offer any game value except it looks cool and for those in multi-player doing challenges and Whoa they could all look the same with cool coloured gear based on the builds and sets they like. Almost like a transmog for your armour but colour also. Base Building Free Cam- Right now base building is sooo much fun, after playing No Mans Sky for over 450 hours the one thing I think Grounded needs is a free cam base build. If you have the materials also then instead of having to climb to the top of that tower you're creating you can actually build from within free cam. Even if the base part needs stems or grass you can hold them on your character and still build in free cam. Now this might change the immersion a little because it was funny trying to build a tower and your parkour skills failed and you fell to your death or into a bunch of spiders but would make building easier. Underground Base Building- So a lot of the labs are underground, it would be cool if there was a way we could do similar and build these cool bases underground. With that we could introduce the worry of the weather above or worms causing damage but this is just a crazy idea and not something I'd do a lot of as there is soo much to see up top. Base Blueprints - So this is going into more of what I think would be cool for DLC but for those who have completed the game and really ventured into the labs they have cool shrunken down beds, cooler workbenches etc Obviously this tech is from Ominent but would be cool if there was a way we could make similar or get similar by perhaps stealing materials from the other labs or something along those lines. Mounts and Flight - So traversal is fun in the game, getting around can be great but once you're in the end game and building bases you want to get to sides of the garden to farm materials quicker. I think it would be cool to have perhaps an Ant as a mount, if Ominent have the little beeping thing on its head to control it then why can't we hack that and then control the ant? I know there was talk of pheromones and being able to control the ants that way which would be awesome. Other things for better traversal would be a more solid version of the Tuft, I know there was like a clover glider or something like that from the stuff I have seen but why not build like a wing suit from the moth wings and allow you to glide? this would mean you need to be high up to take full advantage of being able to travel the whole garden but it's a faster glider than the tuft and something cool. DLC Ideas and How it Could Work So the whole idea of the game is to survive the backyard and grow big and go home. Now once this Is done people might be wondering how could DLC or more content be added to the game, I have some ideas of my own New Garden - During the game it mentions that other kids have gone missing, with the main 4 kids being shrunk down against their own will we could make it that in the DLC they choose to be shrunk again and therefor more prepared as they're working alongside Wendell to try and stop Ominent. I won't spoil the good ending or bad ending but those who know both will know how this could work. If we're more prepared and we know that Ominent are up to no good like all evil organisations then it could mean we venture into a whole new garden because we know they've been kidnapping kids again meaning a whole new area even if it's the neighbours garden. We could have more tech since we're working alongside Wendell meaning cooler armour, similar base building options like the labs as well as cool tech suits and abilities that make building, traversing different. Another way we could introduce a new garden is to have the kids similar to above shrink down because there was something lost in the undershed, when they go down and into the sinkhole, a rain storm hits and flushes them away down the pipes and they end up elsewhere. Yeah it would be a little convenient if they managed to end up somewhere that happened to have shrunken labs but the pipes could have been how Ominent transported things from Garden to Garden. The Shed - I know there was a leak of the shed but as some of the content creators I mentioned above have stated in their videos this could just have been a dumping ground for all the assets but I think actually going into the shed is a cool idea for easy DLC for now until a new Garden or area is opened with story content. The shed could be introduced as Wendell may have a different version or an earlier model of the SPAC.R in there and he was using that with limited resources. Or we could just make it that Ominent knew what he was doing and took full advantage and setup base in the shed without him knowing. A whole world of possibilities in that shed. There are tonnes more things I have ideas for but this is a massive read for anyone that does chose to do so so thank you if you've got this far haha. Might see you in game Cheers
  11. Me and my friends have been having a blast playing Grounded when we have the chance, but we feel like we can't really work together in fights when we can harm each other with the many accessories in the game and some weapons secondary effects. For example, one of my friends have an accessory that has a chance to spawn a poison cloud when landing an attack which will poison everything that is in the range of the cloud. Unfortunately this also applies to us, so when we are teaming up to fight a boss, we usually end up dying from his accessory and then he is soloing the boss. We initially wanted to disable friendly fire since we think this would fix the problem, but since it is a game setting it will change the difficulty we have set to custom, thus disabling our ability to earn achievements. An example of a weapons secondary effect harming team play is the Pinch Wacker, where it has a chance to spawn an electricity effect that stuns enemies when in range, but this stun also applies to my teammates and harms their ability to play the game with me. I personally think to solve this issue would be allowing us to disable friendly fire without changing the difficulty to custom, therefore we will still be able to earn achievements and not impact each other's gameplay (assuming that the "custom" difficulty is what prevents achievements from being earned). Perhaps a second method would be to have the accessory and secondary weapon effects not apply to your teammates, but I think this would be more difficult to do and could harm the games PvP potential. Maybe there's also an opportunity to look into a way to create teams based on colors like "green team", "red team", and "blue team". (Terraria has a feature like this if you're interested in looking into it.) This would allow rival teams between your play group where you cannot harm players on your team, but can still damage the enemy teams players. I believe this idea also has potential to expand the PvP side of Grounded to incorporate some fun community made game modes like "Team Capture the Flag" or something as simple as "Team Deathmatch" in arenas we build. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to see this game continue to grow.
  12. I am a gamer that loves to create and build. Grounded has a great building system but it could be even more awesome with some new building pieces I wish we had. -We have horizontal half walls, what about vertical half walls? For any wall type and even for the current horizontal half walls, making them quarter walls. Sometimes I don't want to entirely close off a space but still have some sort of devider. -And sometimes I feel a bit limited with the stairs, or don't feel like having greens stairs in my builds that don't use any grass. Stem stairs and half stairs would be pretty neat to have too. -Let's talk about the stem half wall and let's be honest, it's a great railing but as a wall.. it doesn't blend into the full stem walls for let's say, when you make a tower of specific height. -How cool would it be if we could provide more detail and structure to our bases with horizontal beams, this is mostly an aesthetic request. -Next up, roofs. My castle outpost towers of 1 square look a bit silly with the dome pieces, but other than the flat roof piece, nothing really works for it. So I'd love to see the dome piece but squared. Also the peaked pieces, there's no triangle wall pieces that fill in the gaps that that roof piece has, just a little finishing touch. And my last purely aesthetic request: being able to paint structures like the working bench and the production buildings To whoever reads this, feel free to drop your idea's on this post!
  13. So after much deliberation over the course of the weekend, my friends and I (more commonly known as the Cheesebags) love the game to bits so far and have come up with some cool ideas for things we'd love to maybe see in future updates. I will sort the lists into categories for convenience. Possible new Creatures: We decided to ballpark some new ideas for possible future creatures to add to the garden. Due to the wasps in the banner image on the steam page we assume you already intend to add them into the game. So we have left them out of this list, but below we have some of our other suggestions. Bees Mosquitoes Butterflies Moths Dragonflies Caterpillars Centipedes Fleas Earthworms Silverfish Snails Frogs/Tadpoles Utilities: Ladders We reckoned that ladders would be a useful way to ascend a built wall that might take up less floor space than stairs. Zip-Lines These could be a great method of travel between two fixed points, they could work either in a traditional sense and you'd slide from one higher point down to the lower. Or maybe they could work with some kind of pulley system from two points of equal height. Rope Swing For this we figure like in lots of games you could either have a fixed anchor point built and you could jump to grab it and swing back and forth to clear some kind of gap. Or maybe it works on a portable sense somewhat akin to Indies Whip but functionally works the same, maybe with a sticky tip of some kind to attach to surfaces. Elevators/Dumbwaiters These could be excellent for those that built raised bases. Perhaps using some sort of pulley system one might be able to raise/lower a platform with chests on or a grass pallet. This would for sure help for more convenient item hauling in a vertical sense. Rowboats We assume that the pond is going to have more to it, but we figure that a boat of some kind would be fantastic in traversing across the water. They would possibly be made from acorns leaves or lily pads. Rain Catcher This Item is dependent on a weather topic that will follow below. But if rain was ever implemented a receptacle of some kind to catch the rain would be brilliant. Stationary Slingshot Turret This idea came about thinking about a kids slingshot, and maybe moving forward with that in mind maybe there could be some kind of stationary slingshot style item to launch the players over a great distance for easy travel with the gliders. This could be a really high demand recipe as it is a rather strong item to have. Quality of Life: Inventory sorting function This was one of the first things we came to yearn for in game, we fell that the ability to auto sort a storage container, your own backpack & and easier way to merge you personal inventory with that of the contained would be a much welcome addition. Inventory stack increase Due to the limited amount of storage space in the backpack and the containers, we really feel that the stack size of items could be increased to some degree. It feels like 10 is far too low as the inventory in your backpack alone fills up too quick and maybe increasing up to at least 20 would be great. Craft 'X' quantity of item function This comes about due to the fact we feel crafting larger quantities of items takes too long when doing them one at a time. For example, being able to adjust the number of how many woven fibres you want to make based on the amount of planet fibres in your backpack and craft all at once would be a huge time saver. Pallet capacity increase Similar to the inventory stack quantity feeling too low, we feel the same issue extends to the pallets. Considering how many grass planks in particular you need to build larger structures it would be very handy if the amount of planks you can get onto each pallet could be increased to maybe 30. This would prevent having to stop building and gathering planks almost every living second of the game as you burn through them so fast and building. Storage Chest Naming This one isn't nearly as major as the custom markers on the chests a already pretty cool. But maybe being able to add a name to a storage container just to further mark it with a specific kind of item would be neat, Equipped items not taking up an inventory slot So far we feel that we dislike that the tools and certainly the armour take up a backpack slots while equipped. I'm not sure and the best way to go around dealing with this in the game in the cleanest way for the UI. But its definitely a thought we'd like to put out there to discuss with everyone. Ability to move built structures For far it's been a bit of a pain placing a structure or utility item down in the wrong place and having to recycle it (receiving less materials) to move to another spot. Only to then to not have enough materials now and having to stop and go harvest more. Maybe having just the ability to move a completed base piece would be handy but obviously could be avoided currently by being very careful with where you but down blueprints. It would still however be a very handy feature to have. Custom Blueprint Group This one is inspired by other building games, namely Planet Zoo. In this game you have the ability to create a 'group' blueprint based on a structure you've made so that you could save it to a library and the whole blueprint of the structure could be placed in one motion to make it easier to make duplicate structures. This would be a fantastic feature to add as I would like to repeat a few structures we have made within the garden. Filter Specific Trail Markers This one is another minor one, but even though there is already a way to hide the trail markers from the UI. We feel that being able to isolate certain ones, namely the quest ones while keeping all the other ones could be great. Because in our game at least, we know where to go for each of the major landmarks now but still use a lot of our own custom trail markers. But having our own in addition to the quest ones can be quite overwhelming and would like the ability to filter certain ones away. Additional 'Major' Features: Different weather variations This one I'm sure has been brought up by others, but a weather feature with some of the usual classics, rain, drought, snow, overcast, humid could be neat and effect the game play in various ways based on each individual weather. I wont go through all of them as this paragraph would be gigantic but maybe a few examples might be that some of the games creatures might act differently or perhaps the rain might be very dangerous to travel through but would obviously be a plentiful source of water. Season Variations This one is similar to the weather note prior where maybe just some of the games features, game play mechanics and of course visuals might change up to complement the passage through the different seasons throughout the year in the garden. Understandable this one is a giant effort to bring to life but would be awesome on the less. Base Building: Below are just some off the cuff ideas we had for other base building items that could be added to spice things up. Bunk Beds Slime Mold Ceiling Light Flower Petal Roof Pieces Support Pillars/Columns Bug Cage Trap Equipment: This is the same as the above category but for general equipment. Thistle Armour (returns damage back to attacker) Wing suits (possibly made from insect wings wasps/dragonflies etc) At this moment in time these are all the suggestions for game play changes and possible future content that we the Cheesbags have come up with. We hope that future readers of this like some of our ideas and would be open to discussing their opinion on what we have brought up below, or even add their own ideas! And lastly to the team over at Obsidian, we hope this might be useful information to all of those working on the game. Keep up the great work, even in early access we are having a blast and cant wait to see the next content update from you guys. Stay Fresh! - Corey. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just under here I'm going to keep the ideas from everyone in the thread so that in the event of crazy amounts of ideas flooding in we can keep most of the coverage from the topic up near the top for easy reading. I will credit everyone accordingly for their ideas Tamable creatures This is one that I reckon comes up a lot for many players. But I do really like the idea of being able to tame certain insects to maybe just have around player bases in order to defend them from threats. Then also down that same vein even have some mounts to ride around on much like in honey I shrunk the kids. Being able to ride an Ant or a Ladybug would be terribly fun and a great addition to the game.
  14. I’ve got a few propositions as for new additions to the game that I think would add a great touch to the survival aspects as well as adventure portion of Grounded! ————————————————— Here are a few of my ideas: Hostile Creatures: Trapdoor Spider. (This would be a stealthy spiders that has hides in the ground, it is camouflaged but the player should be able to see it a bit considering maybe a change of color or texture on the ground that is subtle but affective enough to hide the spider inside. It should be able to hunt and catch any prey by popping out as a real trapdoor spider would. As for items maybe the player should be able to gain some type of supplies to make a digging tool. This maybe could be used to make underground burrows of a players own. Or create burrows to stalk and hunt other prey for valuable resources. If not that then maybe used to make drills that go into the ground and bring up underground resources for collecting.) Mantis. (A creature with great sense of sight that is also very large almost as big as a wolf spider in game. It’s sharp like arms swipe at the player and stun them. They also use their mouth as another attack against the player. The player can use the armor and items given to make a mantis claw weapon with good attack speed and mid range damage.) Neutral Creatures: Crickets. (Crickets will alert and sense danger by using the sounds they make, they should be fairly loud enough for a player to hear in the distance. They could also be a possible land terrain mount. Saddle them up maybe using a saddle made of Berry Leather or some other type of material with possibly the use of crude rope. This cricket should be able to ride and hop and go a bit faster than a player would walking. As for its attacks I think a jumping mechanism would suffice or perhaps it could swing its strong legs in some way. Or use their jaws to bite the player if the player were to hit them, otherwise they should be neutral and not harm the player without aggro.) Butterflies. (This elegant creature could make for a new type of flying insect that can also make cocoons using new materials the player could have new crafting abilities if they were to harvest the cocoon. It is also possible that you can mount a butterfly and perhaps I’d the butterfly is killed and collected its parts could make wings and allow the player to have another way of perhaps gliding. However, it is not like the dandelion tuffs as it is more like a wing suit instead and using to glide much farther and faster instead. The player will not be able to actively fly up but more descend down slowly but be able to turn quite fast and go farther. Now of course this is a Neutral species to make it harder to get its useful flight armor that makes them more weightless and also add speed to their movement. The attacks could be something such as a manipulation technique that may mess up and configure the players screen into confusion. Almost like an allusion effect to confuse and deter the player. They will be seen flying in the air with the bees at given moments.) Caterpillars. (The descendant of a butterfly it is the before form of the elegant mistress. In this form it can climb walls and wonders around the area. It’s large like body almost like a grub it could be green or some other color. It is also about the size of a Roly Poly/Pill Bug the difference being in the length and movement. I believe it should be able to lift its front or back body and slam back down onto the player as an attack of threatened of course. This attack will smash any surrounding grass blades from its strong blow. It’s armor given or drops could be some type of more squishy dodgy armor. It could have an ability that allows a chance of dodge for the player against enemies. Meaning the attack induced would not work, on chance. It’s fluids inside could be made for a type of potion/drink to give buffs to the player for more combat techniques. Could also be used as a harvesting mount that chews up grass and turns it into fiber and produces much faster than running around and grabbing plant fiber. The player can mount it and run into grass stems and chew them down into fiber. The way to tame this would be quite difficult and it cannot fight for you. It can only harvest if tamed.) Leaf Bug/Stick Bug. (In my own opinion adding more camouflaging creatures could add even more element of surprise to the game. As they can blend with their environment and surprise the player. Leaf armor after killing a Leaf bug and help disguise a player in the grass for a limited amount of time. The player can use this source of camouflage almost like ant armor in ant nests. If the player gets too close or runs into a hostile mob it will find them and attack however, this is to make sure the armor is not too op but useful. Stick bugs on the other hand carry sap on their body that can be picked off by the player. This bug attracts sticky sap to its body that is harvested when nearby. Lead bugs have an ability to stun or put a player down for a moment using a toxic gas like ability. Very similar to a stink bug or beetle. Stick bugs can hit you with their long legs that give them wide range. Not amazing for bow attacks since they are so thin and more or less better for tank abilities with hammers and mallets.) Items: - Bee Saddle (Flying saddle.) - Caterpillar Saddle (Harvesting saddle.) - Cricket Saddle (Jump boost saddle.) - Caterpillar Armor (Deflection armor.) - Caterpillar Hide. - Cricket Armor (Jump boost armor.) - Leaf bug Armor (Limited camouflage.) - Digging Tool/Machine Drill - Trapdoor Spider Random Drop Items (Stuff inside it’s burrow or in its system.) - Stick Bug Legs (Can be crafted into a tool or weapon.) - Caterpillar Potion Supplies —————————————————
  15. My friend and I were talking about an idea for Grounded. Specifically an elevator. An elevator would help with moving large amounts of items to high places. The elevator can be operated by a crank made of Quartzsite while the elevator itself can be made of stem/grass planks and crude rope. It'd save a lot of time moving stuff to higher places.
  16. I would love to see an update that adds a BURG.L unlock for TONS of furniture, environment and aesthetic items to the game. Some ideas include: -Berry leather floor pillows -Berry leather loveseat and couches -Mite fuzz or lint couches/loveseats - Sleeping bag out of mite fuzz/lint - plant fiber/woven lint hammock - Acorn Egg chair -stem tables, grand table (for superbuilds) -more lamps!! -lightning/ladybug night light -scarab chandelier that you can hang from higher ceilings -scarab wall lamps that can project a small rainbow or any color light -Refrigerator!! -low tables -woven lint/fuzz carpets/rugs or blankets that you can sit on - weed stem picnic table/bench -different styles of furniture out of different bugs I would love to see a tarantula added to the game as well, it adds so many upgrade options for poison, daggers etc. And it would be cool to make furniture out of hair you can harvest from them. I have so many more ideas and there’s so much potential with all of the bugs within the game already even if a few new furniture items were added it would be amazing to see.
  17. I have been playing on XB game pass pretty much since it came on there. A lot of my friends lost interest but I love this game. It has become one of my favorite in quite a few years. I also love the end credits, I think a LOT more people should go and watch them for the song alone. All in all kudos to the whole team. Everything so far is great and I can't wait to see you all knock out some of the things you are planning. On release it's gonna be even more of a banger. So I thought I'd toss a few ideas of things I'd like, maybe that could benefit the game and even your pockets! Also I rock Willow and the bone trident/ Javelineer lvl3 -New kids for storymode/ sandbox -Create a kid (can even pick from same voices, just cut out hoops, max, willow, and pete names) -Clothing options (id like an 80s hair metal outfit with a walkman) -a SCA.B radio (long builds get quiet with just game music) -NPC kids/ other shrunken folk and small farms and such -paint for armor (make with proper plants) -More trail marker Icons -8 to 16 player servers -Battle Royal mode where a lawnmower cuts away map zone -crossbows, sprig blunderbuss, koi scale shovel, blowdart gun, bolos (to help with pesky spiders and b beetle bois) ladybug shield, koi shield (you know I'm right) , throwing knives, sprig shuriken, throwing hatchets, slingshot, and after the whole thing is done and powered buildings are up laser guns. Think ARK, we get big servers once the whole backyard is complete and tames, lots of weapons, and player customization? You guys could be RUST or ARK. Just some ideas, I know it's a smaller team and you guys and gals probably work very hard to keep stuff going for us to play. I for one sincerely appreciate the effort. I cannot wait to see where this game goes and hopefully in a year or two this game will be HUGE. I also hope none of your homes or loved ones were affected by the fires last year. -Ranger (Xbox Lt Red Ranger) (Twitch UragtheTriumphant)
  18. Tier three- human scrap. We already kind of have an idea of what will be tier three tools and weapons, as we have already seen the mint mallet (the marksman's cap doesn't count as the armor tiers is more broad and random.) The mint mallet is made out of old mint chunks. It is also made out of high level nature items. This could be the same for all the other tools and weapons. For example, a charcoal hammer. It would be made out of (you guessed it) charcoal pieces and a paper stalk (more on that later.) You could then use the charcoal hammer to break glass. It could be used for arrows, a spear, and an axe. All these tools' handles would paper stalks. These would be made out of paper bits (which you could maybe find in the shed and would cut up with a tier two axe.) You would use two of these and one copper fiber to make one paper stalk. You would find copper wire inside broken plastic wire and would be able to cut it. You could then soften it in a forge/ oven, thus making it copper fiber. I don't know what the bow would be made out of (most likely some bendy human garbage; maybe a wire bow?) The dagger would be made out of some venomous thing from a bug somewhat harder than the wolf spider. The armor would be a mix of random scrap and rare items (maybe we could see more items that could be broken apart- like m&ms and popcorn.) Tier four- small animals/ big bugs. Things like hummingbirds, scorpions, roaches, katydids, lizards, daddy long- legs, and centipedes would be cool. You would have to be more creative about the way you kill these creatures, as you could not fight them straight on. For example: You could arm an old mouse trap to kill a mouse. You would weaken a roach with roach poison, then kill it. You could cut off pieces of a centipede. You could smash a daddy long leg's legs in, then hit its body and head. You could then use a daddy long leg to make a spear. You could use roach parts to make a tanky armor. Hummingbird parts could be used to make an armor that gives attack stamina, and could also be used for a bow. A scorpion stinger could be used for a tier four dagger. These are what I believe should be the next tiers. This post is less coherent and more rambly, as I just wrote what came to me. Let me know if these are what you think the next tiers should be!
  19. Thinking maybe add toy cars, motorcycle or maybe even a bicycle crafted with acorn top wheels. Maybe use the bird feathers, some crude rope and some wood to make a more durable faster glider or some kind of flying contraption.
  20. First of all, if you're reading this thank you. I'll just get straight to the point. Butterfly wings as a glider. A squirrel boss, it would be funny to see and wouldn't be too big. Instead of killing it the players could maybe knock it out. The squirrel would be guarding it's stash of food/treasures up in the tree. A picnic area. A small bird would be cool but it would to too op, like the bugs life movie. A bee hive, but like the ants you could go inside their home (Hive).
  21. This topic can be used as a place to hold your ideas for new insects, and where (hopefully) the dev team at obsidian can pick them up!
  22. This game truly is amazing and I can't wait for all the future content. I've got some ideas floating around my head that I honestly just want to get out there. The first idea is my current favorite that being a daddy longleg. I imagined it's oval like body just making it above the grass slowly making its way to where ever. I don't fully know how it would work out of course but my hope would be for it to be large enough to walk under and maybe play more of a role like the ladybug. Some crafting ideas with it would be a much further reaching spear hopefully to help with the reach the wolf spider has. My next one would be a snail. I've seen an empty shell just outside the mysterious machine. I'd think it be a nice addition. It won't be killable right away because it might just hide in it's shell. The picnic table could have a spilled salt shaker somewhere nearby that you could shovel. With the salt you could make a salt bomb that shrivels up the snail or temporary stuns other bugs. The shell once cracked with a hammer (teir 2 maybe) could be used for armor or maybe a shield. Anyways those are the two biggest ideas I've got right now. Obviously you can tell me what you think but I will love this game no matter if it has this or not.
  23. • Mini bosses, just the same insects already in the game, but bigger and stronger, and could appear if you kill a decent amount of a certain bug species like ants. • Tamable Lady bug, or possibly being able to steal a baby version of a lady hug to raise, and possibly able to make a saddle for it, in order to ride it. • New Ant species, like black ants, or some sort of weird buffed ant species that was made from raw science, which could have some new armor and weapons.
  24. I'm not sure on how the sales for pillars 2 is currently to this date, but last i heard is that, even though the sequel is amazing and on par if not better then the first, the game flopped financially and sold poorly,with developers stating that if they were to return to pillars, they would need to re-examine the formula of the pillars games and why the second game didn't do as well. If they decide that it was due to the reason that everyone who played the first game had enough of RTSwP type of game play and didn't need/want a sequel, then they may divert from this genre of games entirely, they attempted it with the turn based system in pillars 2 (don't know if the sales are still low or have risen over the years, couldn't find anything about that) which i don't think is a drastic enough change to warrant people buying the game, they may need to do something bigger, bolder but also keeping it somewhat similar to the old battle system. I think that it would be in Obsidian's best interest to have game play similar to FFXV or any other real-time strategy game. i think that this would make sense since it would shy away from the CRPG genre just enough so that it is it's own thing, whilst possibly retaining most of it's aspect and elements of strategy. It could also be of interest of Microsoft and, if they have a say in any of this, 2K since it would bring back old fans because of the story and new fans who seem to enjoy the new style game play. either way, whether they continue with the exact, or extremely similar, game play, with some good marketing and using all of the services Microsoft provides, game pass, there could hope for a a new pillars game. Do you guys like the idea of a FFXV game play style, or maybe something more ambitious like god of war 4 hack and slash style, or even a first person elder scrolls type of game, or the original style game play. I'd just like to see the story of the watcher continue and possibly conclude.
  25. i know i know. This started first with another game. But always feel like I need a radio station in the background. I love all of the banter from my fellow shipmates. what are some ideas or options TOW could implement to make this work? Thanks,
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