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Found 3 results

  1. I get that lil-fist was used a little too much on bosses and needed to be nerfed, but nerfing every aspect of it now makes it useless. It's so weak, I can't ever see a reason to use it. Punching does less damage so it takes longer for it to do meaningful attack damage, and the reset upon taken damage makes it near impossible to get the hit counter high enough for meaningful attack damage. One of these changes alone is a significant set back to lil-fist users, but both! It already receives a full reset after you are no longer being targeted, why does it need another full reset to worry about. Wouldn't it have been better to attack the source of the problem and made bosses resistant to lil-fist or punching. But I digress. First Idea: Change the new counter system; 3 approaches here. Instead of a full reset to the hit counter, why not have the count lose a set number per attack received. Every time I receive a hit, my hit counter decrease by ten. Have the decrement proportional to the damage received. The harder I get hit, the more my hit counter tanks. That way a player doesn't have to constantly have to fight to keep their hit counter alive by perfectly blocking every attack around them. Instead it would be more about trying to maintain a high hit count throughout the fight. Don't decrement or reset the hit counter at all during the fight, but instead have a limit on how high the hit counter can get and have it increase with each level of lil-fist. Like a max of 20, 40, 60 for each level of lil-fist. Second Idea: Gauntlets; Change nothing about the new lil-fist balancing and instead add something new. A problem with lil-fist is that it can't be scaled like other attack specific mutations can through the different tiers of the game. Take chopper for example: there is a tier 1, 2, and 3 axe, so as you fight stronger insects there is stronger axes to pair with chopper. Now what if chopper only applied to the tier 1 axe, making it mildly useful against weaker insects but useless against stronger opponents. Lil-fist doesn't have a specific weapon to scale through the tiers of the game with, that's kind of the point. Gauntlets could change that. They don't take away from the over-all scheme of lil-fist, it's still punching, and it gives the ability to hot-swap between punching and and another attack method. Make it a two-handed weapon, and give it boxing like animations. The different tier idea: Tier 1: Plant fiber wrist wrap. recipe: a couple of fiber bandages, crude rope, and mite fuzz model: plant fiber wrapping around the fist and wrists, similar to how boxers have their hands wrapped, with the crude rope going over the knuckles and red tuffs of mite fuzz sticking out from underneath. rough photoshop of idea Tier 2: Insect gloves. recipe: some berry leather, silk rope, and some tier 2 beetle part. model: black or purple boxing gloves with silk rope around the wrists and beetle parts plating the impact area. Tier 3: Ox Beetle Gauntlets, recipe: two ox beetle horns, lint, pupa leather. model: basically if you use the horns as punching gloves
  2. #1) Fix the bug where you have the build wheel open, hover over an object to build, press A, and the menu switches to another random tab. Seemingly crashes the menu? I don't know why it happens, but it's frequent enough to really be annoying. #2) Bigger pallets! Building is super fun in Grounded, but the cost of building a grass wall for example, 4 grass planks, is fine but I feel like the current pallets we have to store grass planks to build with are too small, ESPECIALLY if you are loading and then moving the pallet, using the entire pallet of planks to make like 5 walls, then having to pick it back up and run all the way to more resources, sucks. Definitely so if you are building in an area with no resources like elevated up on the oak tree. Soo... bigger pallet choices please! #3) Shields usable while wielding a Staff. All 3 staves are used visibly in ONE HAND. As someone who has a super tough time consistently perfect blocking, I rarely find myself having success using anything without a shield. So I'd like to be able to use some sort of shield with a staff, even if it's a new kind of shield meant just for mages. #4) More armor with different play styles. I mentioned above how I'm pretty much always hiding behind a shield to stay safe. I want to use Ladybug armor, but I am endgame at this point and the tier 2 defence isn't worth it to just have the block bonus. So I would like more tier 3 armor with some of the unique bonuses that previous tier armor had. Like ladybug, then a higher tier version of the red ant set with higher hauling bonus for endgame players. May I suggest ATLEAST a way to artificially raise an armors tier level through further upgrades? I'd get my ladybug set to lvl 15 to get it to tier 3 strength if I have to. #5) More building pieces. I have fallen in love with making interesting builds and base ideas. But I often run into the issue of using a half wall, or half floor, and having an awkward 'Quarter Wall' or 'Quarter Floor' hole to cover up with another full size variant. So I would like VERTICAL half walls and quarter walls/floors. Another thing I wanted were half stairs, which we just got for patch 1.1. Very glad to see that! #6) Bla Bla, I love building. More decorative pieces please. Rugs, different wall materials and FLOORS ESPECIALLY! I always have to use grass because stems are too uncommon around my base and bur floors need lint! (>w<*) Rugs, Table Lamps, Shelves, Functional Windows (Can open and close, or Shutters), a new type of building material that is clear (Maybe crystal or platic) so we can make real windows and Greenhouses. #7) A Tier 3 Bow. We have a tier 3 crossbow, we just need a tier 3 bow. Maybe multiple kinds from some of the other high level creatures in the yard (Perhaps a Widow Bow that adds poison damage to every arrow. And if used with poison or super poison arrows, it stacks damage) #8) An eventual expansion to the yard. Inside the house, in the basement, inside the shed. In the house we could fight bed bugs, scorpions, millipedes, or wasps (if they flew in the open upstairs window and set up a nest or something) in the basement what if there's just a giant deep freezer knocked over and has covered a large majority of the basement in icy frost. Our first COLD biome. #9) And finally, new creatures. Mentioned above, some of the cool creatures I could see in the house and basement. But I would like to see some more variation in the creatures in the different areas of the yard. In terms of docile, or neutral, creatures, Caterpillars, Butterflies, Earth Worms, and Snails/Slugs. Aggressive creatures like the Brown Recluse (in the house, maybe the basement I mentioned), a Camel Spider or Scorpion replacing the wolf spider in the sandbox, a Tarantula, maybe around the hedge, or in someone's room in the house as an escaped pet, Wasps/Hornets, with a fallen nest we can enter, small Frogs! We have all the Tadpoles in the world, where da frogs at?? Ant hill queens.. (It's common knowledge that every ant colony has a queen. I'd like to see a queen ant boss fight for all 3 ant hills currently in the game. Fleas! I hate fleas, but they could certainly be added to Grounded and be a fearsome foe. The scrapped Huntsman Spider idea, and Lizard bossfight (Make it work! That's just more unique content please! Even if they're just bossfights.) Sorry it's so long, I just started playing about a month ago, I'm super passionate about seeing new cool stuff to experience. I've loved my time on the game so far.
  3. Me and my friends have been having a blast playing Grounded when we have the chance, but we feel like we can't really work together in fights when we can harm each other with the many accessories in the game and some weapons secondary effects. For example, one of my friends have an accessory that has a chance to spawn a poison cloud when landing an attack which will poison everything that is in the range of the cloud. Unfortunately this also applies to us, so when we are teaming up to fight a boss, we usually end up dying from his accessory and then he is soloing the boss. We initially wanted to disable friendly fire since we think this would fix the problem, but since it is a game setting it will change the difficulty we have set to custom, thus disabling our ability to earn achievements. An example of a weapons secondary effect harming team play is the Pinch Wacker, where it has a chance to spawn an electricity effect that stuns enemies when in range, but this stun also applies to my teammates and harms their ability to play the game with me. I personally think to solve this issue would be allowing us to disable friendly fire without changing the difficulty to custom, therefore we will still be able to earn achievements and not impact each other's gameplay (assuming that the "custom" difficulty is what prevents achievements from being earned). Perhaps a second method would be to have the accessory and secondary weapon effects not apply to your teammates, but I think this would be more difficult to do and could harm the games PvP potential. Maybe there's also an opportunity to look into a way to create teams based on colors like "green team", "red team", and "blue team". (Terraria has a feature like this if you're interested in looking into it.) This would allow rival teams between your play group where you cannot harm players on your team, but can still damage the enemy teams players. I believe this idea also has potential to expand the PvP side of Grounded to incorporate some fun community made game modes like "Team Capture the Flag" or something as simple as "Team Deathmatch" in arenas we build. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to see this game continue to grow.
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