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Found 7 results

  1. 1. Custom character creator for customizable looks and styles, animations, quotes, accents, languages, and more amazing features for happy players 2. Home boombox [For playing and setting music up for your home] 3. New boss [SPOILERS OF WHAT I WANT TO COME OUT, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED] Butterfly 4. A building fix to where it makes it easier to build in survival something like the handy gnat but more precise and less collided and fair 5. A fix for items glitching inside the ground since this happened to me multiple times [it will be replaced at the kid case and it will tell you the item has been repaired and repaired to the kid case]
  2. Well sometime (not sure if im the only one) i forget to put a trail marker or i'm moving equipment around to different bases for wither contruction or storage, I'll lose some of the things I was moving. I was wondering if there was a chance you guys could add something that identify's player built structures, like how the resource scanner will show squares where a resource is but you know for player structures. It's not much but it helps for those small things that go missing
  3. Misophonia is (or selective sound sensitivity syndrome, sound-rage) is a neurobehavioral phenomenon associated with an intolerance of specific sounds or their associated stimuli. It is a disorder that has a wider umbrella of causes and impacts, and because of that it's not simply pinning one thing down and tackling said problem. Personally, the cause of mine is the beating of insect wings. Many types of buzzing, which have caused me some level of struggle throughout the years of gaming. When I initially started playing Grounded there was only one source in the game, gnats. I found that the bees later on simply had stylized sounds that either overshadowed what little buzzing there was, or that there was no buzzing at all. The biggest hurdle, however, was when mosquitoes were added to the game. I find myself muting my audio completely (on speakers specifically, but using headphones makes things much harder) when fighting them, especially when I'm in an area such as the Moldorc Playset where they are the primary (or only) enemy. Their "voice" sounds are too similar to real mosquitoes, whereas compared to other creatures' voices that are completely different sounds. While the mosquitoes are the current primary offender, I know that wasps will soon enter the yard and while I haven’t yet downloaded the test version to test my worries, in real life they are also a primary source of this. As I have no experience in making games I figure that audio changes may be harder to implement overall compared to character models. Since I’ve been playing more recently, and progressing further in the game, it’s harder for me to simply bear with it as it comes.
  4. I was thinking about how the pets are somewhat lacking at the moment, yes they are cute and give buffs, but what if there was a way to have better control of how they follow you or if you could hold them to get them out of dangerous situations quicker. Another idea was to be able to have a torso armor or accessory that you would have to sacrifice to carry your pet, therefore if you still want the buff to balance the risk of protecting them you wear this item to hold them, like a pet basket or harness, which not only would it make it easier to bring your pets along but you'd also be able to use the Zipline long distances without having to worry about waiting on your pet or rust them dying on the way to you.
  5. So I was wondering why the blossom scythe didn't have a special mutation so, I tried sketching a new mutation I want to call REAPER. So basically it just increases damage by a certain percentage every tier of the mutation. And the mastery bonus would be immunity to damage for 2.5 seconds every 25 kills. Another thing that would be nice is like an upgraded glider that we could maybe get from crafting it with like pupa leather lint rope and maybe even bug wings things like that. And another thing is you could add another mutation that increases attack speed which I like to call RAMPAGING but is only obtained by killing enemy creatures in a certain amount of time without the use of any other mutation or explosives. And now finally I would like to say if you guys could add a new weapon type the sickle that uses the barbarian mutation but is a semi slow one handed weapon that stacks with the mutation RAMPAGING. - Ninja King
  6. Yes most rocks(I think)do not respawn at all. But I wish there was a feature that allows all types of rocks to respawn after a long period of time. Ex: mints, quartzite and marble. This would be very nice because we could lose our weapons to either a glitch or just in general and we could have a ton of upgrades on it that we can never get back. Anywho it's just my opinion.
  7. I just want to say thank you so much for grounded it’s really helped me thru covid and I was going to suggest that you can make a black widow and have like a trash ben and have a broom going to the top we’re you can fall down to a ton of egg sacks and webs and maybe you could make a black widow chest plate that has kinda like thorns were if anything hits you they get poison and maybe the chest plate can have poison repellent and you could like we’re the brood mother helmet to have like a spider suit and maybe a new spider for leggings
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