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A game play setting that's allows all types of rocks to respawn

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Yes most rocks(I think)do not respawn at all. But I wish there was a feature that allows all types of rocks to respawn after a long period of time.

Ex: mints, quartzite and marble. 

This would be very nice because we could lose our weapons to either a glitch or just in general and we could have a ton of upgrades on it that we can never get back. Anywho it's just my opinion.

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I reckon if rocks do respawn it should be like 14 in game days or something longer, I'd say a better solution would be something that a lot of YouTubers are suggesting and is making the Premium Material bug part requirements lower and also making more of those bugs available.

I've upgraded a lot of my weapons and have tonnes of materials but I'm the kind of player who will happily spend a good couple of in game days going around and farming materials in prep for when and if I need them in the future. Obviously not everyone is the same but this is the kind of game that needs it but I think for the vast majority of players respawning the rocks (not all of them just some) that can be scanned using the scanner in the field stations would be cool but has a very long wait time.

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