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Found 10 results

  1. We should be able to pick up our pets. This way we can make a little kennel using their house. An they still in around it. Also have a feeder where we can deposit food for them. I am having two issues that I think this would fix. One my pets fall through the map. If the house was used as a true home this would prevent not being able to locate the pet. My pets are refusing to eat their food. I feed my aphids an exclusive diet of clover slurry and give it a fashionable hat. Yet it refuses to eat and falls through the map where it cannot eat. Also the dreaded sky koi swoops down from time to time randomly scarfing one down. That's another issue though.
  2. Having just built a castle on the porch ledge by the hedge, I decided to build a farm next. on that farm I wanted an aphid field. unfortunately aphids are very difficult to transport long range I would love to be able to carry your aphid pet on your shoulder as if he were grass planks so bringing your pet to hard to reach places is easier. even then I ended up getting an aphid up a ramp to my farm and then thought "all I have to do to get him in his field is deposit him in his pet house," so I did. Upon doing so his pathfinding took him back down the ramp, away from the pet house in which he tried to find another way up by where the bombardier beetles near the hedge hang out and the other areas around, where he would often run along the edges of the porch I assume trying to find a way to the pet house. to me there could be 3 different possible problems that cause this, either aphids have a hard time pathing to pet houses above ground level, the aphids are having trouble pathing past construction tape areas, or the aphids are having trouble pathing on clay foundations. If I had to guess all three may have some part as he only went down the ramp once told to go in his house, plus he was just fine pathing on pebblet foundations which I used to build the ramp to get him up but had trouble getting anywhere on the clay foundations I built the farm field out of, and finally he had trouble following me upon reaching the construction tape in which I had to keep him at max interaction distance and lure him past the tape by petting him at max distance having him inch past. once he got past he followed me in to the pen easily. this time I walled him in before putting him in his house and I can confirm he is still staring at the wall between him and the ramp down that he walked down the last time I did this. I can't tell if this is the same for weevils as I haven't tried to bring any up yet but I would imagine so. Please fix the pathing so it is a bit more reliable. I really want to fill may field with aphids and I am afraid to bring anymore up and open up the pen as I fear the others, being the one, will run back down. and as for the troubling task of getting pets to hard to reach places where a lot of people built, it would be nice to just be able to carry you pets for some distance like you do leaf planks only one at a time, maybe it cost stamina to have him on you shoulder although not to much stamina. this would be a convenience thing I would love to have in the future but understand if it doesn't get implemented for update 0.10. other than that I have been having the most fun I've had in grounded since launch, even without the full update yet, and I look forward to all the future updates as I did for all the previous ones we have had this past year.
  3. So first I wanted to say how much I love the game. It's beautiful and you have a lot of fun playing it. I would like to give you a suggestion how to make the game even more fun. You could add a kind of "pet" function to the game, for example with the Aphids. You could make it so that you can feed them until they trust you, and then they become something like the player's pets and accompany him on his adventures. To make them have a function, you could make them bring nearby resources. I would really like this feature because I think it would fit the atmosphere very well. Sorry if my english is bad.
  4. Alright Obsidian, I've given it time. I've been patient. I've looked under every nook and every cranny... just to be sure I didn't miss it... and still, AND STILL, NO FRENCH BULLDOGS ANYWHERE. Now I'm a patient man and I *assume* this is due to issues with implementing the latest in WrinkleFYZX® ... but when can my adventures include a tiny walking pudge of adorableness? How can I reliably pursue a God Goliath across the realm with no tiny cuddlepuddles to help me sleep through the worst of my nightmares? How can I express my doubts without pretending to consult with my permanently sourpussed dog's face in front of any would be Valian charmer? How can I know that I am going to be surrounded by Xaurips without some Frenchie mini-barks?! I don't know how to express the priority of this request beyond CRITICAL. I thank you to get this remedied as soon as possible. - VZ
  5. So I just realized ever since I started swapping my pets around from my stash or equipping different ones, they aren't actually visible in the game world anywhere. The effects are applied, Eder talks to them every now and then, but they are nowhere to be found. Just a heads up in case this hasn't been brought to anyone's attention yet.
  6. Is there any technical reason pet slots are disabled for companions? I mean, couldn't the game show more that one pet at the same time? I need my walking zoo of doom with me!
  7. A group of issues, all either introduced with the most recent patch & hotfix, or which were in the launch version on Steam and persist post-patch. Win 7 64 bit, 8gb RAM, GTX 660 video Thanks in advance! New glitches: Roderic's Hold -- Unable to reproduce (will try some things later and upload a save if I can trigger it again) but I have screenshots - Went through hold, entering via climbing vines in NW corner. Killed many of the enemy groups in there except Roderick's group and mercs near the front doors. Wore priest robes to bypass floor full of priests (and loot it clean - possibly WIA, but wearing the robes allows looting of every container on that floor safely). When I went to the front door area (both inside and outside), enemies were red as usual, but most of them simply stayed put, and made no attempt to fight me even if I had attacked them; affected melee enemies would not even move to my position. Once it began, this behavior carried over to other areas of the Hold where I had not yet killed all of the enemies. Stronghold - "bad" visitor shows up, has an escort assigned. After save & load, his effect on stats is no longer shown on his status screen, though the penalties are still in effect Pet names sometimes doubled (one on top of the other, with an Endurance meter) -- only happens in combat Old glitches still in there: Books with really really tiny text titles at default font size -- Increasing size fixes those but makes many others oversized Not all Stronghold updates show up (esp building completed messages) (no screenies because...well...^_^:>) Stronghold messages queue hotkey (on the left) shows a number even though there is nothing on the list Stronghold messages -- Sometimes "Recall" will change to "Assign" even when an ally is already assigned to a Stronghold mini-quest Item names sometimes blank in shops -- scrolling the item off of the screen and then back on, or exiting and re-entering shop usually fixes this All screenshots may be found here, named to suit: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/y0qwc94mub9nv/set_01
  8. This question may have been previously answered on the forum, but I can't seem to find it. I really want a pet cat to name Namu.
  9. So my apologies if this has already been addressed, but I did a search and didn't see any relevant results. So my question: -Are in-game pets, to include the Kickstarter pet, going to be functional/useful, or just aesthetic? -Is the KS pet a unique item, or will there be other pets that can be gained in the course of the game?
  10. Hey all In all my journeys through RPGs I don't know that I've really seen pet mechanics done right. Some games do parts of it right, but no game does it really well. I thought about this a bit and come up with a wish list of mechanics that make sense to me. I just thought I would share and see what other ideas are out there in the community Ranger (and possibly Druid): Rather than the BG style "summon monster" spells, let the nature classes have a true companion as a pet. Early on the in the game, or even from the very start, allow them to befriend an animal from a large selection (bears, canines, felines, birds, giant spiders, giant lizards (my personal favourite!)). From here treat the pet as a full blown companion. Give it a handful of combat abilities and make them as powerful as any humanoid companion you can pick up through the adventure. They have hit points and can die, at which point you are left to either ressurect the fallen, befriend a new animal or go without a pet Mages: Early on in the game, have a quest chain that allows a mage to pick up a familiar. The familiar cannot die and stays with the mage for the whole adventure. The familiar is not treated as a companion, and from a mechanical point of view it simply gives an additional bonus to the player. Let the mage pick from a large selection of familiars, both natural and unnatural, each of which grants a different bonus. Examples include: - A 'good' mage may want a sprite or fairy familiar which grants + charisma - A more stereotypical mage may want an owl (+ intelligence) or a cat (can run ahead of the party, granting an 'eagle eye' type abilitiy) - A warlock themed mage may want a demonic imp (in combat it attacks the mages target for +x damage every 5 seconds) - A necromancer themed mage may want a severed hand, which can retrieve a single small item in the mages line of sight All characters: Give them the option of having a pet dog that can act as a companion through the game, much like the Ranger suggestion. I suggest a dog just because it is a common domesticated animal that anyone can have access too. This way everyone gets a pet if they choose, even if they aren't a true "pet" class Tech: We know there are guns in game, but we don't yet know the level of tech featured in the game. If there is a sufficient amount of steampunk, then perhaps you can allow characters that focus on inventing to have some kind of clockwork pet Summoned creatures: Don't allow natural creatures to be summoned via spells (bears don't appear out of thin air), only unnatural creatures like demons, undead and elementals. Allow summoned creatures to stay by the casters side until they are either killed, dispelled or unsummoned. Don't unsummon just because the player zoned into the next area. Have NPCs react to any summoned creatures by the players side. If a necromancer tried to walk into a town with 3 skeletons in tow, the guards would refuse to let him into the town and would probably attack him on sight. A merchant isn't going to be willing to open his doors to a warlock with a felhound by his side Anyway those are my thoughts. Pet's are a popular mechanic in RPGs so hopefully this generates some discussion and gives the Obsidian guys some ideas to consider!
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