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  1. Agreed. I don't know how many times my pets have become lodged underneath stone floors that I need to smash through to retrieve.
  2. It's nice to see that our pets will be receiving some desperate need for attention in 0.14. Frankly, I find the current pets to be useless and more like a collectable and something cute to have hang around, even though they died entirely too easily, attracted unwanted attention from larger predators, etc. There was almost no point to having one. But I think that this update will be a small step in the right direction. There are still no attack / defensive pets, which would be greatly enjoyed by many players. It could also be beneficial to our base raids with an extra layer of defense, as any of our bases may be raided while we are out & about. Stabling pets at the base incase such attacks happen would give our homes an added sense of security, as we have very little to use for defense.
  3. Finding a tipped over beverage with Ice Blocks to harvest could help achieve this if they wanted to implement some sort of Icebox to help preserve foods that can spoil.
  4. Insect Raids can be a lot of fun when you want them. Raids can be tiresome, a fun-killer for others. Many players are asking for a toggle for raids. If the idea is to challenge the players, why not Link the attacks to our Place of Rest (Resurrection spot). If we select a bed with a respawn, let that be the only raided base (the main base). If players do not choose a place from Respawn, Raids are turned off! Give us the option while maintaining some type of challenge. Or simply offer a pre-game toggle so we do not have to rely on custom settings that can halt achievements.
  5. I'd like to see a taming system that allows us to obtain utility pets (companions). We have pets already—let's be honest; unfortunately, they are relatively useless and frustrating (quickly dying unless you use customized settings). My pitch is to make the current pets as cosmetic collectibles invulnerable to death/being attacked. Then add pet companions we need to acquire in some sort of way. Taming, molars, etc. These pets could have various abilities such as; tanking, damage, carrying, and shield buffing—depending on what type of insect you befriend. Many players already want real pets (even mounts). This adds a form of assistance to those who play alone and overall fun that plenty of gamers would enjoy. *pathing issues—have a call/dismiss feature.
  6. I like the idea of raids, but I feel it should be something players can opt into, rather than required to turn off via customized settings. On steam discussions, I see people worried about achievements / customized settings, feeling that their forced to do the raids & also players that have built a kingdom, only to have it destroyed & feeling that it's all been for nothing. I normally opt to play in custom settings, and the raids aren't a bother for me, but I do sympathize with my fellow players.
  7. I was surprised that the (only) two shields were not included & this would be a great idea to implement!
  8. Also—I am not sure how that affects the achievements, or if it does at all. But if it does, adding a Toggle (without having to go into custom settings) would be nice. I see many gamers on Steam worried about not receiving achievements due to customized settings.
  9. I feel that the Ant head totem should repel ants, or at least, red ants. I enjoyed finding it, the cave looked creepy & was saddened when I found out that the totem was simply decoration.
  10. With the introduction to insects attacking our bases, I'd like to see more defense options. The turrets are a nice addition, but more stationary defense items would be great. Playing as a single player, having turrets that aren't automated are almost useless. Giving them automation when the enemy insects arrive would be a nice idea. I built a ton of spike traps when I had 3 waves of red ants and they demolished them quite fast & i had to turn off the attacks in order to repair what spike traps were left as well as repairing my base foundation. I like the idea of insects getting their revenge, but it is quite brutal at times.
  11. I hope we get a toggle for this
  12. I have this with red ants. Even with moderate elevation, I've returned to base and have found a handful of red ants. I also notice how often red ants become lodged into boulders, generally at the start when I build a temporary, small, base.
  13. I have to agree & hope this changes for the better
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