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  1. Sure, how would you like me to go about providing a save for you? Cheers.
  2. Pretty sure this was intended. Once you recruit people to your ship, it seems they just stand there and do nothing the rest of the game.
  3. So I just realized ever since I started swapping my pets around from my stash or equipping different ones, they aren't actually visible in the game world anywhere. The effects are applied, Eder talks to them every now and then, but they are nowhere to be found. Just a heads up in case this hasn't been brought to anyone's attention yet.
  4. Same thing happened on my end. I think I gained information about Radora by talking to someone in town. Went into the pub, and my conversation options with her felt incomplete. Whole quest is bugged now, as no matter how I attempt to finish it, I feel like an a-hole afterwards, and my only dialogue choice with Zamar is to lie to him. Have had to start this game over 3 times now due to save import issues and quest-related snags. I really don't understand why the PoE games have so much trouble with quest tracking. No other games have given me this much issue.
  5. I'd love for this to work, but it doesn't. Any time my party is brought back into the area map after going through the crystal destruction sequence, the conversation with the Eyeless never starts, and the game journal wants me to redo the sequence all over again. I've even tried redoing the entire area from start to finish with these edits, and as soon as I would expect the Eyeless conversation to start, nothing happens. Anyone run into this issue as well? EDIT - Doesn't work using "And" or "Or", either.
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