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  1. I can't be the only one who is deeply concerned about this? At least I've got some great games out of the company while it was independent. Now? Much less confident of quality games that will be released DRM Free and natively for Linux, and on GOG (they suck a lot more than previously, but are still much better than steam). Time will tell, as always. But I'm not very hopeful, given what usually happens when big carnivores go after smaller prey.
  2. Don't see it mentioned in the impressive big list of changes and fixes, so can you please change the UI for enchantments so that we know which are exclusive? Right now it's mostly guesswork what enchantment disables others. Would also love to see re-spawning of ships so we can sink more. Surely they shouldn't give up on ship-building just because of some rogues bugger out there? :naughty:
  3. I didn't find it early, but I killed him too. Given the info I had, it was the only reasonable way to deal with the situation. Great fight it was too. Not been many of those.
  4. This is definitely bad news for me, as I haven't been to the Wahaki island yet, because it's bloody far away. Crookspur itself seems a bit bugged too. I've cleared out the place, but can't go north of the landing location by land to get to the other places, like you can for Neketaka and other big-ish islands.
  5. Never mind the above. I went back, saw a hallway I hadn't fully gone down, and located the grumpy chap.
  6. I've gone into his Manor, the imps and such are not hostile, but I can't find Arkemyr anywhere. Where is he supposed to be? The quest journal says his study. He isn't there, just an imp. I've looked everywhere else too, but haven't found him yet. When exploring I came upon a tower with some powerful geezer, and one of the talk options were along the lines of "Arkemyr sent me", so it's quite possible I'm supposed to do that quest after talking to Arkemyr. The geezer is now dead, but Arkemyr can't be found.
  7. Haven't noticed this before, recently installed Rum Runner's Pack, but what on earth is this dropping fire effect in the profile? I'm using the stoic pose, so he will then proceed to cross his arms, and fire (or whatever it is) keeps dropping from his right hand and dropping down, but underneath his clothes somehow. I've tried to remove one item at a time to see what might cause it, but it isn't removed. Looks mighty weird.
  8. What's a little odd is that the human player keeps getting notifications of new ranks after combat, despite having had 5 for eons. If it kept getting upgraded, my captain would probably have around 15 by now. Wish it was possible for crew members to get more than 4 ranks combined though, as getting those 2-3 stars from their origin is very rapid.
  9. There are probably more than these, but it's a start. https://spiritualsuccessor.net/abilities
  10. Is Conductive Blast supposed to do this? Hits the same enemy multiple times, doing huge amounts of damage. Is it because the enemy is rather on the large side? (Awesome fight btw!) The way I understand it from the infobox, it will hit each enemy once in a radius, but not the same enemy many times.
  11. Hello Aarik, I will post a few more as I find them (like the soul walking of the path). Do you (and the rest of Obsidian) want me to add a new post in that case or extend the top one? By the way, added is a picture of the odd morningstar I found (Old City II bug). I found a similar bug, so may as well post it here. Don't know where I picked it up as I only noticed when selling off stuff. It's a Legendary (if stats are correct) Pollaxe that's labelled as Superb. Worth a pretty penny, though.
  12. Installed fine for me from GOG, but then I'm not using the spywa, sorry Galaxy. Not picked her up yet, so what does the drunk pose look like? Does it go well with a toilet?
  13. That world map above isn't how I have imagined it. For example I've had Deadfire to the west of Eastern Reach. Maybe I've been completely wrong, don't know what the above is based on, but it made more sense to me given the placement of the locations in the first game, and the Vailian Republics. Admittedly I've not looked deeply into the lore here, but your mind still comes up with stuff
  14. Haven't rested much either, in fact I sometimes rest just for the heck of it, for roleplaying basically, as going weeks without sleep might be a little challenging. Looks to me like bonuses already expire though. When I do rest I generally pay for a room or use "proper" food with a bonus (use hardtack and water only for crew food, unless morale is too low - never for resting, didn't even cross my mind). I've noticed that the bonus to skills/attributes expire at some point, and it was the same when I used the "protection against nightmare sigil" and suchlike items. Must be longer than 12 hours, but maybe a a day or two? Interesting info about class selections. I've disabled telemetry as a matter of principle, but I'm using a single class cipher and having a blast. It's a lovely new idea and so much fun to play with. A little torn on wizards. They are basically sorcerers now, and I do like that they are more versatile than totally slot based spells, but in the beginning of the game they feel terribly underwhelming with next to no options. Once you level up a decent chunk they are much more powerful though, and since spells renew after every combat, you can blast with top level stuff all the time - which almost feels like cheating, so I don't always do it (also because combat is easy). Despite it all, Aloth is dealing out some serious hurtin' and kills, so I'm a bit perplexed about threads claiming wizards have been killed, nerfed, destroyed, not viable and the like. I'm yet to user the empower button, but Aloth can certainly damage foes and does not feel 'nerfed'. Admittedly I do like damage spells instead of crowd control, but still, between various frost pillars, fireballs and death ring, that guy is seriously dangerous.
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