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  1. I also adjust the FoV to help with Motion Sickness. Another thing that helped me was spending the money on a 120-144hz monitor, and a graphics card that can get into that fps range. If you can afford it... It helps. The difference of 30fps to getting close to or above 100fps seems to be my sweet spot. Ymmv. Motion sickness and headaches are why I have quit playing console games for the most part. Those low FPS and low FoV really do me in. Frame hitching in any first or third person game will make me woozy almost immediately. So I did my best to eliminate it. Some games are less optim
  2. My only issue with tab highlighting is that some chests/barrels that you can loot require your party to be at a particular angle for it to highlight. So you have to walk around every little corner holding tab down. It is just finicky, but I'll deal.
  3. You could grab a summon or the charm invocation instead of Reny Daret, and swap alchemy with arcane or explosives for some AoE. Arcane will be more versatile with buffs and heals. So id look at it. You could swap something like The Shield Cracks upgrade for Deep Pockets so that you can have 6 quick slots for summons and scrolls. This will make it easier for you to put some bodies in the field to help offset your incoming damage. The bonus to 1.1 update is that you can spam crippling strike for that extra 25% damage while using Persistent Distraction and The Long Drink to get sneak
  4. It's much harder to stop stacking heals from a technical standpoint in my estimation. Most heals are locational, and not a buff. They are AoEs that effect all those inside. I don't know how you could stop stacking without making things really convoluted.
  5. That's the trade-off, mate... Oh I don't care for helmet . But some peoples do . There shouldn't be a trade off , since no other specie have that . If every specie had something like that..maybe ..but there isn't . Godlike have stronger racial abilities than the other races. Thus they have a "no helmet" trade off. One has a passive heal, one gets a flame shield and burn armor, one gets a potentially permanent +1 power level, and then there is the Death Godlike with all that crazy stuff they get. The other races get much more mundane bonuses, and that is balanced by a bonus from he
  6. Honestly, the Chanter phrase (Thick Grew Their Tongues) in question has an awkwardly worded tool tip. That should be remedied. imho. Otherwise, Concentration works somewhat like Interrupt Armor from a few different games I have played. Although, they Interrupt Armor usually protects from CC, but here it just ensures you dont get interrupted when casting spells. It is fairly simple.
  7. Yes, it gives "Blessed Defiance": +1 engagement when 2 enemies are nearby. Thanks! That's what I thought, but I didn't want to say that if I wasn't sure.
  8. Spear Modal is +1 engagement at the cost of Stride. Shields all give +1 engagement. Shield Bearers get an extra engagement with a shield equipped. The unique club on the vendor in the middle of Maje has an enchant option that boosts engagement under certain conditions. I'm not at my pc to look and I can't remember exactly what those conditions are. It's called Shattered Vengeance and only costs around $5k, and it is a pretty good unique with its debuff. If you aren't doing solo then you can MC pallegina or Tekehu as Chanters to get the phrase that gives +10 Deflection an
  9. What exactly does a Rogue bring that a Barbarian doesn't? Rogues have Sneak Attack, while Barbarians give 25% haste as well as Barbaric Smash, which is better than any of the Rogue skills you can get with a multiclass. Ranger also has Driving Flight and a higher Accuracy than either the Chanter or Rogue (Aside from the Assassin bonus from stealth). Most of the Barbarian damage increases are gained very early too, and then later the on kill passives are some of the best in the game. Blind (with great upgrades), hobble (with good upgrades, costs 1 resource), sneak attack, deathblows, d
  10. Yeah, I'm a kind wayfarer, and the guy was obviously out to hurt my client from my perspective. So, I really didn't want to let him do that by solving that peacefully. I sucker punched him at least 50 times.
  11. So, I just got into an ambush in Neketaka. It was the one where you have to sneak into the bath house room and grab a satchel for the dude outside, and then deliver it to the docks. On the way to deliver you are ambushed, and this ambush was way out of my league. So, I kept trying and trying and trying. It is 2 rogues, 2 mages, 2 pistol using fighter types, a priest and a Barbarian for a leader. Those rogues and mages were a problem. I finally got Serafen to Dominate a rogue, the rogue went after a mage. Then he dominated the pistoleer in the back. While Aloth Dropped the other mage.
  12. Can't make the hammer too heavy though (real warhammer heads, either one- or two-handed, aren't that large; around the size of a typical modern claw hammer I think). Not much point to them if they're too slow to actually hit anyone with, after all. Which of course does not make the whole "more weapons = hitting more often" any less ludicrous (mostly cause you really can't, to any effect). Oh, no doubt, but a fairly fit person (anybody wielding a two handed weapon would be in shape) could swing said hammer with enough force to break bone. During the winter I will go outside and chop w
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvq4LdngkD4 Boars do Pierce, and so do many of the combatants on Gorecci. Vendor in the middle of Maje sells both Scale (medium with Pierce AR) and Brigandine (heavy with Pierce AR) each for $200 per, and Xoti's Armor has Pierce AR. You can do it. I believe in you. Aren't scale and brigandine actually weak to Piercing? I'm almost sure brigaindine is. I generally see crushing as the least common, especially when fighting kith. So my top choice for each tier is usually leather, mail, and plate. Maybe you are right. I am going to go l
  14. No, they weren't UP and were probably one of the more balanced classes, but the perception of Rogues on the GD board (and elsewhere) wasn't positive. So, they got boosted it seems. It isn't just Crippling Strike either. Almost every Rogue damage ability has +25% damage now, and I am pretty sure prior to 1.1 they didn't. They just didn't have a truly broken build like Pally, Fighter, Chanter, Barb, and Monk. So people complained. That is my impression of it anyway. Yes, Leather armor wasn't much a thing. It was too expensive to repair IIRC. The most common were things like Ringmail wh
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvq4LdngkD4 Boars do Pierce, and so do many of the combatants on Gorecci. Vendor in the middle of Maje sells both Scale (medium with Pierce AR) and Brigandine (heavy with Pierce AR) each for $200 per, and Xoti's Armor has Pierce AR. You can do it. I believe in you.
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