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  1. well POE1 did it right no ? You could explore maps, but with buandery . Kinda gave me old Icewind Dale vibes actually lol
  2. when I started the game I didn't have a save either (Cose I deleted it, thinking I get around of making that perfect playtrough, then stuff called life kicked me in the knee lol) . So I looked up every companions and their ending and went with that . Now though, some Saint made a full thing easy peacy to find and decide for your choices : https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Creating+custom+legacy Happy Gaming!
  3. Ok.. So I'm neither eloquent, or a know it all, and I really suck at dates (So don't eat meh!) lol But is it possible that 'many' things is why it didn't sell well ? some more then others? If someone could verify this, but didn't POE2 come around the same time as Assassin Creed odyssey ? And maybe that didn't help ? Cose I remember being surprised that ''Hey! Pirate in Deadfire! And ACO is doing the same thing, with boat fighting and stuff but with a Sparta vs Athen theme instead of Pirates!'' . (and I remember thinking that when they showed Pallagina and that other Lady with the bird and the Blond guy (Omg I forgot their names already! ) Personally I don't like Pirate in general, because they are always cliché setting . Arr Arr Walk tha Plank! Let's hunt for Treasure! be a Stupid Boring Merc of the Sea! And it was a weird 'New Occupation' for the character from POE1 . You just finally fixed mistakes of the past, settled down in your stronghold just to be tossed at sea and dealing with annoying factions left and right . The Open World business hurt Single Players Games . It never fail, when they add 'Open World' , the main story SHRINK . The Ship battles were really boring, and very...uh..outdated system ? Assassin Creed Odyssey Ship Battle is amazing! But even there, I aint gonna grind in a SINGLE PLAYER GAME! Grind should NOT EXIST in a SINGLE PLAYER GAME! Leave that to MMO! The 'Tone' of the game, went from Grim and dark to Sunny with Pina colada . Maybe if they kept the Grim and Dark and stay inland , that would've helped . The Story was so short, thats my biggest grip about the game . So freaking short...so pointless... Just my though
  4. I don't know about 'best setting' , but considering how dissapointed I'm with Deadfire . I wouldn't mind if we went back to the old POE1 setting . Anything is better then those damn Island and the Pirate life .
  5. yeah , not saying Cipher suck or anything . It just one of those class that dont mesh with meh much
  6. My friend Xbox console stopped working . So she went to trade it off . She said that they told her , the new console come with a free game and she cant give it back . Turn out the 'forced game' was Fallout 67 . Then they told her she can choose from 5 games and take one for free . Turn out in those 5 selection , Anthem was one . wonder if its a karmik joke that both fallout and Anthem are being handed free , after they pretty much bailed on what they usually do..for moar mouney well I won't lie but I for one , I want them to burn and crash hard . I have a Half assed , Half done Mass effect Andromeda game that i paid full price for . And they bailed on it to make Anthem ! You betcha..I'm waiting for the corpse to show up .
  7. I think crowfunded games are ok . Like anything else in this life , you have crowfunded games that are being made by honest peoples . When you help them , its a treat and full of wonders . And you feel like you helped make that happen! Then you have those crowfunded games that are being held by **** and thief and liar . And those either take your money and run , or lie to you about something they planned to add in the game..if you only help them raise that 1mill more !!! I think its like a car dealer , shop shop shop...and make sure you are ready to never see your money and your dream . Don't bet unless you are ready .
  8. well of course they are small little interaction here and there , I'm aware of that . What race did you pick for aristorcrate ? which fit best ? I made an amauna + cipher + Aristocrate = feel weird . add to that my cipher is such a weakling...and a pistol+ sword = I dont get focus ? urgh
  9. Play the Aristocrate background ? This is a call to all Role players , who find the background important enough to stop and muse which one they should pick . Imagine if that background give you tie to the Queen..lol and you play as Amauna Plz share with me any insight , since I never played this background . How are the dialogues ? what do they tell you ? Do they speak of rich important relatives....far far away ?
  10. Ahh geez..and this whole time I was thinking 'There are 2 guys with the same avatar!! thats SO confusing! does Arch-Mage know there this guy called Boeroer who has the same avatar as him ?'' My bad...I usually only see the avatar since I'm So bad at remembering names .
  11. hum..that bring to mind BG2 factions and the 'house' (kinda) that you could gain from them . They could've given us , each faction give you a unique home or base . If you don't side with anyone , then they couldve made a home (or dungeon or castle or whatever) for us to go find (or buy or liberate) . you do get special "strongholds" depending on the faction you side with. Principi you get the ghost ship. Rautai you get the submarine. yeah... but...its still a boat! I mean , on the main land... some of them house look so good . and the beach are gorgeous..... Give me a hut , I be happy as long as its near water
  12. hum..that bring to mind BG2 factions and the 'house' (kinda) that you could gain from them . They could've given us , each faction give you a unique home or base . If you don't side with anyone , then they couldve made a home (or dungeon or castle or whatever) for us to go find (or buy or liberate) . technicly our 'home' was the 1st ship and it died in the cutscene . After that , you can get a new ones and get more from other quest . And unless the ship is as big as the Adrastia (from ACO) , muh... a ship is fun and all..but nothing beat a bed in a home
  13. Oh , Twin elms right ??? I do remember that quest . I remember pledging only to...whats her name ? that goddess that send you to chase a dragon off . And I convinced the godess to let the dragon stay . So if I pledge only to that godess , Berath won't be mad ? I though if I picked 'pledge to everyone' she will be happy lol . because I though the happiness was tied to their quest that you could do when you pledge yourself . And since you can do them all . well for some anyway . well for now , I picked a pre-made Legacy . the 'benevolent and kind' one and seem that Berath won't smite meh lol . Also..side question while you are here @Arch-Mage : But remember that quest at the beginning 'Burning Bridges'' . I'm stomped . I can't decide as a benevolent person..whats good . The guy is a thief and a liar . But should I be good toward the victim (the accused) , or think on a larger scale..and keep the peace on the island . As in the greater good..even if it irk me..cose **** doesnt get punished for what he has done .
  14. ok , so making a new legacy..and omg ! I don't remember half of those choices... So had to use the wiki and all that . But there is one thing , at the beginning Berath say that I kinda screw her? I picked the choice where it say ''I pledged myself to ALL the gods'' and after that she kinda get mad ? I'm playing as a priestess of Eotha..and he wasn't even a freaking choice sheesh... if anyone should be butthurt , its meh! So....should I start over and choose her , well only her...will the other God get butthurt if I do that ? yes I played the game..but it feel forever..and I really don't remember....
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