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  1. I don't know if anyone seen this yet, but after reading the article and plz take the time to sign the petition (and share it!) . https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/louisiana-pastor-defies-coronavirus-order-draws-over-1-000-people-n1168501 cose this is ridiculous! Also, here in Canada, Quebec...you can guess. it's going up, and we have peoples not following the rules and everyone is panicking and buying Toilet papers (You can't even eat tha stuff! Like what the..lol) . Keep safe everyone!
  2. Dark Soul 2 is a ****ty console port on pc. Just like the 1st was..and the first who say ''Use a controller'' ..I'm throwing my fancy Blinking Xbone 1 ****ty controller at their forehead!!!
  3. Too stressed with the crap happening outta there to really dive in any of the games I have, but been trying to unwind playing on and off Magic the Gathering: Arena. Man..I really hate Blue and white and Green players . Although, I admit. One new trend (even though I havent been around long enough, very noobish here) but is with some Black player? You use the card ''Look at the player hand and discard a card'' and they act like..thats it..game over! Give up the play and they still have HEALTH! What the....XD
  4. that doesn't sound better. And I betcha the limited pool is sucky enough to 'encourage' you to roll. Its a TRAAAAAAAAAAAP!
  5. No. Not that one, and the view is different. From Top view like. But you know, you start off in a corner? with crap you can hide behind. Very simple..game.
  6. well I did mention there is a chance I never find it. My post was just in case someone see something that maybe it..to let me know lol. Y'know just for that 1% chance ?
  7. No not commando, I have that one. Lol you can duck in ME2 ? All I remember is the ramming screaming ''Singularitee!''
  8. No. Not those. weren't those just for the old N64 ? I always though that lol . Should mention it was for PC.
  9. nope to both. I said simple, that mean think really crappy simple. Like no Inventory, no nothing.
  10. I'm afraid there isn't much I could add. I mean the map were small. the soldier were limited unlike in xcom. It wasn't one of those old games all Pixel like. I brough it from a store alongside another. And when I moved, I lost both somehow. I know the chances of finding it are slim to none. But I though, I ask and if anyone see a game that has soldier crouching and shooting with simple rifle. Let me know.
  11. Boo! Seem like I missed on an interesting Poll. I'm a woman and have been gaming since....the atari. I buy all my games from Steam. I own a pc and I play on it and don't have console (Unless you count my old SNES :P) . I play RPG, Adventure, Strategy and sometimes hack'n slash games like Diablo serie. I also play MMO (Like Swtor, The Secret World, Star Trek online, GW2). I don't do PVP cose too many sore losers in there. I love Magic the Gathering Arena online. Fun game. I also love others cards games, like Skip-Bo, Pazaak, YugiOh and black jack. I don't think that RPG gamers hate Sport games. At least I know I don't. It just they are tailored often for console players. And on a pc +Mouse+Keyboard it's kinda hard. (Yeah not putting a controller on mah pc, nope :P) . I hate sport in real life, but don't mind them as games. Like Fishing, Golf and Soccer. I also like fighting games, from old Mortal Kombat to DBZ . I own both Tyranny + Dlc and POE + Dlc. Loved both of them. Free DLC isn't something that would make a decision for me if I buy X game. Story and Gender locking would make that decision for me. If the game is locked Dude Bro, then I pass. Why? Because I'm getting old, been playing since Atari and gave the gaming industry half of my life playing as a Dude Bro. Enough is enough. I can play games with some dude Bro, but the story better be goddamn Good for that .
  12. No. It was a simple game, with a small map. I don't even remember the name. I often just look at the picture and see if its the one. Like I said it was like xcom, so you had a team. And the soldier wear green maybe or that army outfit like?
  13. Dunno if this is the right place to ask (Mod feel free to move it?) . Anyway, I have been looking for ages for this old game. It look like xcom but it isnt . It has normal soldier. That can crouch and hide behind stuff. I brought it from a store, at a very low price...and that was years ago . Like 20+ years ago. But for the life of me, I can't find it in Abondoware or any old games website like Home of the Underdog. if anyone seen a game like that, plz let me know.
  14. YOU TAKE THAT BACK! lol I did watch a few episodes of Voyager, but some stuff...kinda irked me. But I liked DS9 more. Add to that, I really clash with the actress when it come to belief..so that kinda ruined the remaining seasons . Don't think I missed much. Seem like they deal with the Borgs alot right? I find the Borgs so boooring . Yeah yeah, everyone love them. Not my cup of tea. The founder were more fun
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